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Episode 03.

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However as they say birds of a feather flocks together’. She had a lot of fair weather friends. they formed a clique and were always discussing the colour of cloth to wear for any occasion, the best way to deal with their Snoopy mother in-laws, how to deal ruthlessly with their maids and also gossip about neighborhood women who did not belong to their class, they even named themselves “Executive Ladies “.

Chidinma became a pain in her husband’s neck. Chinedu was a pain quiet easy going young man even though he was very rich. He believed that real men never beats their wife no matter the provocation. He don’t get angry easily but when he does, no body can predict his action.

for sometime now, He had been trying to get his wife to see reasons to stop gallivanting all over the town visiting her often over dressed, overly made up and fickle minded lady friends.

one he came home and told his wife to sit down that he wanted to talk to her about something. When she sat down he began “Chy dear I do not like the kind of friends you keep. how come you chose only the silliest and the most pompous of
ladies to befriend ? learn to monitor peoples character before making friends with them.


“Chinedu “, she retorted, ” so you now want to pick my friends for me ? Do I pick yours? alright let me get you paper and pen to write down the list of people I should befriend stupid Man” she hissed and walked away, grumbling

Chinedu had never raised his hands against any woman but Chidinma had stretched his patience so much that it was almost getting to the breaking point

He wondered, “Where do some women learn to be silly and at the same time troublesome, Just look at the small and innocent looking girl I brought from village few years ago” oh ! He had said, remembering his reason for marrying her in the first place.

Chidinma continued as if her husband was pouring water on stone.

However what Chinedu found unbearable was how she treats her maids. She had had over ten maids since he brought her to town and the present maid called Rosa came a week ago.

she treats the poor girl like a rag , she don’t allow to lie on the bed rather she went and bought a mat for her. Chinedu stumble on the situation by chance when he had gone to find out why Rosa was sobbing in the middle of the night one day, only to find her lying on the floor there was vacant four bed in the house.

To Be Continued…… . . .

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