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Episode 02.

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Now that she had lost her father, she went from frying pan to fire. She dropped out of school to help her mother in her business of breaking and selling stone at the quarry.

The only thing going for Chidinma was her beauty. She was a very beautiful girl and any young man that saw her without turning to look at her must have a painful neck.

Five years after the death of her father, Chidinma, at the age of seventeen, ran into a young rich man who had been hurt several by the infidelity and bad manners of his successive city girl friends and who was ready to marry as soon as possible. This young man named Chinedu Okolo saw her on one of his visits to the village and decided to marry her because of her beauty and seeming innocence.

He got his people to pay her pride price and took over the payment of her school fees up until she took her JSS examination, which she failed woefully. He then took her to Onitsha as his wife.

It was when she came to live with her husband that Chidinma realized how wealthy her husband is. He happened to be an importer of Rolex watch. He had made a lot of money, he had five different houses of which he was occupying one of them. Chidinma lacked nothing that money could buy.

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Her husband money instantly went to her head. She wanted desperately to belong to the jet set women around their neighborhood and in no time, she sought out only wives of the richest men around their neighborhood and practically forced herself on them for friendship. She would introduce herself to any of the rich ladies she wanted as friend in this or similar manner:

“Dear, so you are the owner of this Acura Jeep? Wow! Do you know that I almost mistook it for mine? I have the latest model of this, I mean the 2013 model. I did not come with it to church today because I came with my Hummer Jeep. That is the one that fits the colour of my suit, you see. Oh I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Chidinma Okolo, My husband is Chinedu Rolex watch”.

She liked the sound of her own voice and would talk at length without realizing that the person to whom she was talking to had not uttered a word.

many of such women would just reply her politely but would subsequently avoid her as they saw her as being too boastful, stupid and loquacious.

To Be Continued…. . . .

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