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Episode 42.

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He quickly stood up with speed looking dazed, I come dey wonder w€tin dey happen.
Victory: Tara! *he mutter*
Me: Tara kill you there, shebi her gorilla boyfriend don warn you. Is like you wan die.
I hissed and walked away, I browse enter parlour where we dey keep broom.
I started sweeping from our room enter the hallway then kitchen, go parlour then park am for the frontage.
After I was done with sweeping I enter mopping, I stared at my phone and saw the light on.
I come pick am come see four missed calls from Anita, I come dey wonder if I put my phone for silent.
But I no put am, another call enter terminate again from Anita, I nofit vex. This girl get F9 for calling and A1 for flashing, I hissed and called afterall she go fit come give me one or two when I need am.
Me: *I change accent* hello sugar for life.
Anita’s voice: good morning.
Me: morning oh! you nodey go school today?
Anita’s voice: *she giggle* today na Sunday.
Me: oh! I mean Church.
Anita’s voice: I wan go second service.
Me: pray for me too oh!
Anita’s voice: you no go go?
Me: I don go yesterday.

I lie before one girl go drag me go Church wey me sef never ready to go Church.
Anita’s voice: you be Adventist?
Me: yes.
Anita’s voice: later.
I be wan ask am w€tin she mean by later she just terminate the call, I come dey waooh because na me call her oh!
I took my bath and changed to something better, that morning I decided to fry potato and drink akamu.
I waka come out but the stores around our street no open.
So I head go the street along the Anglican Church that leads to the express road wey own age don die with the word tarred.
When I reach there some Aboki wey dey sell potato dey with their wheelbarrow, I waka go meet one.
Me: Aboki, give me potato two hundred naira own.
He started picking it and I was disappointed, I think say em go put plenty. This North people wan even exploit us for marketing too.
Me: I no wan buy again.
Aboki: buy am for me, I go put am well for you.
I nodded and he behaved, see the way the guy for cheat me.

I took the bag and headed home, something made me look back and I saw Chisom with some guys approaching behind.
I turned and behaved like say I no see them, immediately waved and stopped one keke and hopped in.
Their three started chasing me, see the way I waste fifty naira because of that mumu girl.
I dropped at the Anglican Church and paid fifty naira, I took off immediately.
Panting heavily, I just corner enter my road.
I jam Anita and one fine girl like that, the girl yansh senior Anita own.
Anita: Grace, see my boyfriend.
I be wan slap Anita for vomiting such nonsense, boyfriend or no boyfriend that yansh must be tested.
Me: Ani, you nodey go Church again.
Grace: so, you be Anita boyfriend?
See Jamb question.
I nodded ’cause the Grace sef come look like boyfriend snatcher, me am very available for snatching oh.
Anita: I wan go second service.
Me: later na.
I remembered am on the run from Chisom and her gang, I didn’t realize I have started running again. One of the potato jumped out of the waterproof and rolled on the tarred road.
I rushed and picked it and used gear ten hugging the potato to run, I come reach house.
My brother dey listen to music and em dey dance for frontage.
I removed the earpiece from his ear, I be wan talk but my breathing no allow me.
Victory: this one you dey sweat like goat wey escape slaughter, hope all is well?
Me: all no well at all.
I dragged him inside and locked the door, he was surprise by my behaviour.
Victory: w€tin happen?
Me: you know Chisom.
Victory: yes na.
Me: em don bring some boys to attack me..
Victory: na w€tin dey make you fear?
Me: before, Pingy dey house?
Victory: yes.


I rushed out and run go the security house, I knocked and the guy open door.
Pingy: how far na?
Me: no vex, one girl go bring some boys here to come ask of me. Abeg tell them say I don park.
Pingy: tarh! who wan challenge for my kabal?
Me: one girl oh, abeg just tell them like that.
I ran inside and locked the door, I closed all the doors, my brother just dey look me as I dey go gaga.
I make sure all the windows dey locked, even toilet own.
I dragged my brother and we stood at the hallway.
Victory: you see w€tin toto dey do you.
Me: how?
Victory: sas you dey hide for your own house.
Me: em no mean na, as if say she no enjoy am.
I started hearing voices outside, my heart come dey beat like drum. Pingy was arguing with them, em come dey threaten them with OSPAC if them no move.

After sometimes everything calm down, see Gobe. Na wa oh! for Chisom oh, Chisom later call me and I picked.
Chisom: hide finish I go catch you.
Me: hello my love.
Chisom: you be bastard, idiot.
Me: awwwnn.. am so ho-rny.
Chisom: idiot, ashewo!
Me: I love the way you ride me, baby.
She ended the call maybe her credit don finish, that girl no get sense at all. Because of say I no give am money she go carry thug for fu-ck wey she confess say I fu-cked am hard.
I no blame am sha, I fried potato and made akamu, my brother and me be wan start to eat breakfast when my phone ring.
I checked the caller na Victory, oh men my compass don sure.
Me: hello, sweetheart.
Victory’s voice: good morning.
Me: morning, you don return.
Victory’s voice: I dey your house road.
Me: I dey come.
I ended the call and quickly washed my hands sharp sharp, delay dey spoil things.
I got up ready to go.
Victory: o boy, you wan leave food because of girl?
Me: food nodey run, but that girl fit run.
I turned and went through the door.


To Be Continued…. . . .

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