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Episode 08.

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I stopped pounding her, and removed my d*ck inside her p*ssy. She laid on the bed tiredly, I peeped through the rovers and saw Chizhim a friend of mine.
I hissed and went back to her, she laid on the bed spreading her legs.
I climbed her body and lift her waist up and powered a thr*st in her sweet p*ssy.

She tried to push me off her body,

Chika: I don tire, leave me hand.

Me: as if say na only me dey enjoy am.

Since am at her back, I pressed her down on her back as her face is pressed to the bed. I started slamming her h*rd again, she started m*aning.

Chika: asshh! em dey sweet me oh!

Me: ah ahh ahhh!

Her p*ssy tightened against my d*ck and she shook underneath me screaming, her climax pushed me over the edge. I pulled out and spilled the loads of flying c*m from my d*ck on the floor.

Chizhim: your mama and papa don travel, sas you wan kill person pikin.

Me: Chika, your toto sweet no lies.

She has already slept off, I wore my short and came out to meet my friend Chizhim.

Me: you dey worry, you no see say I dey busy *sweating profusely*

Chizhim: hoo! You get mind put that big thing you carry for inside somebody daughter.

Me: I dey go baf oh! You no serious.

Chizhim: give me axe before you go baf, joor!

I went to the back of the door and brought axe for him, I took my towel and entered the bathroom.
On the shower and enjoyed the feel of the cold water on my body, after I wiped the water on my body.
I used my cream on my body, Chika was still sleeping.
I wore my short with a shirt and headed out to buy indomie with egg, since we are two.

I bought two bottles of fanta and two eggs with four noddles of super-pack, on my way I met Miss one corner.

Me: baby sugar, how far na?

Miss one corner: who be your baby, no talk to me oh!

she surprised me by her outburst, I just kept quiet and she walked away shaking her small b*tt dangerously, something wey I don see na em she dey use do shakara.
I went home and met Chika sitting on the bed, it was getting late and probably seven.

Immediately she saw me, she stood up and kissed me emotionally with love in her eyes. Choi! she loved the hard f*ck jare!

Me: my go cook so that you go eat.

Chika: no worry, you don make me over belleful.

Me: you no go drink the mineral.

Chika: no worry, finish all. You need am for the work wey you do.

She hurriedly went out and fetched the bucket of water outside and left, the house was empty now.
I thought of what to do, an idea entered my head.
I dropped what I bought in the kitchen and went to where I can get milk, I drained the can of milk and then went to were Miss one corner lived.

Luckily for me, she was not in the yard. I took a route that pass through their yard and appeared in an open yard that faced the road with a house behind me.
I saw her talking with her friend.
I walked to them and greeted, Miss one corner didn’t reply.

Me: no vex na, fine babe…make I take you out, go dress make we enter tropicanna.

Miss one corner: you dey serious?

Me: I dey go house, come meet me for house. From there we go follow go.

She quickly left her friend who started complaining, and telling me that I didn’t do well.
w€tin concern me? Na my d*ck I only care about, I went home and waited for her preparing the indomie and frying the egg.
Some minutes later she appeared at my doorpost looking f*ckable and sweet.

Me: you fast oh! Now now, you don appear here.

Miss one corner: are we joking here? come make we dey go na.

Me: I never eat, wait small make the indomie wey I dey cook done.

Miss one corner: you see that tropicanna, we go go am oh!

Me: which tropicanna pass here, enter inside na.. Na there you wan stand?

Miss one corner: w€tin you talk?

Me: nothing.

I opened the protector and she entered, I locked the gate with padlock.

Miss one corner: why you dey lock am na?

Me: my eat finish na, the key nodey lose.

I asked her to go inside and she went, I drank the milk in the fridge and fried the egg after cooking the indomie. I put the noodles on the plate and put the fried egg on the indomie, I arranged it on the tray. Carried it and went inside my room, she was trying to switch on the television but she was unable to.

Me: come eat oh!

Miss one corner: thank you.

I think say she no go join me oh! But after the thank you, she carry fork with the mineral and joined me. Eating commence, the egg just dey end the fried egg and indomie anyhow. She no even form small, I consoled myself that her sweet in the middle will pay for it.

I cleared the plates and washed them in the sink, I hid the keys under the fridge and went back to the room.

Miss one corner: make we dey go na, you don eat finish.

Me: ah ah! Now now? na just now I eat finish na, my rest small.

I switched on the television and inserted an interesting movie that I know she will be captivated, I laid on the bed and slept off.
Some minutes later she started tapping me.

Miss one corner: wake up wake up, night don dey cover when we go the place.

I didn’t even shake or even wake up, I continued pretending to be asleep until she got tired and left me alone, some minutes later she dosed off.

I got up and carried her to the bed, laid her properly and unclad myself. She wore a bumshort and a t-shirt without bra, her bre*sts is small and soft.
I used my d*ck and rubbed on her lips, the thing come dey sweet me as her breathe dey touch my d*ck.

I was scared of pressing my hard d*ck inside her mouth before somebody will bite my amu, I held the waist band of her bumshort and tried to drag it down, it was so strong that all my efforts yielded nothing, I began to sweat.

I quickly fumbled with her button and removed it, beads of sweats was forming on my forehead. I wiped away with the back of my palm, I succeeded in removing her bumshort, I groaned in displeasure as I saw pant again.

I just provoke shift am go one side, use my hard d*ck press it on her opening and powered a thrust in. She stirred and held me, I paused before she wake up.

To Be Continued….. . . .

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