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Episode 46.

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I blinked thrice looking at the window, expecting say the owner of the voice go come window but for where.
Victory: na who be that?
Voice: na me Oniobong.
I was stunned, I could hea mmr her faint foot-falls going to the entrance door.
Me: tell am say I don go church.
Victory: why na?
Me: abeg, just help me tell am like that.
I collected my shirt from bed waka enter inside the bathroom, lock am carry my back rest for the wall. Dey listen quietly, after some minutes the door open.
Oniobong’s voice: where that your brother with big head dey?
Victory’s voice: him nodey around em don go church.
Oniobong’s voice: church kwa, w€tin that toto boy dey go do for Church?
if no be say we no get light for that bathroom she for don catch me, as she opened the bathroom door. I don already gum body with the wall, she looked around close am back. She no bother to look behind the bathroom’s door.
Oniobong’s voice: tell am say I come look for am when him come back.
Victory’s voice: no be wahala, your back fine today.
Oniobong’s voice: na the hand work of my boyfriend, that guy nodey allow my yansh rest for doggystyle. Come open door for me, I wan commot.
Victory’s voice: stay small.
Oniobong’s voice: next time.
This mumu boy no know say I dey bathroom or w€tin? small time their two march commot from the room. I commot from bathroom there go relax for bed, naso them take their light.
I wonder when we go boast of 24Hours or na our thousand generation coming go beat their chest dey talk kind thing.
My brother return dey shine teeth like goat wey them roast.
Me: you no get sense oh, so if sh3 open legs you go chuk your mumu prick inside her toto?
Victory: see this man, why I no go chuk.
Me: you nodey use your sense.
Victory: this one this people don take light like this, na next three days oh.
I enter bathroom go baf then enter bed back, I slept off.
I find myself inside the bus that stopped before us in my former dream. Everywhere was silent like the graveyard, I looked around and saw passengers well sitted but none of them was making any move or talking.
I looked out the front seats and saw the driver and the two passengers at the front, we sat on the first role. Sandra was sitting by my side and the conductor sat close to the window making us four with a fat woman at the front.
I stared at Sandra smiling face and I tried to speak several times, it felt like I was struggling in vain. I go try move my mouth but em no go gree, the bus came to a stop and the conductor stepped down and opened the bus’s door.
The fat woman got up and came down, Sandra also got up and came down.
I tried to hold her back but my arms weren’t moving, she came down and looked at me. My feet started moving as I jumped from the bus, the fat woman nodey anywhere I fit see her again.
I looked around and realized say we dey Agip junction, Sandra stood before me. Looking at me.
Me: w€tin we dey do here? where you dey carry me go.
Her mouth opened to talk, naso I start to dey hear something else. Everything started vanishing one after the other with speed..
Victory: oboy, your phone dey disturb my sleep oh.
My brother just dey harass me with tapping say em wan wake me up, I picked my phone sweating. I come see the caller name na Victory, this girl wahala too much.
Me: hello.
Victory’s voice: *crying* baby..
Me: who beat you, why you dey cry?
Victory’s voice: I dream.
I was like na dream make you wake me up for this kind time? why thunder no go strike you?
Me: w€tin be the dream na?
Victory’s voice: I dream where I get belle.
The thing shocked me, my mouth dried up. w€tin I be wan talk commot from my head.
Victory’s voice: you dey there.
Me: yes, hope say you ban and cast that kind dream.
Victory’s voice: I don pray about am.
She come start her nagging section, naso I end the call so that I no go talk w€tin person daughter go commit suicide.
After we eat finish my brother come carry em bag travel, my father tell am say make him come house.
Na only me godey for this boring house, em no go better for this boring area oh.
For afternoon time, Anita flash me I come call am.
Anita’s voice: I dey gate.
Naso she end the call, I quickly wear my trouser without clothe go open gate for her.
She even wear her uniform come, as I see the person behind her naso my plan to fu-ck her scatter.
I opened the gate for her and their two rush in like say somebody dey pursue them, I check my phone come realize say 2pm never even knack.
w€tin concern me apart from her toto? I waka follow them enter inside the door. As we dey inside Anita hugged me tight.
Anita: my love, good afternoon.
I still dey wonder w€tin good for the afternoon, after she don give me dirty thoughts finish come carry her big yansh friend come scatter my plans to fu-ck her.
Me: afternoon, Grace how far?
Grace: I dey fine.
Anita: baby, what of your phone?
Me: take.
I give them waka go dey do w€tin I dey do for kitchen while them slay with my phone, after them snap finish Anita came back hand over my phone.
Anita: baby, we wan go.
Me: just like that.
Anita: yes na, w€tin again?
I was like this girl no know say my prick don stand or she dey whine me?
Me: oya na.
She hugged me dey laugh as if say na joke, she peck me sha…
Anita: no worry, tomorrow. My mom go travel we go do tire.
I nodded and still walk their two to the gate, them carry their uniforms go their papa house.
As I enter inside house my phone beep, I check na message.
I come enter my message inbox come dey see say na from strange number.
080*******: I wan fu-ck you fine boy.
I was like who be this? I need that thing now now. I dialed the number my prick dey anticipate.
The person no pick, base on konji I called the number pass fifteen times but the person no pick.

Come see frustration.

To Be Continued…. . . .

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