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Episode 16.

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I opened my eyes and saw Baby over me smiling, she was looking extremely beautiful with her braided hair and morning face. I wanted to gather her in my arms and kiss her.

Baby: sicky, sicky, you still dey sleep?

Me: I dey dream about you, na em make I never wake up.

Voice: Baby oh! Come make we dey go farm.

She tied wrapper around her waist, she got up from me and said good morning, and walked away. I felt empty and I knew there n’ then, that babe don thief my heart.
I got up and brushed my mouth, my dad called me and my twin brother to our sittingroom.

Since we will be returning to Port-Harcourt the next day. He asked us to go to Ahoada and prepare, they didn’t go with us ’cause mom decided to stay behind to settle some things in Village.

I quickly bath, I didn’t want to spend more minutes in that village with Baby around. My brother was reluctant at first, but one I reason with am. Em gree, we rushed down to Ahoada. It felt like I left my heart in my village, how can somebody I barely know more than days breakdown my walls.

We got to our house in Ahoada, I enter inside first go relax. Soapy called me immediately.

Soapy19: baby, shey you are coming tomorrow?

Me: yes, I go come see you on Wednesday.

Soapy19: you go take me out oh.

Now now, I agreed sha… But I wasn’t anticipating us to meet they way I did before again. Maybe she loves money pass love sef.

Immediately I got off the phone, my brother entered the room with towel wrapped around his waist. I know say em wan start movement, minutes later he was done wearing the out-fit he wanted to. Small time em don ball out of the house.

I came out of the house and saw Blacky passing our frontage, that girl yansh no be here oh. I don dey reason am tay tay, but the girl too dey childish.


Me: you dey see me you dey pass?

Blacky: I nofit come na, your father dey house.

She wore crop top, see the way her bre*sts position for her front like two guns ready to make my d*ck shoot bullets.

Me: na only me dey, no fear… Come.

Blacky: my buy something, I dey come.

She went away directly to the tarred road were most shops were located, I search for my phone on better p*rn wey go put me in the mood. I tore out one pack of condom keep beside me, em come be like say the girl too waste time.

I came out of the house and waited sotay for her to come.

Me: this girl use me play or w€tin?
I decided to walk to the frontage, I stood at our frontage and looked towards the tarred road she went to. That is a major road in Civil Defense road, I sighted her heading towards the East of the tarred road.
That has a road connected to their house behind our house.

Me: blacky! Blacky!! *I shouted waving towards that side like a madman, w€tin konji nofit do?* w€tin I do you?

She turned towards were I was and smiled.

Blacky: I dey come, my buy something here.

She pointed to a shop along the tarred road, I was revamped and my d*ck leaped with joy in my boxer.

I entered the house and decided to wait inside my room, as I see bed. I no know who send me to go lie down small, from small lying down I slept off.

I woke up later and grabbed my phone, only to discover that I have been sleeping for two hours.

Me: Jesus! Who I kill?!

A call from Soapy entered, and I grumbled. Port-harcourt toto should rest first. Em never reach your turn.

Me: my love.

Soapy: hmm… Who is your love?

Me: you na, love of my life.

Soapy: you sabi lie oh, love ke. Is not only life.

Me: ah! Ahh! w€tin you mean na? Say I nofit love you.

Soapy: *laughing* I was teasing you, when are you coming?

Me: tomorrow, so how are you?


Soapy: am fine, you?

Me: am cool, how are your twins on your chest?

Soapy: they are firm and soft, and they are both inside bra.

Me: your p*ssy nkor?

Soapy: tight and sweet.

Me: what of your bum….

Soapy: *laughing* naughty boy, she ended the call.

Immediately I dropped my phone on the bed, and opened the door. I saw Blacky passing.

Me: hey! Blacky, come!

Blacky: I dey come. *who you wan reverse?*

To Be Continued….. . . .

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