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Episode 23.

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I no come dey hear the babe moa*ning oh, I was just hearing my brother shouting and groaning loudly, I have to safe him before he dies.

I hammered the door loudly and everywhere became quiet, later heard a loud footsteps running towards the door.

The door was opened by my brother without clothe, em di*ck still dey stand.. Sweats all over his body, he ran past me to the kitchen if no be say I shift em for don fall the breakable plate for my hand.

I look inside the room and see the fatty-bumbum with bedsheets all over her fat body, I dropped the food for side stool and tuwama.

I met my brother eating and drinking hungrily, I come beat am oh. Na em black yansh come dey make me laugh as em dey stand for kitchen with pot and spoon.

I come carry one cup of water go give em fat babe wey don half the plate of the indomie, fear catch.. I dropped the cup for her.

Fat lady: *mouthful with food* come back come help me do something.

No be me and you oh, she eyed me seductively and bite her lower lips, back to sender… I run come out met my brother breathing heavily in the kitchen. Na se*x overdose be this.

Happy: to…wel tow…el

Breathing heavily, I rush enter my room carry towel come out come give am. Em carry the towel run go parlour visiting toilet, I shake my head waka commot for house, hungry wan finish me.

My twin brother don vamoose for house since, I waka go buy something. I buy potato two hundred naira and waka go buy akamu. I met my brother in one babe shop like that, her name na Lizzy.

Me: na here you dey, hungry no catch you.

Lizzy: good morning.

Me: morning my sister, you don imprison my brother *she chuckle*

Victory: w€tin you come buy?

Me: I come buy akamu and w€tin to use make am.

We join money arrest w€tin I come buy, the babe come sell nice shey you get. We waka go house.

Me: you don open joint for that place? make your money no finish for biscuits ans chew gum sha..

Victory: I dey mad, girl wey dash me biscuit.

Me: I hail you, ashewo.

We reached our gate and started hearing shouts, I think say em no concern me but when the shout dey come for our apartment, I come know say water don pass garri.

We opened the door to see my brother with just boxer and fatty bumbum with just towel wrapped around her fat body, the thing no even cover her fat laps well.

Fat lady: you must f*uck today oh… We never even start sef..

Happy: carry your money again, I don give my life to Christ.
Both of them dey there dey drag each other, fatty bumbum dey drag my brother go inside room while my older brother don hold em trouser and shirt to escape.

Fat lady: na eight rounds we go go, you never even start you don give up.

Happy: why I no go give up? na me dey moa*n instead of you to moa*n.

Fat lady: you for no use doggystyle, my yansh big well well… Your prick no enter inside the hole wella.

I just carry w€tin I buy go drop for kitchen use backyard road tuwama, I am too young to die of overdose se*x biko.
I burst in street come talk say my stroll for Rumoulumeni na, at least I will know places in Nkpor. I started walking towards the opposite direction, as I just reach the end point of the road na so sand sand full the road.

I walked pass one church like that, two churches are both in the same area, I came out of the the road and saw one fine girl.

Me wey nodey take eye see fine girl, I waka go meet her with my phone to take number.

Me: hi, pretty!

She looked me up and down then smiled, my charm don work. I looked to another direction and saw one fearful made guy looking at me with one eye, he has one long tribal marks both cheeks. He wore red top and held a gun.

Gun nigga: wey you! blaze in.

Me: me? *i point myself*

Gun nigga: you na, you wey no wan keep your prick one place… Burst in my pass you charge.

I left the girl in a hurry and ran to the senior man fast fast, I no know day OPSCa dey the village.. Those nigga fit kill you talk say you be cultist, the matter no go reach anywhere sef.

Me: senior boss, your girlfriend fine oh. I just dey greet her.

Gun nigga: you sure, you no like the babe?

Me: I dey craze, I wan ask am where them dey buy meats, I just park in the area newly.

He looked at me and showed me one aboki man selling meats across the road, my phone started ringing and I brought it out it was Chisom.

Me: my love, when are you coming?

Chisom: yes, afternoon time. Hope you are ready for me oh, you know I like it hot.

Me: naughty girl, cold oh! fire! Oh! hot oh! am ready, i want to cook egusi soup for you.

Chisom: *laughing* don’t sentence me to toilet oh.

Me: when you come, you will confirm my weight say I too much.

We talked for sometime and ended the call, I bought meats from the Aboki man and find my way home.
I was coming back when I saw the fine Calabar girl with big yansh walking ahead of me, I started joggling.

Me: fine lady.

Fat yansh: *looking up if she can recognize me* oh! it is you *smiling*

Me: before, is me and my big d*ck.

Fat yansh: *surprise* bad boy, you sure say em big?

To Be Continued….. . . .

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