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Episode 11.

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I knock for em door, i banged continually listening to their conversation.
Voice1: Biggy, your father.. I don die oh
Voice2: no worry, em no go do anything.
I increased the banging, after some minutes I heard his footsteps coming towards the door. He opened and I laughed out my ass.
Biggy: mad man, I know say na you.

Me: you for no open the door if you know, you dey scatter person daughter toto for this kind weather?

Biggy: how that one concern you?
Voice: Biggy, na who be that?
Biggy: na this mad man, man turkey.
She came out and smiled immediately, and rushed into my arms with her br*less bre*asts teasing me behind the fabric.
Ada: my husband, how you dey?
Me: I just dey oh.

Biggy: come make we go finish, I never even c*m.

Me: my go play game.
Both of them entered his room while I headed to the sittingroom and settled for the pes in the parlour, I increased the volume so that their voice will not disturb amu ugenba. I just dey whip computer ass, I don play ten straight matches before them come out with sweats for their body.

Me: s*x na food? Ona just dey knack without break.
Biggy: the thing sweet pass food, food chais.

Ada: I wan dey go, my mother don return.

She left us and immediately I heard Biggy’s father’s voice from afar, I sneaked out.

Biggy’s father: wey this boy? Ehn.. Ehnn.. Biggy, who drop this thing here?

I take another route since road full Abuja go house, I reach house baf and park my things go fine bike.
I saw one bikeman and stopped.
Bikeman: where you wan go?
Me: Ochigba.

Bikeman: I nodey go that side.
I waited like two bikes before one finally agreed to carry me, we started the journey and he was stopped by a beautiful girl on our way.

Girl: Thankgod, carry me go village na.
Bikeman: abeg no vex, shift make she enter for your bike.


Me: no, I wan enter her back.
Girl: my enter first.

She entered and I sat behind her, her soft yansh just rest before my d*ck. The sweetest moment na when we run into bumper, her *ss go come bounce and rub for my d*ck. The idiot just stand immediately like rock, I come dey fear for my boxer wey I wear sef, make em no tear.
She come look back and smile at me.
Girl: you be man o.
Me: I tell you, na you ’cause am.

Okada man: Chinonye, na here you dey drop bah?
Chinonye: no, go front small.

I needed to do something as the babe dey give me eye, I rush bring out my phone give am.
She looked at me and smiled, that smile make my d*ck jump out of my boxer.

Chinonye: drop me here o, bye bye bad boy.

The okada man stopped the bike and I reluctantly came down. My d*ck formed a huge bulge at my manly area, and the tight trouser gave way the shape of my big d*ck.

The babe tall pass me and she big, I believe say na the okada man babe be that. She stopped at the village before mine own.
Okada man: I dey come o.
He started the bike and we continued the journey after the lady secretly winked at me, I for don fly commot from the bike when I dey look her bumbum dey vibrate anyhow.
Immediately we arrived at my compound, some few kids were around with some women to help my mother. My brother Salvation sighted me and I grumbled, the kid is big mouthed and speaks without his brain involve.
Salvation: brother Victor, brother Victor.

Me: Salvation, what of Victory?
Salvation: em go em friend their house, one girl like that.

I greeted the elderly women and men around, I went inside and saw some people with my dad in the sitting room discussing concerning the harvest planning.
Dad: Kolo, eya’ le.
Me: eh.. Good afternoon, sir.
I greeted everybody for the sitting room, then entered inside my room come pull clothe.
I have missed whatsapp, I decided to log in come see messages na. I start to pray for my data.


Soapy19: I hate you *her message*

Me: my love, am sorry na.. I lost my memory *I type and sent*

Soapy: I missed your d*ck *her message*

Immediately a video call request enter and my d*ck twitch in my boxer.

To Be Continued….. . . .

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