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Episode 02.

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She wiggled her b*ttocks like dog tail and turned back and looked at me angrily.
Miss one corner: put this thing na.
I was infuriated, I quickly held my long h*rd th*ck d*ck and rubbed it on her w*t opening, a quick push in I fed her up leaving an inch outside, she scratched the wall and groaned in pleasure.
I took no mercy as I moved my waist to and fro without brake, I stretched my both hands forward.
And grabbed her br*asts cupped by the br* she wore and under the armless t-shirt.
Miss one corner: ahhh oohh em dey pain pain, asshh! Aaahhh! No stop, assh em dey sweet me. *she m*an loud*
Me: aahh! Ooohh! *I groan in pleasure*
I increased my pace as I watched my d*ck flying in betwixt her *ss cheeks in and out, the sight of my glistening d*ck with her love juice made my journey short.
I felt that sensation that made me anticipated my release, I used my right palm and sp*nked her bare *ss, she clamped her both legs and her p*ssy walls tighten against my d*ck.
I went crazy as I threw all cautions to the wind f*cking her sweet p*ssy like it is owing me a million naira, she shook and vibrated as someone who has been hypnotize by a possessive spirit of irregular dance steps, I felt my balls tighten threatening to spill out the ‘akamu jehovah in my sac’.
Me: aaahhh! Aaahhhh!!
Miss one corner: aaahhhh!! Ooohhhh!! Water dey come out!!
I forced myself out of her and grabbed my d*ck, just three strokes of my d*ck.
I started spurting my c*m that jetted out of my d*ck landing in different positions on the ground and field grasses.
When we gained our senses back we started hearing voices calling us from afar, I recognized one of the voice to be that of my twin brother and the other should belong to ‘Miss one corner’s sister’.
We quickly dressed up, she held me by the shirt and kissed me fully on the lips.
Miss one corner: you never even tell me say you sabi f*ck like this.
Me: this one small.
We went towards the route that connected to the junction, walking directly to were the street light is, a company worker whose son is Breakthrough by name was the one who provided the service of having a street light close to his house for security reason.
Some feet away stood my brother twin brother and Miss one corner’s sister, they approached us.
Victory: where ona go? We don fine ona tire.
Me: I go shit, she escort me.
Victory: you for tell me na, my escort you.
Me: so, my take permission to shit from you?
Miriam: why ona dey sweat, ona two dey scent somehow?
Me: we see one big snake, to kill am make us sweat. Na em make we dey scent somehow, shey you don hear am?
Victory: take am easy oh! Nobody don suspect you yet.
Me: all these ona investigation never turn me to suspect?
We laughed over it and we headed back to were the church is, the moment we got to the main road. I gave an excuse that I am tired, that I just want to stay under a fruit tree with chair opposite the church.
They let me be and went inside the church, I sat down and brought out my phone.
I switched on my data and a message came in from ‘Soapy 19’.
Soapy19: you no go church? *her message*
Me: I just commot from church, I no be ekpesu like you *I type and send*
Soapy19: happy new year, honey *she reply*
That is when I realized it was a new year and it is 1st January of 2020.
Across the road I heard a loud shout of.
Voices: happy!! New year!!!
Me: shame to you *I type and send*
Soapy19: your prick there, lets do video call my br*asts wants to say happy new year to you. *her reply*
Me: amu virgin. *I type and send*
Soapy19: weed… Are you in or out? *her reply*
Me: you no go fit see me oh! Where I dey dark. *I type and send*
Soapy19: you dey hide your worwor face bah? *her reply*
Me: na them dey rush us *I type and send*
Soapy: who dey rush burnt offering? *her reply*
Me: no mistake me for your boyfriend oh! *I type and send*
I tapped the video call icon located at the top right bar of my screen, a dark view formed the background for the calling… And then it quickly changed to ringing….
She picked and my screen formed a box at the extreme right bottom of my screen, she came into view she wore a singlet with her n*pples poking at the soft fabric.
Her lips as pink as the inner part of v*rginia, her eyes held beauty and l*st. Her well formed face with a nose befitting the face, her hairs neatly parked into a shower cap, she took my breathe away with her smooth face and beautiful features.
Me: fine girl with big eyes, shey you don see?
Soapy19: *she cover her face* I want to end the call.
Me: shey your br*asts will not wish me happy new year anymore?
She laughed and ended the call, she was a very shy girl.
But a keyboard warrior, I felt blessed or should I say enchanted by her naughty act behind the screen.
The top bar displayed typing….
Soapy: tomorrow, am tired… I wan sleep *she reply*
Me: dream about me oh! Run away soldier *I type and send*
Soapy19: my dream about that darkness, is that one not nightmare? *she reply*
Me: go joor! *I type and send*
I switched off my data as my companion approached me, four of us went home together as the girls requested that we should walk them home.
I and my twin brother took our formation, which is one to one space.
We walked pass our house, which was a bungalow and a rented flats for tenants in Ahoada, I felt her wide b*ttocks with my palm as I squeezed away.
My d*ck rose again, I took her hand and placed on my groin, she ran her hand on my zip, I wasn’t having enough of what I desired.
I released my belt and she dug her hand inside my boxer, and she held my rigid d*ck screaming f*ck f*ck.
I used my right hand and crossed her shoulder, pushed it down and groped her br*asts.
There is this uncompleted building along the road, with roof and the walls are cemented, but there is no doors or windows.
She pinched my d*ck cap and I felt pain mixed with pleasure, I groaned as the pleasure sent sensational message to my brain.
My brother and her sister were ahead of us, they are closing in on papa’s Bobo house, whose fence separated the yard the girls lived with their parents.
Miss one corner: make we enter there! *she m*an those words, her voice cracking*
Me: aaahh! Oya na…
We rushed inside the uncompleted building, a two bedroom flat.
We stayed in the main sitting room, it was a fast one.
I dragged down my trouser and boxer at a time, my d*ck was out for f*ck.
It sprung up gingerly ready to savage her sweet canal, her p*nt and the trouser she wore has already formed a heap at her legs.
She tiptoed and we came very close to each other, she held my d*ck and j*rked it towards.
Miss one corner: this your prick big oh!
Me: aaahhh! Ummhh..

To Be Continued….. . . .

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