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Episode 02.

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Even though Stanley and Shade later cleared things up, Stanley concluded that Shade was not a good person. But still he couldn’t bring himself to end the unholy relationship going on between them. “Shade is so good on bed unlike my wife but I will have to stop this now because my wife finds out, I Don’t want to lose Bisi, I love her so much” He had thought. Shade had noticed that Stanley was with her for sex as Stanley only comes around whenever he was horny.

Gradually, Shade who had fallen in love with her best friend’s husband began to abhor hatred for Adebisi. As she held her friend responsible for Stanley’s sudden change of behavior towards their relationship. Shade’s hatred for her Friend multiplied when Stanley began to avoid her and even her phone calls. But Shade was very subtle as she got all the information about Stanley from Adebisi.
Bisi who had no idea of what was going on, gladly told Shade all she needed to know. “My husband is always showering me with so much love, it’s as if we are in our second honey moon” Adebisi had revealed in smiles

The more Shade’s relationship with Stanley was singing to it’s end. Stanley was trying hard to rekindle the love in his marriage. Adebisi never stopped sharing her excitement with Shade, she had no idea that she was stirring up Shade’s hatred the more. Adebisi who thought that her battles were finally over, gradually stopped praying like she used to. She was too overwhelmed with excitment that she sometimes forgets to pray.

One day, Shade who couldn’t bear to hear her best friend brag about her husband’s undying love and changed behavior, tried to sow a seed of doubt in Adebisi’s heart. “Bisi, I know that you love your husband so much but have you wondered why he changed for the better in a short while?…. There must be a reason for this change, I’m not saying that prayers Don’t work but have you also considered that your husband might be decieving you, may be he is cheating on you and his conscience is dealing with him, that’s why he showers you with expensive gifts and so much love, so that you won’t suspect a thing, men are unpredictable and there’s always a motive behind everything they do” Shade entered and Adebisi almost lost her breath.

“Shade, no that can’t be true, my husband can be anything but not a cheat, he is too busy with his business, where does he find the time for all that?, I don’t think that will be the case, Stanley is not cheating on me, if he is cheating on me, I will know, because we make love every time” Adebisi defended her husband immediately and Shade was so disappointed that her trick failed but she promised to set Stanley up, so that Adebisi her best friend, will regret ever doubting her.

Stanley’s greatest weakness was women and Shade was ready to use that to her advantage. She paid one of her course mate to seduce Stanley, the lady in question was very attractive, Her name was Anna.
“Stanley thinks that he could use and dump me, no he can’t, he wouldn’t just use me and throw me out of his life just like that, Anna, I want you to seduce him, infact sleep with him, he is wealthy and he will give you money but I want his wife to catch him with you and I know my friend will leave him afterwards”Shade growled.

“Shade you have not told me how all this will benefit you” Shade’s course mate entered. “Anna please do this for me, believe me I Don’t have alot to gain, Stanley had left me a long time ago, he used to come to my apartment whenever he was horny but not anymore, for the past six months, he just stopped taking my calls and he stopped visiting me at my apartment, he doesn’t send me money or any gifts, all the promises he made to me he didn’t fulfill any, he only send my school fees to me through his wife who happens to be my best friend and the worst his wife keeps Bragging about his love and care, I know that Adebisi is my best friend but i have noticed that she is very selfish and i also want to teach my stupid friend a lesson, no woman in her right frame of mind should trust a man, please Anna, do a good job, you will be rewarded handsomely and I know that Stanley is very generous when he sees a beautiful lady, he will give you lots of cash, he is rich. I will set him up with you, I will give you his phone number, I know he will definitely fall into our trap” Shade concluded.

“Shade I love this your plan but I’m scared oh, I Don’t want someone to break my head, are you sure this plan will not backfire on me? because then I will be forced to expose you oh, if I go down, you will go down with me oh” Anna added but Shade assured her that nothing will go wrong.

“Just play your cards well and everything will be fine” Shade assured Anna

In few weeks, Shade began to execute her evil plan with Anna and with the look of things, Stanley had fallen deep into the trap as he was sighted having a good time with Anna in a cozy hotel room. And even worst they were both naked, and were about to get intimate, when they suddenly heard a soft knock on the door. “Who is there?” Anna asked at once

“Madam, it’s room service, I’m here with your order” The unfamiliar voice replied and Anna picked up a white towel from the bathroom to cover her nakedness as she headed towards the door. As soon as Anna opened the door, The sight of the person that walked into the hotel room gave Stanley a great shock. He almost lost his breath, he suddenly became confused, ashamed and afraid.

“Adebisi, it’s not what you think.. my love.. I…. Came…. Here, please” Stanley stammered, he knew that he couldn’t get out of that mess with a lie as everything points out that he was a shameless man and a cheat. It was so obvious. Anna was naked with only a white towel tied around her chest. There was no way he could defend himself before his wife.

“How did you know that I was here, how did you get here….. and how did you know the room number?” Stanley asked in fear but Adebisi didn’t utter a word. She left heartbroken and shattered while Stanley watched in fear and in shock.

“Oh… My marriage… My home… My son… Oh what have I done? How can I allow few minutes of pleasure and fun to ruin my home, he almost ran out to stop his wife from leaving but when he remembered that he was naked, he ran back to put on his clothes but before he could come out from the hotel room, Adebisi was gone. When he got home he was disappointed that Adebisi didn’t come home and Stanley wondered where she could be. Their son was at home with his nanny and when Stanley interrogated the Nanny, the woman told him that Adebisi had left with Shade, some hours ago. With that information Stanley understood what was going on.

“So Shade is behind all this, how could she do this to her friend?, I Don’t blame her, I blame myself for messing around with her, what did she have that my wife doesn’t have? My wife is more beautiful than her, what has come over me, I Don’t know if I’m under a spell, I can’t control myself whenever I see a beautiful lady, I Don’t know what I’m looking for, when God had blessed me with a beautiful lady like Adebisi, this is not normal oh, how did I get myself into this mess?” Stanley thought still in fear as he wiped two tears from his eyes, it was so obvious that he was wallowing in regrets, he wished he could turn back the hands of time but it’s too late for him.

On the other hand, Adebisi was sighted crying helplessly on Shade’s shoulder, poor Bisi, she thought she had a friend in Shade. As she cried bitterly, Shade was smiling within herself. “That serves her right, only a stupid woman put her trust on her husband” Shade had thought.

Even though Shade consoled Adebisi like a good friend would but within her, she was so excited to see her best friend in pain.
“Bisi, if I were you, I will divorce him at once, no man will try this with me, I will make that man’s life miserable” Shade entered and Adebisi listened in pain. “How could Stanley do this to me? I’m so heartbroken, I’m so devastated, I thought he loved me, I was a Fool and you warned me but I didn’t believe you, Shade you were so right all along” Adebisi entered in tears.

One thing about betrayal is that it doesn’t come from a stranger.

To Be Continued….. . . .

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