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Episode 05.

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Chinedu stormed out and went into his wife’s room directly . He woke her up and demanded to know what transpired between her and Rosa

Chidinma began heaping all sorts of allegations against poor Rosa but in a very controlled voice, Chinedu began to caution his wife to take take it easy with the girl as she was only a small .

“Take her like your own sister and caution her as such . She will learn”, he had advised. “However , he pleaded, “Please, never, ever deny her food and what is the idea of preventing her from sleeping on the bed and giving her mat instead? Chidinma , how could you live with yourself, treating such a small girl with so much cruelty ? Please I don’t want to hear any more of that nonsense again”

” Why should she sleep on my bed? Does she sleep on a bed in her father’s house ?” Chidinma fired

“And how many beds were you sleeping on in your own father’s house?” Chinedu retorted angrily ” Don’t push me to do what we will both regret in this house, Chidinma” he warned, walking away

After Chinedu left for work the next morning, Chidinma called Rosa

“Rosa! Rosa! come out here you daughter of an expired maggot! witch I know they have sent you to destroy my home but I will never let you succeed” Chidinma tongue lashed her that she would have preferred to have been beaten up instead of all the nasty and hurtful words about her wretched poverty stricken parentage. Chidinma warned Rosa that the next time she talk to her husband about been maltreated would be her last in that house. she pulled and twisted Rosa’s ears, knocked her head severally with her knuckle and slapped her, leaving finger marks on her face

When Rosa went down stairs to spread cloths later that day, she was still sobbing silently and when their neighbors, Mrs Ugwu and Nwora saw her as they were returning from the market, they tried to find out what was wrong with her but she refused to talk fearing for her dear life.

The two women decided to go and talk with Chidinma the next morning

It was not a secret how Chidinma maltreats her house helps and of course, Rosa was not an exceptional

“This is getting too much” Mrs Ugwu said. “One day this woman will kill this girl in this very compound and then the police will come and pack all of us to their station and there they will tell us how much to pay for ‘I no follow’.

Mrs. Nwora couldn’t help bursting into laughter after which she said ” Do you know that Ijeoma my house help told me that this woman despite their wealth, did not only starve this girl but also design her body with razor and subjected her to all sort of cruelty’ and to make matters worse”, she continue, “this woman had been collecting Rosa’s school fees from her husband but did not let the poor girl go to school and her husband who would have done something about it did not even know because he never came home from work earlier than 7 pm most days. What sort of wickedness is this ” she queried

The next morning, after Chinedu had gone to work, the two women went to Chidinma as. they had planned but unfortunately for them , Rosa had told them that she was not at home .
“She went for Friday prayers,” Rosa said.

Chidinma left very early that morning with five set of 10 liter gallons of water for collecting holy. water all packed into the boot of her car.

“Friday prayers indeed”, Mrs Nwora had sneered

“just imagine this wicked woman O! After maltreating her maid, she had the effrontery and hypocritical piety to go for prayers with gallons for collecting holy water! There is nothing one cannot see oo. Saint Michael,” she sneered.

Mrs. Ugwu sighed “I. wonder at the level of hypocrisy in this our society . People commit all kinds of atrocities ranging from pirating people’s book, music and films, adulterating drugs that could lead to death of thousands , kidnapping, raping or killing others for rituals or political reasons, snatching properties from widows , orphans, and the helpless and yet they think that God did not see them. They dress up and rush to sit at front row in the church , all pious and ‘holier than thou’, stupidly expecting God to answer their hypocritical prayers!”

Don’t they know that he who goes to equity must go with clean hands?” Mrs. Nwora interjected in bewilderment .

“NNE let’s go, we shall come back tomorrow . Chidinma had not heard the last from us”. Mrs. Ugwu promised as they left.

To Be Continued…… . . .

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