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Episode 09.

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That same day, Adebisi packed her belongings and her two sons and headed straight to her car, Stanley begged her not to leave “please my love, I’m so sorry, please Don’t leave me, forgive me please” Stanley pleaded but Adebisi didn’t utter a word, she was crying bitterly and she drove off afterwards.

Some hours later, Adebisi had arrived her mother’s house, and the woman was shocked to see her daughter with her belongings and with her two sons.
Immediately Adebisi sighted her mother, she ran into her arms, “Mommy, Stanley slept with Shade, they both betrayed me” Adebisi revealed.
“What? Bisi are you sure of what you are saying?” Adebisi’s mother entered in disbelief.

Days later, Stanley kept trying everything to get Adebisi back but she wasn’t ready to return home, the worst was that she doesn’t want to take his calls. Adebisi’s mother was also disappointed with Stanley and Shade. The woman had put a call to Shade but she didn’t utter a word, instead she hissed and the woman hurled insults and curses on her.

“Now I see why your own mother abandoned you, you deserve every bad thing that had happened to you, after everything I and my daughter did for you, you paid us back with evil, it shall never be well with you, all the good things we did for you, will purge you” Adebisi’s mother had growled at the other end of the phone while Shade silently hanged up afterwards.

Days turned into weeks, weeks to months and Adebisi didn’t return to her husband. It was like her mind was made up. Although She didn’t file for divorce but she was very much in pain, she was emotional down and going back to her husband was the last thing on her mind.

One day, Adebisi ran into Shade at the market,
Shade couldn’t look into her eyes, Adebisi could see that she was ashamed.
“Shade, why?” Adebisi asked calmly but Shade didn’t utter a word.

Shade’s silence pierced Adebisi’s heart the more, Adebisi didn’t know when she walked closer and landed hot slaps on Shade’s cheek and at the same she was demanding to know why she betrayed her. People stood around to see what was going on.

“Why? Why did you do it? I thought you were my best friend, I thought you were my sister, why did you betray me like this?” Adebisi asked with tears rolling out from her eyes.

For the first time ever, Shade was honest.
“Bisi, I suddenly became jealous of you, your life was just perfect, you have a wonderful mother, who will do anything for your happiness but mine abandoned me,………as if that was not enough, immediately after we left secondary school, you furthered your education, to crown it all you married a successful man who love you so much, I became so jealous and you were not considerate, you always shared your good news with me, I felt like you were mocking me indirectly, because you know that my life has always been miserable, I seduced your husband and I was so glad when he fell and he asked me to date him, he gave me lots of cash and expensive gifts and he even promised me a car but I was furious when he got a car for you instead, I began to hate you intensely when your husband dumped me because of you, I was so vengeful that I had to set your husband up and I also made sure you caught him redheaded with the lady and I also tried everything possible to keep both of you apart, but I was so disappointed when both of you reconciled, I had to come up with a new plan, I told your husband that you cheated on him with Tony and that the baby you were expecting might not be his, he took your baby’s saliva and his blood for a DNA test and there my plan failed again….when that plan failed, I decided to extort money from your husband and sleep with him and I had planned to trap him with a pregnancy after wards, but he choose to confess instead of sleeping with me again, I know nothing justifies my betrayal, but please forgive me if you can” Shade said and afterwards she left in tears.

As Shade walked away, Bisi broke down in tears too,
Her emotions were all over the place. She managed to get into her car, immediately she got inside her car she put a call to Stanley her husband, Stanley was so excited when he saw Adebisi’s call but when he accepted the call, Adebisi thundered “Why? Why did you do it? Why did you cheat on me with Shade, Weren’t we happy?”

Her fury scared Stanley, he couldn’t utter a word but Adebisi continued. “How dare you?, now I understand everything, even after you cheated on me with my best friend, you still couldn’t control yourself, Shade set you up and you fell like a Fool, and to make matter worst, you secretly took our baby’s saliva and conducted a DNA test without letting me know, you couldn’t even save me from Shade, you knew she was terrible but you choose to be quiet about it, what if she had poisoned me?” Bisi fumed in anger but Stanley pleaded over and over again and then Adebisi hanged up afterwards.

From that day Bisi will vacillate between rage and exhaustion. Every day, she was trying to be the best mom she could be to her two young sons, while she was also trying to figure out if she would continue with her marriage or end it.

Every day, Stanley sent an apology message but Adebisi didn’t reply any.
Every night when her children were asleep, she will curl up beside them weeping her eyes out.

To Be Continued…

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