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Episode 44.

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She wrapped her legs around my waist and dug her nails in my bare buttocks, as I dey knack her naso she dey move her body to meet my thru-sts.
I captured her lips and we kissed hungrily, as she dey chuk her finger inside my b-utt crack naso the pleasure became overwhelming, my cu-m started building up in my balls sac.
Me: *I shake while sweating* aaahhh! I go soon cu-mmmm *I groan loudly*
Victory: ousshhh! yesss!! harder baby, fu-ck me harder!!

I wanted to rise up but her legs entangled around my waist no gree, I started jerking as I released all my akamu jehovah inside her.
She freed me from her hold and I rolled off lying be side her on the bed breathing heavily.
Victory: your prick big oh!
Me: *I gasp* you be sweet girl *she no tight I swear*
Victory: I want more.
She grabbed my amu and started jerking it, su-cking my ni-pples on my chest.
Rubbing her fallen heroes on my chest, chiaa.. Something wey I think say round firm when I see am inside clothe na em dey remind me of Jericho walls for bible.
She crawled to my legs side and jerked my prick twice, it rose slowly with veins becoming visible.
She brought out her tongue and twirled on the head.
Me: oohh! *I mo-an*
Victory: you like am?
I nodded and she swallowed my whole length leaving me breathless, she started bopping on my di-ck. My eyes rolled off as I started mo-aning grabbing the bedsheet.
Victory: now em don stand for work.
Me: you sabi su-ck oh, who teach you sef?
Victory: *she wink at me* my mama.
Me: your mama? *my eyes widen*

She laughed and got up throwing one of her legs across me, she straddled me holding my now er£cted hard eight inches amu.
She positioned it aligning it to her we-t toto opening and lowered herself down on it, my di-ck cap invade her toto opening spreading the lips of her pu-ssy.
Victory: *she gasp* oohh!
Me: ride me bi-tch.
Victory: naso, I be your bi-tch.
She slammed down on me and I grabbed her fallen br-east and gathered it in my palm, squeezing it as she placed her two hands on my chest and started bouncing upadan on me.
Her br-easts swung around her chest region as she rocked me back and forth, putting her hands on my chest hopping on my hard di-ck.
She rode me till I felt her her toto walls clamped my hard di-ck choking my di-ck as she vibrated wildly riding me faster like stallion.
Victory: aaahhhh!! yesss!! ooohhh *she move faster*
Me: *my sper-m build up* ooohh! asshh!! aaahhh!!!
We climaxed at a time and she lay by my side on the bed, she cuddled tightly around me and we kissed.
Victory: I love you *thunder bend your mouth there*
Me: me too.
No be me and you oh! I nofit craze even fall in love with this kind toto wey don loose finish, I didn’t know when I slept off.
I saw myself again sitting with the same people and the same keke napep that covey us from Nkpor down to St. John’s, I looked forward and saw the same faces and I looked beside me to see Sandra and the same passenger earlier.
I tried to speak but my mouth refused to open, I struggled even in physical to speak or move to touch Sandra but all efforts proved abortive.
The keke napep headed to Pepperoni along St-John’s towards Ada George, I looked both sides all I could see is building and nobody, even traffick the road was free but the keke napep moved slowly.
I was worried and I struggled many times but couldn’t break free, we came down just at the gate of pepperoni. Sandra was the first to leave the keke napep, out of instinct I came down and pursued her but there was space in between us that I couldn’t bridge.

Even when I tried to it all proved abortive, she stood at the road looking towards Choba side waiting for a bus, I couldn’t see any bus around but suddenly one appeared before us with a conductor opening it.
Nobody spoke, even the usual conductor charade wasn’t carried out.
Sandra tried to enter, that is when I could speak.
Me: Sandra, where we dey go? *I scream*
She turned and smiled at me, her face started becoming blur in my vision even the bus and the conductor staring at us started fading.
I opened my eyes and saw Victory looking at me with worry written all over her face.
I broke free sweating and panting.
Victory: who be Sandra?
Me: my friend.
She no ask any question, she just tell me say she wan use my bathroom. I no get myself even when I escorted Victory out of my house.
I needed deliverance, w€tin dey happen to me?
every day scary nightmares of Soapy, I rushed to my phone and deleted her number.
I was so scared, Victory come meet me when I dey verandah dey think.
Victory: guy, you na bad boy oh. See the way you dey sample that girl.
Me: *I sigh* I dey always dream about Soapy.
Victory: na so you miss am?
Me: no, I think say Soapy na ghost.

Victory: *he start laughing* hahaha, you suppose go act for nollywood, you wan tell me say you fu-ck ghost?
I no know w€tin to tell am again, just then Amarachi and her cousins came out carrying bible.
Before one baby go scatter my bright future, my kukuma follow them go church abeg pray against that nightmare.
Me: Amarachi, ona dey go church?
Amarachi: yes, today na cross over night for our church, you wan come?
Me: yes, make ona wait.
I rushed inside go dress up, came out without bible. I no get one na, Amarachi nodey even see something commot mouth.
Amarachi: wey your bible?
Me: his words is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path, abeg make we dey go. We go share your own.

To Be Continued….. . . .

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