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Episode 10.

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I no believe my ears, we even dey road. The road nodey busy as you will hardly see bikes plying the road and passer-bys walking pass it.

Me: w€tin you talk?

Adanne: show me your prick wey you say em big na.

Me: waka fast na, make we go where dey private.

Adanne: no, show me am here.

Night don dey cover, sun don go set for east dey chillax. For some moment human being no come dey pass that tarred road me and Adanne were walking side by side, and she seem very serious.

Me: you mean am, I nofit show you am for here oh.

Adanne: just forget, I no want see sef *she start bonying her face*

I know say I dey dull, Adanne is a very fine fair girl. Her smile is disarming and her shapely body can give you konji anytime and anywhere.
Opportunity come but once was the thought on my mind, she started walking faster.

She don dey gap me sef as her big *ss was shaking dangerously in her soft fabric skirt, I grabbed her hand. I dey drool over the babe since, as my friend Biggy wan shoot em shot first, na em I chill.
I wanted to make her my girlfriend, but she too expensive to keep. My pocket no go fit maintain her beauty, I just hide my face.

Me: my love, my heart beat, why you dey do like this na? You want my die? *she look away blushing*

Adanne: you no wan show me na.

Me: come see am.

I dragged her to a curve corner, there is a fence and elephant grasses were contesting height with the fence.
I looked left and right before i off my belt and pull down my trouser briefly, the moment I remove my boxer. My d*ck jumped out h*rd and strong to hammer any hole.

Adanne: as you slim like this, na w€tin I dey fine.

I quickly dragged up my trouser and arranged myself like nothing happened when I heard a bike sound from afar.

Me: you don see w€tin I tell you.

Adanne: I don see am.

Adanne didn’t say much as we were walking, anytime I look into her eyes I will see her eyes glittering with h*rd f*ck desire, we enter inside the hamlet and took a road close to her house.
Immediately we got close to her house.

Adanne: wait…

She told me and ran fast to her house, hope say this girl nodey mean say make we go f*ck for them house oh. Her papa na police officer oh! And she be the only pikin, she came back smiling.

Adanne: come… *she grab my hand*

Me: go where?

Adanne: my house.

Me: you wan kill me.

Adanne: nobody dey house, be a man.

And I foolishly agreed to be a man, we entered inside the house and we bolted the door, she quickly hurried me to enter her room hiding my pans inside their parlour.
The room was nice, to be only child make sense oh, I pull my shirt come dey relax for her bed.
She came in with just wrapper, I got up and inserted my fingers below the wrapper, her p*#sy don w€t tire.

I started f*ngering her p*#sy and she removed my belt, and deep her hand inside my boxer and grabbed my amu.
I started dropping soft kisses on her shoulder.

Voice: Adanne! Where you dey? Come open this door *heavy knock*

Adanne: my mother, hide.

I never even do, nawa oh.

Me: my hide for where na?

Adanne: under bed, hide hide.

I enter under the bed, to see one big rat smiling at me.

The rat no even fear me, since i lie down flat. The idiot rat run come sit down for my face dey look me face to face.

Adanne’s mom: why you waste time to open door?

Adanne: I been dey baf.

I blew the rat breeze but it didn’t even move, it move closer and started looking at me face to face.

Me: which kind wahala be this?

Adanne: mama, when you wan go?

Adanne mama: I wan lie down first, I don tire.

I start to hear foot-falls, like play like play heavy weight rest on the bed pressing me under the bed. I mess immediately.

Mama Adanne: you mess, Adanne?

Adanne: no, I no mess oh.

Mama Adanne: but I hear mess sound. Wait, person dey here?

Adanne: nobody dey here na, na only me.

I don even start to sweat, the woman weight no be here. My back start to dey pain, which kind wahala I enter like this.
I be wan shout oh as the rat climb on top me dey waka when her mother phone come right.

Mama Adanne: I just rest small, I dey come.

Na so I clear sweat for my face as the woman stand up from bed, as the door close.
I zero my mind come out from under bed, I bodey fear again even if your papa na Major.
Some minutes Adanne came back.

Adanne: make we start na.

Me: who be we? Tufiaa! No be me and you o

I carry my shirt fine my way, I no want beating. I even saw Adanne father dey return. I thank God say I no agree w€tin Adanne talk.
I come say my go see my buddy Biggy.

As near em window…

Voice1: ah ahhh! Aaaah!!

Voice: ashh! Oohhh!!

To Be Continued….. . . .

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