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Episode 09.

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I enter the room, she don already stand up sef.
I carried the plates and took it to the kitchen, dumped them for sink. Run come back, luckily she don sit down back. I locked the door, first.

Ada: Vic, w€tin you dey do?

Me: nothing oh.

She come stand up.

Ada: I wan go.

Me: now, now, iffa I handle you, you no go go ona house again.

Ada: umh.. For that small thing wey dey in between your legs.

I no dull myself, the kind konji wey dey escort me ehnn.. She wore a short skirt and sleeveless singlet. She go be stakeholder for no ass gang association.
She surprised how i take pull down her skimpy skirt and pant at a time, she no know say. In knacking there is violence.
I pulled it down to her ankle and busy myself.

Me: commot am na.

She just dey dull to remove her legs from the skirt wey don form heap for her legs, I off my shirt flung it off my body.
I removed my belt and pull down my trouser, my d*ck don stand like stick for inside my boxer.
Ada couldn’t take her eyes off from the rod pointing at her, she stared dumbfound by my amu.
I pulled down my boxer kicked it off from my leg, the c*ndom rubber have been stretched by my d*ck. The thing nofit even cover all the flesh, the size of my manhood made the slim babe to rethink as she held on to the helm of her sleeveless singlet.

Ada: na your prick be that?

Me: yes na, you go enjoy am.

I hustle her, as she was dilly-dallying with her clothe, I took it off to see bony structure. This babe need more sp*rm to add flesh oh!
I fell on her on the bed, positioned myself in between her legs. I grabbed her left br*asts like the size of big guava head and covered that particular n*pple with my tongue.

Ada: asshh! Aaahh! S*ck me baby.

Me: umh… Piooour!

She no need to tell me sef, I took the s*cking to next level. My other hand was fondling the other small br*asts on her chest. The kind of bones i dey touch make me give up for the s*cking.
I raised her two legs up, come position for kneeling position. I grabbed my hard d*ck, tapped it thrice on her cl*t. She gasped and grabbed the bedsheet, I continually tapping it till she release more pu*ssy juice.

I for give am head oh, the place look like evil forest. I no wan cut grass with my mouth, even tho you no fine, abeg try shave who knows marlians like us dey plan to f*ck you.

I come position my d*ck in her opening, as I push in. Na so everything just fly enter. I shock, w€tin happen?

The honeypot deep well well, I bring out my d*ck out first to confirm if my 8inches don turn to 2inches, alas! The long cobra dey full and gidigba. I browse enter again, she just open her eyes dey look me, I wonder how slim girl like this p*ssy go just wide and deep anyhow.

Ada: f*ck me na, I nodey feel you *how u go feel, when u get ocean wide?*

Me: I never put am *I lie*

I turn am over, she face the bed. I position pillow beneath her waist, her flat yansh come push up. I joined her two legs together, then I come enter from that position, the thing come make her p*ssy tight small.

Ada: asshh! Oohh!

Me: aah! Aahh! Aahh!

I started banging her mercilessly, I hold her waist lifting it up and down with fast pace. As I moved my waist back and front with high speed, she held the bedsheet dey m*an.
If no be this style, where I for dey my brother?

She put her face for bed as I dey knack am harder, after I c*m for the first round. I enter toilet go discard the c*ndom, I come come back dey meet her dey lie sleepily.

Ada: your prick sweet die.

Me: you are welcome.

Ada: make we still do again *tufiaaa! No be me and you*

Me: next time, my brother go soon return.

After she rest finish, she got up and I walked her out of the compound. And swear never to near again, which kind borehole small girl like that dey waka with.
I came back and took my bath, I come sleep till wake up around 4pm.
I used water to wash my face and applied powder too, rinsed my mouth using water.

I wore a nice out-fit and took my wallet with phone, went to town. I got to the tailor’s shop and took the clothe, I come decide to put the bike money for save box.
I trek enter Abuja.

Voice: Victor, wait!.

Female voice called me from behind, I stopped and waited Adanne was the person calling my name like say I thief her money.
She be girl wey my friend don browse once but she no gree for re-match again.

Me: Adanne, how far na?

Adanne: na house you dey go?

Me: yes na, I wan enter Biggy their house sef.

Adanne: make we dey go together.

As we are walking together, one fat man that looks responsible and I know he is a married man walked towards.

Me: good afternoon, sir.

Man: afternoon.

After we have gone some distance from the man, na so Adanne bring up matter wey pass garri.

Adanne: that man prick small ehnn.

Me: how? *she look at me like my head is not correct*

Adanne: see you, fat people get small pricks na. But this one, one of my friend Grace don sleep with am, she talk say she no feel anything as the man climb on top am till him come down.

Me: thank God I slim oh, my own big well well and em sweet too.

Adanne: na w€tin your friend talk too.

Me: I no be my friend la.

Adanne: show me.

To Be Continued….. . . .

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