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Episode 48.

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Victory’s voice: I talk say I vomit for early morning today.
Me: *I cringed inwardly* why?
Victory’s voice: I no know..
Me: you dey sick?
Victory’s voice: I no feel sick but I dey feel uncomfortable.
Me: try make yourself comfortable and stop to vomit.
Victory’s voice: *she laugh* hahahahaha.
Me: em nodey funny na, why you dey laugh?
Victory’s voice: w€tin you talk na, my mother say make I go do test for hospital.
Me: call me when you return abeg, I wan know why you dey vomit.
Victory’s voice: I love you baby.
Naso I vex cut the call, you dey vomit , you still dey love me baby. The indomie nearly got roasted if I didn’t save the life of that noodles from frying itself on the fire.
Shall.. I carry am come down come set am for plate, I been think say Grace the tight toto go come kitchen lailai the babe no near.
I still carry everything go the room while she dey busy dey blush to her phone screen, I wonder who and w€tin she dey do with her phone wey dey make am smile like that.
She come dey take pictures when she no wear shirt, I come dey thank G** say I used condom. Which explanation I for give if I end up getting …. My I no voice before bad luck go follow me.
w€tin surprise me till now na how manage her toto always tight like that? Person wey no be vi-rgin, make oyigbo people take time oh.
We both settled on the marbled floor and ate the indomie, em come be like say my stomach don full with w€tin Victory tell me.
I barely took three spoons when pregnancy thought crept into my mind and my mouth gone sour with immediate alacrity, I couldn’t continue eating.
Grace: what’s up? w€tin happen?
Me: nothing.
Grace: but you nodey eat.
Me: sorry.
I picked up the fork and rolled noodles in the toothed spoon and then swallowed it, Grace eyes come dey gum body me. The indomie come dey taste like sperm inside my mouth, I nofit eat again. I pause face Grace.
Me: if girl say she dey vomit, w€tin em mean?
She gave me a look that made me feel like I am a sinner facing the 21st century Angel that is a virgin.
Grace: either belle or na sickness.
Me: belle! *I exclaim*
I no know which exercise my mind started doing that beads of sweat started forming, see the way I dey sweat ehnn.. Even Grace come dey laugh.
Grace: why you dey sweat na?
Me: nothing.
Grace: you give Anita belle or you don play away score?
Me: no… no…
Ona suppose know say this babe na Anita friend, and I loved that girl badly maybe not much but at least I no wan let her go.
Me: no be so… Our house-girl for house for Ahoada dey vomit upadan, my mama just call me when I dey kitchen *I lie*
Grace: so, that one no suppose bother you na.
Me: you no go understand.
Grace: na you dey yansh the girl wey you dey sweat on top the matter.
Me: no, no be me. Is just that my brother … Just forget.
I got up and carried my towel, I been wan enter bathroom when her phone rang. The babe no gree pick until I entered bathroom, I no do anything I come dey listen to w€tin the babe dey talk with the person wey call am for phone.
Grace’s voice: if no be 40k forget… I nodey do…… Tonight na …. my aunty no go dey around… cash before service… I nodey use this kind thing play.
I come dey wonder why I get bad eyes for girls like this for life, I finished bathing and came out refreshed with my boxer. The babe just chop finish keep plates for me dey tap her screen dey continue dey smile, she only use bedsheet cover herself.
I moved the plate to the kitchen, come wash am finish come back. I lie down for bed dey reason my life if Victory truly get belle, I go deny am ohh! I no wan be papa with this kind of fine boy without money I dey manage with.
Grace started romancing me, her hand enter my boxer from behind dey je-rk my prick. My prick no even mind her soft palm working on it or even her hard ni-pples terrorizing my bare back.
My mind dey far from all these her moves, I come turn look am when w€tin she dey do dey pain me for body.
Me: I no well, tomorrow we continue.
Grace: you sef, I like this your prick oh.
Me: I nodey in the mood.
Grace: make I put you.
Me: no.
Seeing how serious I am about my position she went to the bathroom and bath the remaining bucket of water there, she came out and I fished out my last 2k for house give her.
Grace: you no need to.
Money wey she dey pocket already, which one be you no need to again?
Me: abeg, take… Na just dash.
The babe collect come dey tell me say my escort am, I tell am I no well make she dey go biko.
She left and I tried to sleep, sleep just dey far away dey ask me whether I dey look for am.
The moment I closed my eyes I started imagining kids calling me daddy or even voice a crying new born baby, is better I kept my eyes open to avoid some kind of stories.
I waited and waited for the babe to call me, for where she no call me. I just had to call, she no gree pick. I called her over fives times she no gree pick, I come say my wait till afternoon maybe 4pm she for don return from hospital.
That day na the worse day of my life, even music dey make me cry and chatting was so boring that I couldn’t even chat normal. I was sounding so annoying that girls nodey even gree reply again, I just have to log out and lay helplessly on my bed.
I dialed her number around one, my heart was pumping faster as if the blood in my veins are rarely available.
She picked and I started sweating over nothing.
Me: you don return?
Victory’s voice: abeg, call me later. I dey inside bus.
With that she ended the call, I vex say I no go call her, w€tin sef? I decided to act like man 5pm the babe no call.
I have never spent that long thinking about an issues without eating, me that love food like mad that day waited till 6pm without eating very well for the babe call, she didn’t even call.
When I knew she won’t and will never call except I did, I swallowed my pride and called, she pick sha.. And I decided to keep shut and allow her speak.
Victory’s voice: I think say you no go call.
Me: but I call, how far?
Victory’ voice: come our shop.
Me: w€tin be the result?
Victory’s voice: come our shop.
Naso she ended the call, oh men. I come dey reason to pick my things run commot from the area, but damnn niggar! I can’t run am a real niggar, I go go meet am.
I un-niggar after I dress finish say make I go meet Victory, as Amarachi young brothers come dey call me uncle, my mind translate am to daddy.
I dey waka like goat wey dey wan drag go slaughter, as I manage near their shop I call her number.
The babe come out road peep, as she see me she come come. I sit down for the fence that runs on that tarred road and she joined me smiling.
Victory: I think say you no go come.
Me: I don come, abeg tell me.
Victory: I get belle.
The thing was sounding like Ay’s joke to me, I remember when my papa warned my brother and I his face wasn’t looking funny at all it was looking like 5stars General giving war orders.
If my brother or me try give babe belle em no go ever mad bring out one kobo help us again, em say is either we go go live for village hustle or we go go one of em land for town then build thatch house start life for that place.
Me: *I laugh* dey serious.
She frowned.
Victory: I am serious, I am pregnant.

I think I fainted that day.

To Be Continued…… . . .

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