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Episode 24.

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Me: *I wink at her* come and test to see the goodness of my prick..
Big yansh: *chuckling* okay, oga big d*ck, I have heard you, w€tin be your name?

Me: Victor, I no know your name.

Big yansh: Iniobong, na here you dey live?

She asked when I got to the gate opposite their yard and stopped, I confirm it is where am living. She was surprised that am her neighbour, I no wan hurry the se*x wey she dey owe me. So I just halla her bye bye and got inside the house.

Immediately I entered the sittingroom I saw my brother drinking akamu and moving his mouth like goat, I peeped inside the bowl and saw potato chips.

Me: you no even wait for me, w€tin be your own sef?

Victory: the kingdom of food wait for nobody.

I took my spoon and joined him, I later went to the kitchen to prepare the soup for my visitor, later I jammed the bathroom hard by scrubbing my penis and shaving, I love it cleanly shaved.

Chisom called later that she is on our way, I think say na real on her way but when I heard st john’s, I know say the girl mean am to win me over say I godey work for company soon, should we tell her? Lwkmd… After reaping biko nu.

I tell am say make em tell the keke man say na Village and na fifty naira be the price oh, she boarded keke while I wore something appealing and comfortable, wore a top and jean trouser with this ona reigning pans na.

I waka go Anglican gate wait for her, immediately she came down from the keke she jumped enter my body and hugged me protectively, if no be say I know why she dey do all these things. Na because of money sha…

Chisom: I missed you so much baby *she kiss me there and then*

My first public kiss, can someone say am blessed?
We kissed like two minutes before I crossed my hand around her shoulder carry am go house.

Niggas for the area dey pass and look back to confirm the babe I dey waka with, my star come boast from five stars to ten stars.
See levels, Angel come dey look me one kind as if she be my girlfriend or don give me fu*ck before.


To make the walking make sense, I enter shop by road side buy her juice.

Chisom: you for no buy am na *smiling*

Me: this one na small thing, wait make them pay me salary next Month, we go shut down plenty supermarket *alaye which salary?*

Chisom: *she hug me and press her body to me, she no wear bra sef* that is why I love you, baby.

I smile, the babe really come to set the house on fire with se*x. The gown she wore showed off all her curves, she no really get big bre*asts but sizeable for squeezing as I dey look for the fabric my brain dey send message to my prick.

We reached house my brother be wan burst out that time, as em show for gate like person wey thief dey chase fully dressed.

Chisom hand was across my waist and my own for her shoulder, we dey waka like tru tru love. Make em no be like say I wicked, I come introduce my useless twin brother to her.

Me: baby, meet my twin brother, his name is Victory.

Chisom: *she frown playfully* you no tell me say you be twin.

Me: *I kiss her cheek* sorry, I no know say I even get twin, na my mama tell me too.

Chisom laugh sha… She no come dey reason the twin ish.

Victory: am Victory…

Me: I don help you tell am.

Victory: what is your name beautiful?

Me: her name na Chisom.

Victory: na you I ask?

Me: na her boyfriend dey answer you, is like lizard dey play table tennis for your head. No go where you dey go.

Chisom was flattered the way I overprotected, she godey feel special. She no know say na lick and clean mouth dey my mind sha… She hid her face in my chest blushing, em be like say I dey romantic small the way the girl dey act like Juliet like say I be her Nigeria Romeo, me wey be puna lover.

I carry am enter the two bedroom flat, there is surprised on her face like na this guy house.

Chisom: is this your apartment?

Me: yes na, just two bedroom flat.

Chisom: you be big boy oh.

Me: my go rush cook the egusi soup.

Chisom: you never cook am.

I nod and she followed me to the kitchen, she saw what I bought. Meats, fishs, cray fish, periwinkles, and crayfish.
She come offer to help me out say my come give am my shirt.


Em get one time I mistake say basket ball na my calling, after I buy the shirt then go practice one day. I know say na one demon voice tell me that thing, from that day I deleted that small rubbish voice.

She entered my room I come give am the shirt.

Chisom: close your eyes.

w€tin I go still see, Nigeria girls sha…

Me: to fulfil all righteousness.

I close eyes but no be kpatakpta sha.. ‘Cause I see her rounded soft bre*asts stood firm on her chest, and her flat stomach. The babe fine I swear, na the thick n*ipples make my prick dey nod in approval..

Chisom: Am done!

I no know say she don wear the shirt sef, I don already n@ked her dey knack for bed already for my mind.

To Be Continued…. . . .

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