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Episode 04.

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She dug two fingers inside her w*t p*ssy and brought it out, she showed me the two fingers glistening with her juice.

Me: aahh! Am f*cking your p*ssy, hard baby.

I m*an, she raised the camera up showing her fully two br*asts with arousal, she touched and played with the n*pple on the left br*ast, she did same with the one on the right.

She dropped the phone on her bed and climbed on it, I could watched her both legs spread across the camera.
She pulled her p*nt slowly, and that got me j*rking faster and m*aning, she removed her p*nt and shifted to the bed headboard and rested her back on it.

My d*ck was madly hard as it stretched to it full 8inches, my hand were running to the cap and down to the base, she spread her legs and adjusted camera.
She insert two fingers in between her legs and her hand started moving,

Soapy19: aahhh! You are killing me baby with your big d*ck.

I raised my d*ck up, showing my balls.
Her hands started moving all over her body, touching her [email protected] and her w*t p*ssy.

Me: am c*mmiiinng, aaahhh! Am going to c*m in your sweet p*ssy.

Soapy19: assshh! Aaahhh!! C*m inside me, aaahh!

I felt that sweet sensation running to my balls sac, I let out an animalistic m*an and my c*m started spurting as she moved the camera to her face bringing her tongue out.
She started laughing and ended the video, I waited for some seconds then the upper bar showed time she left online.

I cleaned the mess I made on the floor, and lazily left my room.
I came out and saw my twin brother with white agric fowl.

Victory: I dey call you since, come make we go kill this fowl.

Me: I no hear na, oya na.

We took the fowl to a nearby bush and I held the both legs, while he removed the feathers on it’s throat. He placed the knife on the fowl throat and it started struggling for life as he sliced out blood from its throat.

We took it home, and kept it in a basin while a pot of hot water was boiling on a gas cooker.

Victory: you go come watch masquerade today?

Me: yes na, if that one no follow. Christmas no sweet.

We were still talking when my dad sent me to buy a carton of drinks inside town in Ahoada, the bike man dropped me at the round about then I took a walk to were I can purchase what I was sent, I stopped by my female friend’s mother shop were she sells bread for her mom.

Gold: how far na?

Me: I dey oh, you dey shine oh!

Gold: thank you, how this night go be?

Me: make evening reach, I go enter town.

I left that place and went further, I met with endurance, a girl that was a friend to my older sister.
We have done lots of thing apart from having the real s*x.

Endurance: I don catch you today.

Me: how na?

Endurance: u get my number, and you no bother to call me.

Me: no vex na, where you dey go?

Endurance: my house na.

Me: make I kukuma follow you, to know where you dey live.

I followed her to her house and met nobody at home, they stayed at two room rented apartment, we entered inside room and she closed the door.

She asked me to sit that she is going inside the room to change up, she walked pass me and I imagined myself b*nging her from that huge behind, smacking the huge *ss cheeks bouncing inside the skirt.
She came out with just wrapper tied around her body.

The upper part of the wrapper was pushed forward by her huge b*obs, I stared greedily at the oranges.
She walked to the television and switched it on, bending forward pushing her *ss backward for me to have a full view of her soft sweet big ass, short people and ass fah!

I stood up and walked to were she is putting a movie, I pressed my groin on her ass and she turned back sharply and pushed me back.
I decided to take it to next level like APC, I pulled off my shirt and my trouser, my 8inches stood pointed in my boxer.

I walked to her she has successfully put on a movie and was about walking to a seat, when I grabbed her by the waist and attacked her lips. She quickly removed her face.

Endurance: Victor, stop!

I removed her wrapper and her bare br*asts came into view, they were round and full with arousal.
She struggled to get out of my hold, I wrestled her down on the carpet floor, she pushed me softly with her hands to get off from her body.

I held her both hands in place above her head, I used my other hand and pushed down my boxer.
My h*rd d*ck sprang up hitting her panted crack.

Me: aaahh! *I m*an*

Endurance: assshh! Oohh! Stop na!!

We were both sweating as we wrestled for s*xual dominance on the floor, Nigeria girls sabi make shakara for f*ck.
The energy you would have used in pounding them hard you will waste it in wrestling yourself into their p*nt.

I placed my lips on her left br*ast and started s*cking, I used my other hand hand to shift her p*nt and held my d*ck in position.
She was already w*t, as I rubbed my d*ck cap on her opening.

Endurance: stop na! The thing dey sweet me.

I pounded inside her w*t warm p*ssy and the feelings was heavenly, she crossed her legs above me. Preventing me from moving, I removed her legs on my back.
And lift myself up a bit, I placed one of her leg on my shoulder and grabbed her two br*asts.

Endurance: aahh! Aaahhh!! Stop na!!! F*ck me na!!!

To Be Continued….. . . .

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