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Episode 03.

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All through that night, Stanley waited patiently for his wife, he had realized his mistakes and he had vowed never to hurt Adebisi ever again, he had rehearsed his apology speech over and over again but he was so disappointed and Worried, when his wife Adebisi didn’t return home that night.
“The Adebisi I know can never leave our son alone just like that, I hope she is okay, I hope she had not harmed herself because of my betrayal?” Stanley asked himself soberly.

The next morning, Stanley put a call to Adebisi’s mother and he became more anxious about Adebisi’s whereabout, when the old woman said that she had not heard from her daughter. “My son, what is the matter? You sound so worried, are you not at home with your wife? Why are you asking me if I had heard from Bisi, when she is there with you” Adebisi’s mother asked in confusion.

Stanley was mute for a while and when he spoke he was forced to let the cat out of the bag. “Mama, I’m in trouble, I have done the abominable, my home and my marriage with your daughter is in jeopardy….. mama, yesterday Bisi caught me cheating, she caught me with another woman, and since yesterday I haven’t set my eyes on her, all through the night and till now, our son has been crying because he needs his mother, mama only you can help me, please help me save my marriage, I Don’t want to lose Bisi, I’m so sorry, I promise this will never happen again, I swear” Stanley explained in tears but Adebisi’s mother who was so disappointed, rained insults on him instead.

“Why are you apologising to me, I’m I your wife? I Don’t know what is wrong with you men of nowadays, is it that difficult to be faithful to one woman?, now you are shedding crocodile tears over the phone, if anything happens to my daughter, I will never take it easy with you, you better look for my daughter, I never knew that you were a shameless philanderer” Adebisi’s mother growled and hanged up afterwards.

Stanley broke down in tears, he had thought that he would get his Mother in law’s sympathy if he opens up but it was so obvious that the old woman was disappointed in him.

Stanley put a call to Shade but she didn’t answer her phone. Shade knew what she had done and with the fact that Adebisi was close by made her to reject the call and at the same time she switched off her phone.
“I know by now that Stanley had realized that I am behind everything but I Don’t care, since he choose to dump me, I will destroy his marriage, I will destroy every chance of reconcilation, thank God that I have succeeded in polluting Adebisi’s heart towards him and the next thing that will happen between them will be divorce” Shade thought in smiles.

That same day, Adebisi who felt very guilty for leaving her young son all alone, decided to return to her matrimonial home and fetch her son and her belongings but Shade tried everything to discourage her from stepping a foot at her matrimonial home.
“Bisi, if you return home now, Stanley will convince you to stay back because he will try to apologise and to convince you to stay and when you forgive him, next time he will do the worst, he may even bring his lover home instead of an hotel room, men like Stanley are subtle, why not leave your son with him, afterall your son’s nanny is with him” Shade said calmly.

“Shade what are you saying? I’m not returning home, I’m going back to pick my son and my belongings, I can’t leave my son because he has a Nanny, Don’t you know that my son needs me more, you of all people should understand what I’m talking about, as an adult you still crave for your mother, not to talk of a young child like my son, any good mother feels incomplete without their children, I couldn’t sleep all night, I felt so guilty for leaving him behind, none of this is my son’s effort, no, no, I can’t leave my son” Adebisi concluded.

When Shade noticed that Adebisi’s mind was mind up, she quickly suggested that Adebisi should let her go instead. “Bisi, if that’s the case, I will go and pick your son and your belongings, I Don’t want you to set your eyes on that man, I Don’t know what he might try to do to you, men like Stanley are unpredictable” Shade suggested and to her greatest excitement, Adebisi agreed.

“Thank you my friend, that’s why I love you so much, you are my sister” Adebisi said as she hugged Shade tightly and wept on her shoulders.

Later that same day, When Shade arrived Adebisi’s matrimonial home, Stanley ran to her. “Where is my wife? How could you do this to your friend? I know that you are behind all this but I wonder how all these will benefit you, because with everything that is going on, I can’t even bring myself to look at you, talk much of sleeping with you again, you are so evil and you irritate me, I regret ever knowing you, I wonder why I stoped so low, I have always been a faithful husband but I Don’t know what happened to me, ever since I set my eyes on you, I lost it, I couldn’t control my sexual urge anymore, you are so evil, where is my wife?” Stanley entered.

But Shade smiled mischievously. ” Stanley, I’m not here for you, I’m here to pick my friend’s son and her belongings , Bisi my friend, doesn’t want to set her eyes on you, infact she doesn’t want to have anything to do with you, that’s why she sent me instead”Shade entered bluntly.

“Shade, I will not allow you to go with my son, if Adebisi wants her son, tell her to come get her son herself, you are so evil, I can’t hand over my son to you, I Don’t know what your plans are, but I promise you, it will never work” Stanley growled as he ordered Shade out of his house.

When Shade returned to Adebisi, she returned in tears and her friend wondered what was going on.
“Shade, why are you crying, where is my son and my belongings? What happened?” Adebisi had asked in confusion. Poor Bisi, she had no idea that her friend was only shedding crocodile tears.
“Bisi, that your husband is a beast, he slapped me and threw me out of the house, he told me that you will never see your son again, he said that you should go to hell, that every successful man like himself cheats, that if you can’t deal with it, you could go ahead and hang yourself that he doesn’t care” Shade lied as she kept shedding believable tears.

Adebisi was so furious and at the same time devastated. All morning she had tried to avoid her mother’s phone call, she had no idea that her mother already knew what was happening in her marriage. In pain, Adebisi put a call to her mother and as she spoke with her mother, she broke down in tears.

“Mom, Stanley have refused to give me my son, after I caught him redheaded with another woman, he refused to give me my son” Adebisi said in tears and her mother listened in confusion.
“But when Stanley called me he sounded so remorseful, are you sure of what you are saying, because he was even crying over the phone, pleading that I should help him talk to you” Adebisi’s mother replied and Adebisi was shocked when her mother told her that Stanley had called and he had reported himself.

Do you think Stanley and Adebisi will ever reconcile?

To Be Continued….. . . .

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