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[STORY] THE BITTER TRUTH (Final Episode 10)




Episode 10 (Last Episode).

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One night, Adebisi’s mother walked in on her and was heartbroken when she saw her daughter weeping bitterly
She walked closer and held Adebisi. Adebisi told her mother about Shade’s confession and how terrible she was feeling.

“My child, i can only imagine how you feel but can’t you see that God has answered us?, the hidden agenda of your enemy has been exposed, God has exposed that enemy that you call a friend, I want to ask you one question, do you still love Stanley?” Adebisi’s mother entered.

“Mom, Yes, i think so, but he doesn’t deserve my love at all.” Adebisi replied
“My daughter, you’ll have to fight for your marriage, your children also needs their father, your husband by now will have learnt his lessons, before he will cheat on you next time, he will think twice, please go back home, Stanley is also a good man, he confessed his sins and was ready to face the consequences of his sins, please forgive him, Shade is a devil and assuming i knew that she was evil, I won’t have allowed you to invite her over to your matrimonial home in the first place, but we thank God for giving us victory, ” Adebisi’s mother said and hugged her daughter.

On the other hand, Stanley was thrown in to a state of disarray as Adebisi’s silence and absence was killing him. He misses his wife and children so much.
Everyday he kept bombarding his wife’s phone with text messages, hoping against hope that she will reply. One of the many text messages reads: “My wife, even though I cheated on you, I love you and I didn’t want our marriage to end because of a dumb mistake I made. I Don’t want to lose you that’s why I confessed, please forgive me. I miss you and my children, please come back to me, please give me another chance, I love you so much, you are the only woman I truly love, please forgive me, I Don’t want to lose you, please I want us to reconcile, I miss you so much”

Stanley had lost so much weight that people who’d previously said he looked “great” began to ask if he was OK. It got to a point that Stanley lost hope.
“Adebisi will never return to me”he had thought. The whole issue was greatly eating him up because he missed his family more than anything in the world. Stanley had felt lonely for many months but one-day the unimaginable happened.

It happened one day that Stanley was restless all through because he missed his wife dearly. As evening drew near, he heard a car drive into their compound,
Stanley’s heart skipped several beats,he was so eager to know who had visited him, he peeped through the window, lo and Behold, he saw his wife and children coming out from the car. He ran outside immediately, few seconds later, Stanley was still shocked to see his wife standing there right before him.

Before Adebisi could say a word, Stanley held her by the waist and hurriedly planted a passionate kiss on her lips. Stanley was so excited and was grateful to God for touching his wife’s heart and compelling her to come back home to him.

10 years later, Adebisi and Stanley are still happy. Stanley had not cheated again and he has no plan to cheat on his wife ever again, Their marriage feels rich, deep and fun. They were so happy that they didn’t give up on their marriage.
Adebisi had learned to trust her husband again and Stanley made everything easier as he became alot transparent and more loving than ever.

Shade on the other hand, is still unmarried as she kept moving from one church to other praying for a miracle marriage, her life was still miserable and she keeps regretting everything she did wrong to Adebisi. She wished she could turn the hands of time but it’s too late for regret

Jealousy is a bad venom!

Don’t jealous who is far more better than you. The more you exercise your jealousy the more the person you jealous will be higher and more better than you. I advice you pray for the Grace in that person’s life to locate you because it’s obvious there’s Grace at work.

To anyone battling with jealousy, Remember stop focusing on what other people have and thank God for what YOU do have…..Your time is coming

Jealousy come from Counting another person’s blessings, rather than our own.

.Jealousy is an inner consciousness of one’s own inferiority. It’s a mental cancer. Don’t be jealous, rather enhance self confidence and have faith in God. Trust me, your life will be beautiful!

There’s no need to be anxious about anything when you can just pray about everything.

But if you don’t wish others well, how can you be well? If you don’t want others to succeed, how can you succeed? You get what you give!

Be careful, your best friend could be your worst enemy.

Most times the battle we face is simply because we talk too much.

The End
A Story Written
By Christabel Nwoko

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