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Episode 05.

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Few hours later, Adebisi woke up in the hospital. She laid on the hospital bed with Shade standing beside her.
A nurse had just finished putting a drip on Adebisi and had left the room shortly.
“Adebisi, how’re you feeling?” Shade asked with her palm over Adebisi’s forehead.
“I feel so weak, How did I get here” She replied

“My neighbor told me you that were unconscious and a man was with you when you fainted and that they had to rush you down here, I was so scared, for a moment I assumed the worst, I was so relieved when I saw you awake, I haven’t been so scared my whole life, but I’m happy that you are awake, The doctor said they ran some tests on you and that the result will be out in an hour, Bisi, I have also put a call to your mother and she will be with us shortly” Shade said calmly.

Adebisi was silent as She kept reminiscing on the conversation she had with Stanley earlier, before she fainted.
“Bisi, my friend, what is it? You look so bothered and lost in thoughts” Shade added but still Adebisi was quiet. Shade was so subtle, she quickly figured out what was going on in Adebisi’s mind.

“Bisi,” Shade called and sat close to her on the hospital bed. “I’m sorry you’re going through this. But you have to forget about Stanley as he is now in your past, You need to let go of the past.”
Shade sniffled.
” ..who was the man that was with you when you fainted?, was it our friend Tony? Or your estranged husband Stanley?.Stanley didn’t show up, did he?” shade asked Adebisi with her voice wavering.

Adebisi starred at her and shook her head and busted into tears. While Shade’s heart sank in fear and shock. Shade barely managed to comport herself as she listened keenly to what Adebisi have to say further
“Shade…. Stanley came, we were having a conversation and suddenly i felt dizzy and fainted” Adebisi said .
Shade was so furious but she comported herself, she hoped that Stanley’s visit, had not ruined her evil plan.

An hour later, Shade had left the hospital and Adebisi was trying hard to fall asleep, when someone walked into her hospital room. One look at the person, Adebisi smiled faintly. It was no one else but her husband, Stanley. Adebisi felt so happy to see Stanley again but when she suddenly remembered herself, her sweet smile, suddenly turned in to a quick frown.


Stanley had walked into the hospital room with a bunch of flowers.
“hi, pretty” Stanley said buoyantly with a smile.
“My love how’re you feeling?” Stanley added. But Adebisi didn’t utter a word.
“My love, how long are you going to stay angry with me” He added as he placed the flowers beside Adebisi.
“My wife, i Got you this flowers for you and I’m here to apologise officially for everything I did wrong, I’m a fool, I know, I Don’t deserve you, I know, but please forgive me, I vow to you today that I will never cheat on you again, please give me another chance, please my wife. I had no idea that you weren’t feeling well today, but I’m glad that I was there with you when you fainted, because I will not have forgiven myself, if anything bad had happened to you. My love please forgive me, if I tell you that Nothing happened between me and that lady, I know that you will not believe me but that’s the truth, yes I had plans to sleep with her, because that was the reason we came to the hotel in the first place but you came right on time and after you left, I ran after you but you had left already, and when I got home that very day, I was so disappointed when I didn’t meet you at home, my love, please forgive me, I will never cheat on you ever again, I have learnt my lesson. I swear to you. Bisi I love you so much, you are my life, please Don’t leave me hanging out dry, I need you” Stanley said calmly as he wiped two tears from his eyes.

Adebisi’s heart was melted by Stanley’s confession and apology but she acted like nothing happened.
“How is my son?”, she asked
“Our son is fine, he misses you too much, he cries so much this days” Stanley replied. Adebisi stared at the flowers, that Stanley had brought as
She felt cheerful at the flowers.

“I want to see my son” Bisi requested and
Stanley smiled and said
“I have sent for Mrs martha, our son’s nanny, she will be here shortly with our son”.
Adebisi smiled as Stanley placed his hand on her forehead, arranging her front hair.
Despite the fact she was looking exhausted and ill, she still looked beautiful.

“My beautiful wife, I love you so much and you are all I need you, please forgive me, I beg of you, I want you to forgive me, tell me that you have accepted my apology and that I’m forgiven, please” Stanley pleaded again and Adebisi broke down in tears.
“your tears are too precious to be wasted for someone like me. But I promise, I will never make this pretty face get wet again. Please forgive me, my love, I Don’t know what came over me, I began to lust after other women and I began to check out other ladies, but I promise you that this will never happen again, please my love”, Stanley added as he broke down in tears too.


For the first time in weeks, Adebisi was willing to forgive her husband and work things out.
“I forgive you, Stanley I hope you keep your word and fulfill your vow because if you cheat on me again, I will never take you back, never!” Adebisi replied and Stanley hugged her afterwards and kissed her lips passionately.

Just as the couple were kissing and cuddling with each other. The doctor walked in on them.
Immediately Stanley and Adebisi sighted the doctor, they disengaged from each other and greeted the doctor.
“I see you guys have reconciled, I’m so happy, I know that love will always win” The doctor said in smiles and continued ” Mr. Stanley, the test results are out, And I have good news, congratulations, Your wife is 7 weeks pregnant” The doctor announced.

To Be Continued…. . . .

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