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Episode 15.

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I used two fingers and shifted her p*nt, I come chuk one for her w*t p*ssy. She clamped her legs together breathing heavily, make this one no die of convulsion oh. I pushed in my finger further and she sang along, as my fingers slip in and out of her w*t hole.

Baby: aaaahhhh! Haaaaaaaa!!

I think say na play, p*ssy fluids just flood my hand. I no come dey understand sef again, wahala. She was breathing heavily and sweating, I just removed my finger. Na only once she don f*ck I guess.

Baby: Sicky Sicky, you be bad oh.

Me: I think say you never do am.

She flashed me a look that spoke volume, maybe sad or controversial.

Baby: I never do am.

I wan ask, how manage her p*ssy no come tight like virgin oh. I just relax and forget about it.

Baby: na through my friend I take learn how to f*nger myself, I broke it myself.

Me: sorry.

I just felt my heart moved fot her, she is a very cute girl. And small for my eyes sha… About seventeen or so. I no even dey reason her age ’cause na br*asts and yansh wey me I dey see oh.

We stayed out there, she was in my arms all along and I realized say f*ckboy lifestyle go soon expire. I wanted my heart to fall in love, I no even understand where em even travel go sef, abi na China?

Covid19 must have killed my heart.

Voice: Victor, come eat oh!

I heard my mom calling my name, I wanted to tell her to get up. I didn’t even realize she has become sleeping beauty already. She is very beautiful I must confess, am not the kind of guy that she needed.

Am too ugly inside to date a beautiful in and out like her, I woke her up and she got up.

Baby: you wan go sleep?


Me: no, I wan go eat. Come follow me eat.

Baby: no, I no hungry. I go wait for you here.

Me: you dey sleep already, go sleep for house. Tomorrow we go see.

She gave me a surprise hug and said she love me, I catch cold. I was f*ckingly confused, she walked away and the dark night swallowed her leaving me perplexed.
I waka enter house back, come see sweet egusi with aroma that can resurrect dead person inside plate for me.
I carry the wrap of fufu, arrange bowl of washing hand water for myself. With all joy in my heart I unbuckle my belt. I start to dey mold them into morsels.

Mothers are sweet because they make food for us, fathers are are daddies because them be our bank account. The way I chew the meats and kpomo with the fish ehhnn.. Iffa I tell you, hungry go catch you.

After I ate finish, I enter shower go baf. Cold dey that night, so I no bother sleep n@ked. My twin brother was on his laptop playing game. I joined him and we started knocking ourselves about, it was fun having two pads making excuses when you loose.

I wasn’t in my best mood, I didn’t even know why but I felt nuisance feelings like my heart is back from China without being killed by Covid19, I was scared I mean scared. And my distraction is Baby, my twin brother no pity me at all.

Me: take am easy na, na me you dey knack nine zero.

Victory: sorry, what of when you dey knack me nkor?

He didn’t pity me at all, he played seven hands and I lost all with master pad winning over 4.5 in each rounds, bet9ja people can relate.

I just dropped pad for my younger brother to play, then go sleep. I went to bed and had a restless night, Baby was on my mind even in my subconscious state. w€tin that girl put for her toto?
I no even dey understand myself again, am I in love or I dey regret say I no f*ck am hard? I didn’t even know which sef again.

After family prayer I was able to sleep, we were woken up by a knock on our door by my father. I got up lazily from my bed and we prayed, my mother just knack long prayer after my small brother Daniel. The only thing I remember na the last Amen after my father finish em prayer.


I nodey use 6am sleep play oh, i went back to bed and continue the sleep. I felt a soft touch on my body and I woke up.

To Be Continued….. . . .

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