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Episode 47.

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My prick just dey frustrate me as I dey continually dial the number but the person no pick at all.
I vex enter bathroom pour water for body, calm myself down before I go gaga because of toto.
I came out and saw my phone’s screen light on, a new message don enter.
With the number I was calling upadan.
Message from 080*****: come to the gate.

I quickly wore my boxer and trouser, I no even bother about shirt after all na my yard I dey. I reach gate open am come dey surprise to see Grace for gate.
Gosh! the babe dress to kill I swear, with the way her yansh set for that show back short gown she wear, na to start to grab am from gate enter inside house dey my mind.
Grace: you no go welcome me in?
Me: no vex, you just too fine.
Grace: thank you.
I opened the gate wide for her to step in, black is beautiful. The way her yansh cheeks dance as she cat-walk dey enter go my apartment, my prick nod in appreciation.
I closed the gate and followed her looking nowhere else apart from her yansh, geez.. The gal pant lines dey show.
Just then Amarachi appear for balcony.
Amarachi: w€tin happen? You no come again.
Me: I forget, no vex. Next time.
Amarachi: no problem, your brother nkor?
Me: him travel. I get visitor, we go talk later.

I carry Grace enter my room making sure say I locked the door, I no wan hear say somebody knock come spoil the action.
Me: this one you come visit me, I hope say better dey.
Grace: yes na.
I took her both legs and placed on my laps, come dey romance her legs make she dey get the signal say the body don ready tay tay.
Grace: you like me?
I paused first, this one na tactical question.
Me: yes na, I go like you. You be Anita friend.
Grace: I mean like you love me pass Anita.
w€tin be this girl problem na?
Me: you fine pass Anita, only w€tin you carry fit make man go crazy.
Grace: w€tin be that?
She was lying down on the bed, time nodey for all these kind talks.
I first get up remove my trouser, my di-ck don form huge tent for my boxer no need to hide say I no want fu-ck am again.
I crawl to her on the bed and leaned partly on her, brushing my hard-on on her body.
Me: the moment I see you, I regret why I date Anita. I love you.
Grace: me too.
I captured her lips and we started kissing, that her short gown wey she dey drag down always don already reveal her pa-nt.
I just adjust am small dig my hand enter her pa-nt as our lips dey play two to tangle.
I rubbed her cli-t and she grabbed the back of my neck and kissed fiercely maintaining a long breathe, I ran my fingers around her v-line and find her we-t down there.
Grace: wait.

As a gentle man I shifted away and lay back on the bed, she got up and pulled the gown over her head and I was greeted with her pink pa-nt and then her yellow nice flat tummy, she come kukuma show me the big melons those yellow bra cups dey hide.
She knelt again and we resumed the kiss, I carry my hand go the bra hook then unclasp am. She carry her soft palm enter my boxer dey tease my hard di-ck.
Time nodey, I bend down small grab her bre-ast put for mouth and start to su-ckle her ni-pple.
Grace: aahh! oosshhh!!
I nofit bear am again, I quickly stood up and remove my boxer kpatakpata, grab condom tear wear am while she leg go off her pa-nt.
Me: doggystyle.
Grace: bad boy.
Me: good girl.
She get on four on the bed come position that her big yansh give me, her toto lips spread as I bent down small to capture the hole.

I first mount behind come carry my prick trace her toto opening, the moment I find it. I pushed in slowly slowly, she was so tight. Very tight, gosh!
Grace: aaahh! *I push again* aaahhh!
Me: ooohhh! *I groan*
I buried all my length inside her, I held firmly on her waist and started moving back and front.
Kppaaaakpaaa! sounds made by our skins and her mo-ans filled the room.
As I dey knack her naso her yansh dey vibrate, me wey never eat morning food dey fu-ck.
We knack for doggystyle sotay I release inside the rubber, my eyes come dey turn me.
I go dispose the condom.
Grace: no wonder, you sabi fu-ck oh.
Me: thank you, w€tin you go like eat.
Grace: anything.
I waka go kitchen start to cook some of the indomie we bought then, just then my phone rang.
I check the caller na Favour.
Favour’s voice: hoe far? You dey house.
Me: no, I nodey. I just commot, I no go waste time return.
Favour’ voice: I wan see you today.
Me: any issue?
Favour’s voice: since wey you nodey gree visit person na.
Me: I come your house later we go follow go my house then.
Favour’s voice: no problem.

She hung up and I got on with the noodles cooking, my phone rang again and it was Victory. The girl wey nodey gree allow me rest.
Me: babe, what’s up?
Victory: I vomit today.
Me: come again? I no hear.

To Be Continued…. . . .

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