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Episode 26.

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Immediately we stepped into the bedroom, she jumped on me with kiss, her head no collect oh! me wey dey struggle to waka when breeze dey blow, I caught her and held her to myself by placing my both hands on her bottom belle.

I kicked the door closed and responded to her kiss, the girl dey kiss without control, her tongue was dancing and touching every corners in my mouth, I know say I dey lose the match.

I fall am for bed quickly pull my singlet and remove my boxer, she removed my clothe she was wearing and her bare bre*asts were all left in my mercy. I fly like tiger enter her body, chuk the left ni*pples inside my mouth dey su*ck, use my other hand to fondle her other bre*ast roughly.

Chisom: assshhh! Oohhh!! su*ck me faster!

I used the other hand find her pant and dip two fingers inside her pu-ssy and start fingering her, her eyes turned and she grabbed the bedsheets with both hands breathing heavily.

Chisom: yes! Ooohh! assshhh!! faster!!!

You dey die, you say my do am faster… I quickly pull her pant and throw it a way, I went in search of co*ndom like possess demon. Carry the am give her, she tore it fast and carry the rubber and wore my long ha*rd pri*ck.
The way she rolled the co*ndom on my big long di*ck ehnn… You go know say she graduate with distinction for condomology.

I spread her legs and asked her to set well, I penetrated inside her we*t pu*ssy. She was warm and sweet down there…

Me: aaahhh! *I moa*n as I feel her pu*ssg tighten around my di*ck*

Chisom: assshh! scatter me!! fu*ck me anyhow.

Hiaa! her request was granted oh! I no even slow down at all, I just dey pound her fast and hard with mommy and daddy style, carry one leg put for my shoulder and continue hitting her fast and hard, she just dey mo*an dey scratch my back like Edo witch.. No vex oh.

I turned her over place pillow under her stomach, raise her yansh up and plugged in from behind. Have my grip on her waist, I resumed the knacking now with faster pace, her yansh just dey shake and vibrate anytime our flesh jam.
Kpakpakpa! sounds feel the womb, as I wan cu*m, I enter avatar state of knacking.

Chisom: ewwooohh!! Aassshhh! You go shift my womb oh!

She tried pushing me off from her back, but I pushed her hand away and thru*sted in and out faster….

Me: aaahh! ahhh!!!

I filled the condom with my cu*m, I lie down on top her back with my now weak di*ck inside her pu*ssy, I rolled off from her back and faced the celine to catch my breathe.
I come stand up to dispatch the used co*ndom, I pull am throw enter inside WC.
I enter the room and still met her [email protected], naso my di*ck stand again… Like say we never do another round.

She looked at me with surprise and askance look, I tear another condom pack. This one na last fight for our two, even my di*ck know sef.. The babe too fine for broke guy like me biko.
I tore the condom and wore myself the rubber, I climbed the bed and start kissing her, she gree oh.

I come dey fing*er her pu*ssy till she start to shake and vibrate, her love juices flood down from her we*t pu*ssy to my arm, I lie down and my di*ck put the celine like nepa pole, she get the matters.

And swung her leg over me like possess demon, she straddled me with reverse cowgirl. Her big yansh for my face, the feelings no be here.

She aligned my har*d di*ck and buried it inside her hole, blood rush inside my brain.

Me: I will give you my papa house, aaahhb!

I mo*aned, choi! My papa go just kill me.
She raised her yansh up till only the tip of my hard prick was inside her, the thing make me dey shout like person wey dey under anointing.

Me: assshhh! I go give you one million naira.

If girl wey sabi fu*ck handle you ehnn… You will understand w€tin she dey do me.
She carry me go heaven gate with her pu-ssy, carry me come back to Earth.
When her own orgasm start to come na so the girl start to jump upadan for my di-ck without care.
our skins smashing sounds changed from “kpaaa kpaaa!” to “kpoor! kpoor”

Chisom: ossshhh! Oh! my gawd! *she scream*

Me: assshh! am cvmmmmmiinnngg *I scream without recognizing my voice*

She started shaking and dancing on top of me, her legs clamped together and her body vibrated. She screamed like a possess witch and thrashed herself on me, her pu*ssy walls clenched my prick tightly, them choke my innocent amu and he started vomiting akamu Jehovah.

Me: aahh! ahhh! *I moa*n loudly as I start releasing my cu*m inside the rubber*

Chisom: ossshhh! Assshhh! *she su-cked on her teeth after orgasm*

She slumped on the bed beside me, and I quickly check if my balls is still intact. The way the gal dey use her ukwu dey jam them make me fear for their safety, she laid beside me and gave me a deep we*t kiss, while my right hand rush go her right left bum and squeeze.

Kissing and squeezing of yansh na follow come for my life.

Chisom: I love you *na the fu-ck you love joor!*

Me: I love you more.

Chisom: I wan baf, am so messed up.

No be only she dey messed up oh, the bedsheets was messed down, while me was messed sideways.
I gave her one of my towel that I washed cleanly before travelling and took mine.

And we both hit the bathroom, we switched on the shower and the cold water splashed on our body replenishing my energy. I never fu-ck for under shower before, the thought made my prick to start to rise small small.

Chisom gave me a kiss and I kissed her back, I pressed my ere-cted prick to her laps and she pulled out of the kiss instanta.

Chisom: no tell me say, you wan fu-ck me again *see question oh*

Me: your thing too sweet, only small… I will not waste time.

Chisom: am tired, calm that thing down abeg, you wan kill me with se-x?

The girl start to pala, nobody tell me to co-ordinate, I pleaded with her to calm down. I no wan spoil the night own, because that night own go mark the last se-x with her.

I begged her to calm down and she did oh, the girl even threatened to go sef say I no love her. say na her puna I love, I turn Romeo dey sing love song with my frog voice. I wonder where I inherit that voice from sef.

We came out of the bathroom wiping the water on our bodies, I quickly removed the old bedsheet that is we*t already and spread another one.

I rush go kitchen go prepare rice and stew, I leave am for the room to rest. I came back to check up on her when I heard her talking with low voice, she was on call… I hanged for door press my ear to the door and eavesdrop on her conversation.

Chisom…. am in my aunty place na…. ehnn ….. I will come…. I promise…. Okay …. Maybe tomorrow….. don’t call again oh….. my aunty hates me answering calls….. she went out …. I love you too.

Fear catch me, so I be her aunty wey get di*ck? wonder shall never end oh. and the babe get another match to play tomorrow, when she say make I stop.

I nodded and went back to the kitchen and started planning on the kind styles I go give her, my twin brother entered the kitchen smiling.

Victory: how far the babe?

Me: she still dey, na tomorrow she go go.

Victory: you don yansh am?

Me: no, she be virgin.

Victory: *laughing* virgin with that kind yansh and bre*asts?

I was about pouring the rice after washing inside the pot on top of the gas cooker, when Chisom entered the kitchen with my clothe on, she was beaming.

Victory: our wife! *hailing her*

God forbid!!

To Be Continued….. . . .

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