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Episode 31.

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Me: leave matter for Marthias. Make we carry this water enter house.

My brother and I carried the bucket to our flat, we saw Amarachi coming out of the gate with bucket. She fat come get big yansh, the only thing wey spoil for that babe body na her face and some part of her body wey fat no come legit.

If not any man can kill for what she had behind her, she like my brother wella…

Amarachi: hi guys.

Me: Amara, you wan go do am too.

Did I tell you say she sabi gossip, now I have done so.

Amarachi: ehem na.. Since this yard no wan gree pump water, we don pump our own oh. You know that daddy Daniel no wan pump, I no go even gree make we pump again.

Victory: you fine this night.

I come know say the other matter no concern me, I waka go inside with the bucket of water.
I had my bath and slept off when my brother came in, after I tried Sandra’s number twice, but it was switched off.

Gosh! w€tin happen to this girl na? I hugged my pillow and dragged myself to dream land. I really wish this nightmare of Saopy not picking her calls should go away.

I saw Sandra walking before me, I called her name twice but she refused looking back. There was a burning house in front of her that she was trying to head to, I ran towards her.
Immediately I tried to get closer, some men with army uniform grabbed me and dragged me away, I kept on screaming her name but she refused turning.

Me: Sandraaaaaaaa!! *I wake up screaming*

Victory: w€tin be this na? you don mad oh!

I was drenched with sweats all over my body, my boxer don even w€t sef. I quickly got up from the bed and ran inside the bathroom release three jerrycan of pee inside the WC.

I came out breathing heavily in confusion, I didn’t understand the nightmare or dream. What does the lonely tarred road means? I was confused.

I picked up my phone and called Sandra twice but the same switched off story, gosh! I was fu-cking confused. I logged in whatsapp to confirm if she has logged in or something, her last seen was still that morning that she came to my house.
A message popped up in the notification bar from Victory, the girl last night.

Victory: hi hun.

Me: hello, humm who is this, please?

I wan just form small, she no gree reply. I come dey feel like say I don fu-ck up big time with the game I wan play.

Victory: hmm.. Is Victory.

Me: oh! my missing rib, am sorry I didn’t save your number.

Victory: missing rib kwa, is okay.

Me: where can we meet today or tomorrow?

Victory: I dunno.

Me: can you come to my house?

Naso the girl go offline, I took my brush and went to the bathroom. Brushed my mouth and luckily I turned the tap there was water, I come confuse how them take do am. I quickly showered before the tank go release all the water wey dey inside the tank.


I came out with towel wrapped around my waist from the bathroom and met my body doing push-ups, I nofit do push-ups and God know sef na em make em dash me natural six packs.

Me: you go help me do something.

Victory: w€tin be that?

Me: you know say my fake birthday na today.

Victory: no tell me say make I help you host any birthday party oh.

Me: I nodey host any party, na just friendly bedroom match.

Victory: make I teach you how to wear cond*om?

Me: *I hiss* I want make you first commot from house, so that me and she go get privacy.

Victory: ehhnnn! You don’t mean it!!

Me: if say I no mean am, I for tell you.

Victory: wonderful! *he exclaim* so how you want make we do am?

Me: when she come, you go excuse yourself say you wan go direct people wey go come the birthday here.. Then from there you disappear till I call you.

Victory: no wahala, what of settlement?

Me: you fit go live for that Nomadic settlement wey dey for river side.

Victory: *hiss* is like you no serious.

Me: how na?

Victory: if you no pay me, I nodey commot from here.

Me: we be bro na, help a brother.

Victory: you go still pay, bro or no brother.

Me: like how much you want?

Victory: *place a finger on his lips thinking* okay, one thousand naira.

Me: em no better I go ashewo hotel, abeg na 2h I dey give you.

I left him and went to the kitchen, luckily we have left over soup that we prepared yesterday.
I switched on the burner and placed the soup on fire,
I made garri and he later joined me in the kitchen.

We carried what we are suppose to eat to the sitting-room and devoured it there, after we are done eating. He washed the dish while I got busy with my phone, I switched on my data and access my whatsapp.

Victory message came in immediately, I ignored other messages. I scrolled to her’s.

Victory: where?

Me: I go come out come carry you go my house.

After I replied her my brother came in, I switched off my data and look upto my brother.

Victory: nothing dey this house oh, we suppose go buy one carton of indomie.

Me: you know any supermarket?

Victory: make I go ask Amarachi.

He went out of the room and I got up to from the bed went to were we usually keep brooms, I picked one out of the two and started sweeping. I had washed the restrooms and mopped the marbled floors, no need for that again.

I was sweeping the sitting-room when my brother came inside the flat.

Victory: one dey for pepperoni road, along st. John’s.

Me: w€tin be the name?

Victory: wide choice.

Me: my sweep here finish, so that we go go.

I swept the parlour and then parked the dirt with parker and then dumped it in a dust bin bag we kept at the backyard when the man that usually park dust bin comes, em go carry am go.


We both dressed up and headed out, My twin brother locked the gate while we walked out of the compound through the gate.
Immediately we were out of the gate I saw Oniobong going out of their compound.

Me: no tell me say you dey run oh.

Oniobong: how na?

Me: today na my birthday, no turn to Amaka oh.

Oniobong: time don reach?

Me: no, na 12pm we go start.

Oniobong: I go come.

Me: promise?

Oniobong: yes.

My brother and I went out towards the main road, while we were walking my phone rang.

I tried to pick it but the call ended.

I tried to check who is that when someone called my name, I looked and saw Victory coming towards us.

Me: Victory?!.

Victory: how far?

Me: sweetheart, I am fine, you?

Victory: I dey oh, who be this?

Me: my twin brother.

My brother wan try introduce himself but I stop from trying that rubbish.

Me: we wan go buy something, I go see you when I come back.

Victory: okay oh.. I don reply your message, check am.

Me: I don see am.

Victory: no, the new one.

Me: okay, later.

My brother and left, while she went back to were she appeared from.

Victory: that girl fine.

Me: I get eyes for better things na.
Victory: she come bear my name, fine name sake.

I turned and stared at him, w€tin this one dey talk sef?

To Be Continued…. . . .

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