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Episode 14.

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To reduce the shame, I just fold hand and open am above the basin. Fake say I drop something, follow them dance come out to reduce the volume of shame.
I was so pained that I headed home straight, I pass Ada their house road dey go house when I sighted her coming laughing one kind wicked laugh. She brought out my wallet and laughed.

Me: Ada, which kind play be this na? Sas you disgrace me for church?

Ada: w€tin I do na?

Me: you dey ask me w€tin you do? First, give me my wallet. Na too much play dey ’cause all these kind things.

Ada: you dey vex?

Me: you no well oh, I godey happy say you don disgrace me for inside church.

She laughed again, this girl think say I dey joke oh.

Ada: no be my fault, I beg you for money. You carry your wallet give me.

I took the stretched out wallet from her hand, shame hold me stand. I just carry myself go house ignoring her laughter, mad girl.

I got home and met my twin brother about to live, I just enter inside house pull my clothes dey reason my life. No be toto and big yansh go finish me for life, I no go die gain oh.

I laid down with my boxer and one wicked flashing that only showed my screen light enter my phone from the shrine of poverty.
I checked the id, I don chop and clean mouth for the toto. I just hissed and slept back, I no want disturb.

Sleep no gree come again, naso the girl hammer me another flashing and I ready for her that day. With the anger of disgrace in me, I didn’t even dare returned her call. I switched on my data and entered whatsapp.

Soapy19: Victor naa!!

Me: why are you crying?

Soapy19: Victor naa!

Me: lol, my love. I missed you, I go enter PH by Tuesday.

Soapy19: sure?

Me: yes na, we go even burst many condoms


Soapy19: I love it raw
Me: you go like f*ck oh!

Soapy: amu a virgin in d*ck ministry

Me: it aff stand

Soapy19: you berra hide that bad boy, I dey field oh

Me: small na, biko

Soapy: you want make my papa and mama, sister and brother see your hard d*ck bah?


Naso battery low start to shake bumbum, I told her about it before going offline and plugging it. I slept off later and woke up when my parents returned from the harvest, My father didn’t take the whole incident candid. He started telling me how immature and irresponsible, that my mate have already give birth to children… Bla bla bla..
Me wey suppose be father ABCD to Z if I wan born sef.

That night we were having visitors who dropped by, there is this small girl called baby. She is slim and tall, with upcoming bre*asts and yansh, her bre*asts dey like moderate size grapes.

Baby: sicky sicky.

Me: you don come again oh?

She is always fond of calling me sicky sicky, the last time we came to the village I wasn’t able to recover from vomiting and one stupid sickness like that.
From then she always love teasing me with that her pet name.

Baby: sicky, sicky, come my feed you food.

Me: I wan s*ck your brr*asts.

Baby: tarh! Bad boy.

I was sitting out in the dark, some feet away from the main building and the light wasn’t illuminating the place both of us were.
The moon would have done it, but it wasn’t up in the sky.

Me: you sabi worry person ehnn..

Baby: sicky, sicky, you don drink your medicine?

Me: you be my medicine.

Baby: tarh! You don spoil oh.

I held her hand and dragged her to myself, she was very silent when she fell on me. I knew she was crushing on me, didn’t know she was ready to be there for me when I need that thing. Shey you get.

I let her go and she sat beside me, she was quiet for sometime.
Until a lady walked into our yard, after we both greeted her.

Baby: sicky, sicky, you nofit do anything sef!

Me: open your legs first na.

I thought she won’t, but she did. She was very h*rny all along we were playing, if no be say people full house. This sweet sixteen sweet in the middle for hear am today.


I just chuk my hand inside her skirt after she opened her legs. My hand came in contact with her pant. She don w*t scatter, girls dey like touching body when them dey on heat ehnn.

Baby: oh! low m0an escape her parted lips.

To Be Continued….. . . 

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