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Episode 04.

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Adebisi concluded that Stanley was not remorseful, she even convinced her mother that Stanley was a chronic liar and a pretender.

“Mom you won’t believe what that man did to Shade, he had the got to slap and chase my friend away, all because I sent shade to get my son, Stanley said I could go ahead and hang myself, that every successful man cheats, that man is a blantant liar, mom, Don’t believe any word he says, he is only pretending, he is not sorry” Adebisi said in tears and her mother tried her best to console her before they hanged up.

Shade kept adding more fuel to the fire as she destroyed every chance Adebisi had of reconciling with her husband. When Shade noticed that Stanley was bent on Getting his wife back, she created more rift between them.

Adebisi who had concluded that her husband was callous and wicked, did everything that Shade suggested, she even filed for a divorce.
“You have filed for a divorce and the paper work is still in process, I will advise you to move on, get yourself a new man, who will help you forget everything you went through in the hands of Stanley”Shade had advised.

“But how? Shade I can’t move on just like that, i miss my son, I haven’t set my eyes on my son for the past 4 weeks, Stanley might win the custody of my son because he is wealthy and well connected, I feel so awful, I shouldn’t have left without my son, it has been four weeks since I set my eyes on my son, I Don’t know why Stanley doesn’t want to give me my child, Shade, I shouldn’t have left home, Stanley would had been the one to leave because he was the one who cheated, Shade I’m so confused, I Don’t want to lose my son”Adebisi said in tears.

But Shade assured her that everything will be fine.
“Stanley must not go unpunished, God will punish him, Thank God you are educated, after the divorce, you will get a good job and move on, to hell with Stanley but I’m sure you will not lose your son, Stanley will have no choice but to release your son, when he realizes that he had lost you forever, he will give your son back, I assure you” Shade responded calmly.

In the midst of all this confusions, Adebisi began to feel weak and exhausted. She bought some malaria drugs but still she felt the same.
One morning, Adebisi’s day began with her mother’s phone call and through the way she sounded, her mother figured out that she was not feeling well.

“Bisi, what’s is happening to you? My child are you not feeling well?” Adebisi’s mother asked and Adebisi replied “mom, I will be fine, I have taken some malaria drugs, I will be fine”

“Are you sure? Bisi, why are you still staying with Shade when you can return to your matrimonial home and be with your son or come back home to me, I Don’t know what is going on, the main reason I remained quiet is because I don’t want to interfere, I want you to decide what you want, you are old enough to know what you want….but I will advise you to be careful with your decisions, Don’t jump into conclusions quickly and don’t allow anyone or anything influence you negatively…..last night, your husband called me, he said that you have filed for divorce and he said that he doesn’t want a divorce, I know that you have told me not to believe any word he says but if you ask me, I feel he is genuinely sorry and I think you should hear him out first before you decide on anything, Bisi, there’s no perfect marriage, Bisi, my daughter I don’t want you to be hasty, think things through before you decide” Adebisi’s mother said.

“Mom, that wicked man is only pretending, he is not remorseful at all, Shade sees him each passing day with his numerous lovers, don’t trust anything he says” Adebisi responded but still her mother advised her to think things through and always ask the holy spirit to guide her.

On the other hand, Stanley who couldn’t bear to see his marriage with Adebisi crash just like that, decided to pay his wife unexpected visit at Shade’s apartment.
“I need to speak to my wife, we have alot to talk about, our marriage can’t end like that, I know that I broke her heart but I still love her so much and i think we could make our marriage work again, I will never cheat on my wife again, never! Lord please give me a second chance to rectify my mistakes and prove to Adebisi that I love her so much” Stanley thought as he walked closer to Shade’s door, he knocked on the door softly, he was so scared and nervous. He knew that Shade was behind everything but he had lost the power to challenge Shade.

Adebisi’s mother had hanged up and Bisi was trying hard to fall asleep when she suddenly heard a soft knock on the door, she stood up slowly to get the door.
Fortunately that morning Shade was not at home, she had an important test that morning. Stanley smiled faintly immediately Adebisi his wife finally opened the door. One good stare at Stanley and Adebisi almost shut the door on his face.
“Please Bisi, we have alot to talk about, we can’t end our marriage just like that, what about our son?, Hear me out, please Don’t shut the door….” Stanley pleaded immediately as he held the door with his right hand.

“Stanley we have nothing to talk about, we will meet at the courthouse, my son has nothing to do with what’s going on, you are the one that is keeping us apart, you have the gut to separate a young child from his mother, Stanley I never knew that you are this heartless and wicked” Adebisi stressed.

“Adebisi, what are you talking about? I can never separate Isaac our son from you, because he needs you, for weeks now I have tried all I could to communicate with you but it has been futile…. you have refused to give me a chance to explain….”Stanley entered

“Explain what? You want to explain in details on how you have been cheating on me, I will set you free so you can marry all those filthy girls that you cruise around town with” Adebisi added at once, leaving Stanley shocked.

“My love, which girls? I haven’t been myself ever since you left, i don’t know what you are talking about, but please come back home, I know that you caught me cheating but I promise you, it will never happen again, I promise to be faithful henceforth, I promise” Stanley continued.

“Stanley, what do you take me for? A fool? Do you think that I’m stupid? Please leave, if you want to do something nice for me, please give me my son, I missed him so much” Adebisi entered.

“You miss our son so much and you have not come to get him, what kind of a mother are you? You keep sending Shade, I Just Don’t understand you…. because of what happened between us, you left our son all alone, a young child at that, Adebisi you are the heartless one, you left your child alone, with the way you are going about, its like you have been looking for an opportunity to quit our marriage and abandon our son before now, because I don’t understand why you filed for a divorce immediately” Stanley entered

Adebisi didn’t utter a word, she was so exhausted and suddenly felt dizzy and she slumped and fainted.

To Be Continued….. . . .

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