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Episode 52.

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She adjusted backward giving me more room to access her down below, I started pulling her pant from her waist.
She adjusted for me to pull it down to her legs, she kicked it away and came for my lips.
We locked again in kiss and I located her left bre*ast and squeeze the melon roughly kissing her neck.
Grace: aahh!
she let go and commot her gown sharp sharp, I used that time send my boxer to U.S.
Another round of kissing start again, we both knelt on the bed smooching our lips senseless.
I carry my hand go her bra hook commot the bra wey dey block her bre*astchester.
Gather one chook for mouth dey su-ckle, she come dey rub me for head to tell me say I dey do better job.
She grabbed my hard disco dey run am hand up and down, she come jerk am fast as I dey blood dey rush down there.
I lay on the bed and spread her legs wide, her we-t toto greet me good morning sir.
And I answer am with one finger inside then another, come dey chuk chuk am till she release flood for my fingers.
I searched for condo-m then tear am like lion, use my two fingers spread the ring then drag am to the base of my hard amu.
As I mount the c-ondom for my amu, carry pillow put for her waist come spread her legs.
Jack the two legs put for my shoulder then grab my prick knack am twice for cli-t then powered in.
The place was so we-t and welcoming as I buried my di-ck inside her w-et toto, I rotated first before positioning my hands on the bed.
and started pounding her hard, grabbing her [email protected] as I go in and out of her faster.
Grace: aahhh! ohh! Ewwooohh! daddy oohh!
Me: aahhh! aaahhh!!
I no take am easy as we dey sweat dey go, I pulled out and she set like dog.
come give me her sweet big yansh, I first spank am to test how the thing dey shake.
I grabbed her waist and buried my hard amu wearing condom like jersey inside her toto and resumed pounding, we went and on till I cu-mmed and lay on the bed.
I was catching my breathe when the door opened and Anita emerged.
Anita: Grace!!
Grace: ehem! w€tin happen? no call my name.
I just lie down there dey look them, I no wan put mouth for the matter before them come for me.
Anita: Victor, why you go sleep with my friend all the things I don do for you.
Me: sorry.
I no know w€tin to talk apart from sorry, I just dey fear say make she no go jack sharp knife for kitchen come chuk one of us.
Grace: abegi! close door, we still dey round one.
I no come understand why Grace no even care about Anita wey don dey release tears from her eyes like the way Burna boy dey release album.
Anita: Grace you be devil, Gawd go judge you.
Grace: *laughing* hahaha! Him no judge you when you go fu-ck my bf.
Anita: I tell you say him rape me.
Grace: tell me another lies biko.
I just stand first wear my boxer, I nodey understand w€tin dey their two mind.
They looked serious and Grace dey ready to fight Anita.
Anita: we shall see, you! Victor!!
She vex open door naso me I follow am oh! I no wan hear say I shoot bird and him mama run away.
Grace: where u dey go?! she nofit do anything.
I stand for door see say she don waka go sitting-room, I rush go close kitchen door then check if she don go kpatakpata! I heard the gate slammed loud and I know say she don vex waka go.
I locked the front door waka go room to see Grace still [email protected], which kind wahala wey no wear clothe be this?
Me: babe, abeg wear clothe. I wan commot.
Grace: I never tire make we still do.
Me: them just call me say my sister wey dey mile3 get accident.
I no wait for her to buy the lied, I rush go bathroom go baf come back see her say she don wear clothe finish.
Me: you never still go?
Grace: I dey wait for you.
See trouble wey wear clothe, I rush dress up the babe still dey chillax for my bed.
Me: I don ready, I wan go.
Grace: oya na.
She got up and followed me, we went out of the house and locked it up.
We come out for the tarred street come dey expect say she go face their house way, for where? the babe still dey follow me.
Me: you no go go house?
Grace: I wan escort you.
I no wan talk anything wey go scatter the lie, I waka fast even when she dey tell me say my calm down I no gree.
I see one keke shout st. John’s for the street that led to Anglican church, I hopped in ignoring her call to wait for her.
I no know where I dey go sef, when I reach St. John’s I come reason say make I check the place I dey dream about if em dey real.
I check my pocket money dey, I stop keke enter st. John’s then reach pepperoni hop in mile 3 motor then drop for Agip.
I wait one keke him ask me where I wan go I tell am along, I kept my eyes along the way.
As we dey go I dey see houses wey I see for the dream, suddenly I sight the bend corner that led to the house with the black gate.
I tapped the keke man and came down, I settle am waka go the bend corner then come see gate.
I was shocked, I come dey reason maybe Sandra wan try tell me something.
I bring out my phone dial her number but it is switch off, one mind come tell me say make I turn back shey na the first time I dey come Agip.
Maybe my mind dey play games with me because I missed Sandra, my older sis don be live for Agip during my year 1 before she park commot.
I jejely turn back waka go road, I no want wahala.

To Be Continued….. . . .

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