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Episode 01.

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One cool evening in the month of October, Shade just realized that she was neck deep into a relationship with her best friend’s husband and she have no power to stop it. Shade and her best friend Adebisi had known each other from their primary school days, they practically considered themselves as Sisters as they loved each other so much or so we thought.

Shade lived with her grand mother because her mother was a single but wayward parent. Shade was raised by her grandmother. She never saw her mother, except once in a while. From Age 13, Shade worked with Adebisi’s mother as a sales girl in her store and That was how Shade and Adebisi became very close. Shade have always wanted to rise above her situation so she studied hard at school until after Secondary school when her grandmother could not raise money anymore for her to further her University education. All hope was totally lost when her grandmother finally died.

At the other hand, Adebisi her best friend, furthered her education immediately as she went on to study in the state University. In her final year in the University, Adebisi got engaged and in another one year, after her youth’s service, She married a successful business man named Stanley. She fell pregnant almost immediately and Because of how close the two friends were, Adebisi invited Shade to live with her as She was heavily pregnant and needed some one around as Her husband was always away due to his business.

When Shade arrived she really helped around the house as she assisted Adebisi with the house chores and she always cooked sumptuous meals. Shade was a fantastic cook and soon whenever Stanley was around he loved having meals Shade prepared, It was so obvious that Stanley had fallen for Shade due to her good cooking skills but Adebisi was not bothered as she was not even paying attention, she trust her best friend and her husband so much.

In no time Stanley who had picked interest in her wife’s best friend, began to ask Shade out, At first she declined. But when Stanley began to spoil her with expensive gifts and lots of cash. Shade fell for him shamelessly.

Few months later, Adebisi had delivered a bouncing baby boy, Shade really took proper care of her best friend. Adebisi was so impressed with Shade and one day, out of gratitude, she asked Shade “what are your dreams, tell me by the Grace of God?, I will fulfill your dreams”

Shade couldn’t utter a word as she doesn’t understand what Adebisi really meant. Adebisi saw the confusion in Shade’s eyes and she continued
“Shade I can’t thank you enough for all you do for me and my family, you have proven to be a good friend, Infact you are my sister, Shade, tell me what you want me to do for you, anything you want, I will do it for you, I promise, in case you have forgotten, my husband is very wealthy and by the grace of God, Money is not our problem at all, my friend, tell me what you want” Adebisi explained in smiles.

Shade had always wanted to further her University education just like her best friend, and when the opportunity presented itself, Shade quickly asked her friend to sponsor her University education.
“Adebisi, you know me too well, you know my story, you know where I came from, my mother doesn’t care about me and my grandma that really cared for me is no more, I am on my own, if not that your mother took me in and employed me as her sales girl when she did, I Don’t know what will have become of me, how will I had coped without my grand mother? and to make the matter worst, I’m not even properly educated, I only have my Secondary school certificate, Adebisi, my friend, the only thing I want right now is to go back to school, so I can get a better job in the future and help myself” Shade responded.


Adebisi didn’t expect such request from her friend because she had thought she would request for monetary favours. Adebisi who really wanted to do something nice for her friend had no other option but to accept whatever her friend requested for.

“Shade, I will definitely do that for you, if that’s what you really want, but I will have to discuss this with my husband first” Adebisi told Shade.

When Adebisi spoke to her husband about her decision to sponsor her best friend’s education, He approved at once and even volunteered to foot the University bills himself and Adebisi was so grateful, Poor Bisi, didn’t suspect a thing, as Stanley Pretended so well, Stanley acted as if he was helping Shade for the sake of his wife.

Twelve months later, Shade found herself in a beautiful and well furnished apartment, off campus and it was one of the many things Stanley had done for her. Apart from the well furnished apartment, Stanley would pay a large amount of money into her account every week, not to mention the expensive gifts Stanley surprises her with. Shade was so excited when Stanley also promised to buy her a brand new car.

Infact, Shade’s life had changed tremendously as she was looking good all the time, but her conscience was dealing with her, she had lost her peace of mind. Whenever she was with Stanley and her thoughts suddenly wandered to her best friend, she always felt awful.

Just as Shade’s life was going up hill, her best friend, Adebisi’s life was going downhill as her marriage was no longer loving as it should be. Stanley had gradually turned into a terrible husband and Adebisi had began to suffer through the whole process. She always confided in Shade, she had no idea that Shade was the cause of her problems. Even though Shade felt guilty and terrible for her sins, but THE BITTER TRUTH was that she was an home breaker and a bad friend.

Manytimes, Shade had appealed to Stanley to treat her best friend right.
” I don’t want your wife, to suspect a thing about us, treat her right please” Shade had pleaded and Stanley promised to change.

Six months Later, Shade suddenly became envious when her friend Adebisi told her how much her husband had changed.
“Shade, my husband had changed for the better, ever since I took the matter to God in prayers. Stanley had become his former self, last week he took me out on a romantic dinner and just yesterday, we went to the movies. Shade my Friend, Prayer is the master key to every issue of life and God answers prayers… Shade, I never knew my husband had plans to change my car, untill this morning, when he told me that he had ordered a brand new car for me since last week and that the new car had arrived, I almost died of excitement when I saw the beautiful and classic car, I can’t believe that i have a brand new car.” Adebisi said excitedly.


“Oh… congratulations my friend, I’m so happy for you” Shade said in smiles even though she was boiling in anger and envy. “Stanley had not bought the car he promised me and he had the gut to buy a brand new car for his wife”Shade thought enviously.

As soon as Adebisi left, Shade put a call to Stanley and when he picked up, Shade entered immediately “My love, I just want to check on you and to find out when the car you promised me, will arrive. Because it’s has been a long time that you promised me a new car”

“Relax Shade, I’m working on it”Stanley replied calmly.

“I should relax but you just got a new car for your wife, what about me? This is so unfair to me, I know that I advised you to treat my best friend right but not to my own detriment…” Shade added harshly but Stanley interrupted her before she finished her statement.

“Shade what are you talking about?, I don’t need anyone to advise me on how to take proper care of my wife, Adebisi is my wife, mind you, she doesn’t deserve what we are doing to her, I thought you were reasonable, I never knew you were this selfish and callous” Stanley entered and hanged up immediately.

To Be Continued…. . . .

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