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Episode 45.

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Victory: *clapping his hands* oh shey, man of God. Hope say you hear w€tin Amarachi talk?
Me: w€tin you talk Amarachi?
Amarachi: I said that we are doing night vigil in our church, we go close tomorrow by 3am.
Victory: you wan go fast?
Me: ehnn.. *I scratch my head* where ona church dey?
Amarachi: along that filling station road, you know where them park that truck?
Me: I know, I dey come. My eat first.

She and her cousins left and I went inside, that mumu boy follow me enter house dey tell me say I too dey fear nowadays.
How I no go fear? when I dey dream the same sequence of dream everyday.
Victory: nothing dey happen, em fit be your imagination dey deceive you.
Me: which kind imagination godey serious like that?
Victory: or na too much watching of po-rn?
Me: how po-rn relate to ghost?
Victory: I no know na, maybe you dey think how you go take ba-ng dead body.
Me: one knot don commot from your head.

I waka commot from the sitting room enter kitchen, night don dey cover sef and I needed to eat and then join Amarachi in that their Church.
I wan cook palm oil rice with meat, I nodey too like fish abeg em too cost for the area we dey.
Me: go buy meat make we use cook the rice.
Victory: with which money?
Me: your own, no argue.
My phone rang and checked the caller it was Victory, matcheeeww…! why she dey even call me? I no go even craze dey her sef.
Victory’s voice: hello, Victor, you wicked oh!
Me: how na?
Victory’s voice: you no even care to ask me if I don reach house.
Me: sorry, you don reach house?
Victory’s voice: something dey worry you for head.
Me: my head dey pain me, I go call you later.

I ended the call and started boiling the rice, I needed to stay away from girls before my life go enter express.
I open w€tin we dey use keep water for kitchen, the big rubber don go half we need to refill am.
My brother came back later with two hundred meat, I cooked the red oil rice.
We settled and ate, I come remember say I need to go Amarachi their church.
As I stand up naso them bring light, I come remember say the rubber we dey use fill water inside house don dey finish oh.
Victory: you nodey go the church again?
Me: I go go na, my first fill the rubber.
Victory: go, na me go fill the rubber and wash the plate.
Me: no, I no gree. I wan use my hands take fill the rubber.
I got up and left for the kitchen, I opened the rubber then on the tap wey dey for the sink used big bowl to fetch water from the tap then transfer am enter the sink.
After I full am, I come tire and I wan play game. Because this one them bring like this, na next week local man go see light again oh.
I first go plug my phone, that one dey essential come balance dey knock game. After my brother wash the plate and the pot we take eat finish, em come meet dey knock game with computer.
Victory: oboy, you nodey go again?
Me: em concern you?
Victory: yes na, I nofit live with mad person oh.
My phone rang and checked the caller it was Victory, is like I go block this girl number. I no want somebody wey godey disturb my life with call. I picked sha…
Victory’s voice: shebi, you say you go call me later?
Me: I forget, no vex.
Victory’s voice: u don take medicine?
Me: for w€tin?
Victory’s voice: no be you say your head dey pain?
Me: oh! I forget.
Victory’s voice: w€tin you dey think sef?
Me: you know what? Make I call you back.
I hung up tired of talking, when I wan go continue the game naso Anita call me.
I picked.
Me: baby, how far?
Anita: good evening, my love.
Me: chaii.. That one sweet me, this one you call me, hope say u get good news for me.
Anita: yes, I get. You go go school tomorrow?
Me: we dey strike, why you ask?
Anita: I wan come your house after school tomorrow.
The very moment I wan change naso this girl wan come visit, how we go do am na?
Me: I dey expect you, no fail oh..
Anita: I no go fail, I love you..
Me: I love you too.
She ended the call, before I fit lie down foe bed one voice echo from window.
Voice: big head, open door.

To Be Continued…… . . .

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