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Episode 51.

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A guy was just walking zigzag making incoherent mouthed sounds with one girl chasing after him and one rough niggar dey with them.
The guy acting like say him brain don blow off dey wear only boxer, the girl dey busy dey beg am make them carry am go house but the guy no wan even dey reason w€tin she dey talk apart from moving around the tarred road screaming.
The niggar with them wanted to forcefully drag him home by seizing his left hand naso the guy wey coco or igbo don switch him brain shot him one heavy punch on his face, the other guy whether na impulse or reflex dash am him own too.
I didn’t want to be in the midst of people that will be taken to police station as witness and las las after you testify them go grant you bail with money.
I no wan give police chance to be my friend with my pocket, I walked to my sister’s house.
Unlocked the door and entered the one room, I washed the meat and prepared a pepper soup with it.
Boiled water and made garri, I ate and got busy with my phone.
Anita called and I picked.
Anita’s voice: baby, where you dey?
Me: you no sabi greet again.
Anita’s voice: sorry na, sweetheart. I miss you well well, I even dey commot from your house now sef.
Me: tell me something.
Anita’s voice: where you dey?
Me: I nodey around, I go enter Nkpor later in the night.
Anita’s voice: come now na.
Me: where I dey I nofit come now.
I no believe say this small girl don dey miss my di-ck, she was acting all sweet on the phone and nearly made me return but the thing be say staying in that house reminded me of Soapy.
We both ended the call with popular “I love you remark”.
I stayed there till my sister returned before I left after getting small cash from her, she be worker na.
I went back to my house in Nkpor late in the evening and met it quiet unlike before, them don see light na after many days.
After some minutes I was inside filling buckets with water, I took my bath and prepared fried potato and pap before going to bed.
I stood in a place different from any place I have been, I was facing a black gate and I turned left only to see a security house.
The door to the security was locked with a black padlock, I turned and saw Sandra backing me with wore she wore all these while I was dreaming about her.
She started walking and I felt like not following her this time to inquire why she can’t let me be.
Instead my feet started moving on their own as the front door gave way without her touching it, I tried to speak but no words came out.
I find myself in a majestic sitting-room, looking around I sighted a portrait of aged man with military uniform and a family portrait of four.
Two girls and a boy with a woman then lastly a man, the same man on the other portrait with military uniform.
The two girls on the family portrait looked alike and you can hardly tell them apart or point at Sandra.
My legs started wobbling as I felt a strong wind pushing me against my will, I started climbing the staircase with Sandra.
When we got to the landing she counted three steps and stood before a door at her right on the hallway, she stood there for awhile making me more confused.
The door now gave way and she went in, I followed against my will to see her standing beside a cupboard.
She drew it open and picked a diary in one of the lock.
A diary with pink cover.
Sandra: help me!! please help me!!
She started screaming those words, I struggled on the bed trying to break away from the nightmare only to wake up screaming.
Me: Sandraaa!!!
my door opened and closed on it own, that one made me jumped out of my bed sweating profusely.
I was still panting when Grace opened the door scaring me more.
Grace: w€tin happen?
Me: why you no call me and you no even knock.
Grace: check your phone.
I went and picked up my phone only to see twenty missed calls all from her and the time, damn! Who dey still sleep till 9:30am for this kind hard times.
I never even brush mouth sef, I excused myself and went to thr bathroom to pee.
I came back to see Grace gone from the room, fear catch me as I felt scared to my bones.
I wanted to call her name but scared to, I tiptoed to the door and placed my hand on the handle.
Turned it and opened the door slowly slowly only to find Grace staring at me like say I don mad.
Grace: why you dey behave like this?
Me: *I shock sha..* nothing..
Grace: you no go tell me so that I go help you.
Me: I say nothing! *I scream at her*
Grace: no vex sir, oya go baf and brush make I prepare w€tin we go chop.
Me: you nodey go school today?
Grace: I resemble primary school girl?
I shrugged and took my towel, straight I had my bath and brushed my teeth.
Oh men! Grace don go package indomie and shadin for two of us.
I picked my fork and both of us ate silently together, after we eat finish she took the plates away and washed them while I sat on the bed thinking.
She came back smiling, she wore red short gown that exposed her fresh laps.
Grace: you don ready bah?
Me: yes, na.
Grace: I go break person pikin waist oh!

I laughed and she joined me on the bed, we start am with kiss while my right hand moved her gown upward exposing her thigh.

To Be Continued…… . . . 

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