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Episode 12.

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I raised the video icon up and the video connected, Soapy has braided her hair and parked them in ponytail. She was looking remarkably beautiful and enticing.
Her smile was gracious and charming, I drooled over her.
Soapy: you didn’t try, you just forgot all about me.
Me: I dey craze? I nofit try am na. You wey be my love.
Soapy: liar, so what is my name?
Me: So… Ehem… Ehem…
I for don go call am Soapy, before my brain clicked say no be her name. All I along I didn’t know her name.
Soapy: Vic, so you don’t know my name all along.
Me: ermm.. I know na, Soapy.
She roared with laughter, she threw her head backward and her white teeth shone like those advertising close up.
This girl fine well well oh…
Soapy: who told you my name is Soapy?
Me: I no know your name na, na em make I call you Soapy.
Soapy: come this boy, why did you call me Soapy?
Me: you love dancing to the song and that is your favorite song.
She laughed again, oboy her laugh just dey sweet me.
I heard her name from background “Sandra”. So Sandra na this babe name, I try na. S for Sandra and S for Soapy.
Soapy: later, we will chat.
The video call ended, I off my data. My go hunt village p*ssy before we travel, I wore my short and wore my shirt.
I came out of my room to meet the sittingroom empty, nobody dey this house oh.
It was getting dark already, one of my female friend saw me from the road and entered our compound. She been dey with one short fair babe like that, as she enter the babe follow her for back.
Happiness: Victor, how far?
Me: I just dey oh, na only me dey this house.
Happiness: I don bring wife for you.
Me: na wa oh, she sabi f*ck?
The girl was just smiling, she dey shy sha… And na all those kind girls dey sweet to knack.
Happiness: if she handle you for bed, you go forget your name.
Me: you lie, oya na… Make we no talk too much, room clear oh.
Happiness: Beauty show am pepper, I dey come.
She left and I was left with her friend who haven’t raised her face up, she has been staring at her toes.
Me: Beauty, make we go inside.
She raised her face up, oboy come see lips. Gucci lips, i don die.


Me: you sabi s*ck?
Beauty: yes na, I sabi s*ck well well.

Fear catch me as the babe grab my d*ck anyhow, the way she dey look am like lollipop, I wonder if I go still get d*ck after today, Happiness em no go better for you oh!
She opened her mouth and take in my 8inches bit by bit, she started moving her lips naso my d*ck stand gidigba for servicing.
Only ten seconds s*cking.
Me: aaaaahhhhhh!
She removed her mouth and I started c*mming, me sef surprise why I dey c*m in a very short time.

Beauty: w€tin happen?

Me: babe, no vex. I no well, when I well we go do, abeg wear clothes.

I go fine my boxer for where I pull am commot wear, I took five hundred naira note and gave to her. She surprised for the money wey I give am.

Beauty: all for me.

Me: yes, take am.
I gave her one can drink and wore my clothe, someone started knocking at the frontage door.

Me: abeg, come come… No open am.

The babe for don go open the front door, thank God am right there in time to stop her.
She followed me and I led her out of the kitchen backdoor.

Beauty: when we go meet again? *who and you?*

Me: tomorrow or next, go first.

She wanted to come and kiss me, naso I disappear enter inside house, no be me and you oh!
I rushed to the door I was hearing my mom voice complaining for my delay.

I opened the door and stretched like someone who was sleeping.

Mom: why you waste time?

Me: I been dey sleep.

My mom entered the house and later went to the kitchen outside the house to start cooking, I went inside my room to take my phone.
I came out of the frontage and started hearing voices of women who were helping my mother’s out in the kitchen, I decided to go to my friend’s house.

A girl, female. I went to that place and met her grand mother on the way, she was about going out when I saw her.


Me: ma, good evening.

Granny: evening.

She replied hurriedly and left, I went inside the compound to see her fetching water with just wrapper tied on her body.
Immediately she saw me, she hurriedly brought out the bucket from the well and ran to me.

Ugbuloida: Victor!!

She hugged me tight, she didn’t wear bra. So her soft bre*asts pressed on me and I took my hands to her *ss and squeezed it.
I placed my two palms on her bums and press, no dullying.

To Be Continued….. . . .

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