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Episode 07.

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Few days later, Martin’s father was so eager to meet his would be daughter inlaw as his wife had told him so much about Vivian.
“Our son had gotten himself a fine bride, she is so beautiful and very respectful, I fell in love with her, immediately I saw her and to make everything more interesting, she is three months pregnant for our son” Martin’s mother revealed.

“That’s good… But I’m highly disappointed in our son, why didn’t he wait till his wedding night, how could he get someone’s daughter pregnant without performing the marriage rites first.. now we know why he decided to live on his own ever since we returned from our vacation” Martin’s father uttered in a straight face

“My husband, the deed is already done, a child is always a blessing, all we have to do now is to support our son and I’m glad that he wants to do the right thing” Martin’s mother added.

Vivian and Martin finally came as they promised. Martin’s mother was so happy to see Vivian again, this time she was so concerned about the pregnancy and Vivian’s health.
When Martin inquired about his father, his mother replied.
“Your father is in the bathroom, he is having his bath, he will join us shortly”

Finally, when Martin’s father came out, one good stare at the man, Vivian almost lost her breath, she felt like dying, she tried her best to comport herself, her hands suddenly became sweaty and her throat went dry as Martin introduced her to his father.
“Dad meet Vivian, my fiancee” Martin had said in smiles, Vivian was in shock, at the same time she felt like screaming but couldn’t as she suddenly went mute, yes, you guessed right, Martin’s father turned out to be chief Okoh.

“Now I see why Martin and Eric my son got along, blood is thicker than water, oh, i’m finished”Vivian said within and the next minute she collapsed and everyone was thrown into the state of panic.

“Vivian, my love…. My love” Martin called out to Vivian and in split seconds he was trying to wake her up.
“Let’s take her to the hospital, oh Lord, please I don’t want anything to happen to her or my unborn grand child, Martin get the car keys” Martin’s mother who thought Vivian had fainted because of her pregnancy, suggested

On the other hand, Chief Okoh who also recognized Vivian was in shock, he couldn’t utter a word as everything happened so fast. Even as Vivian was being rushed to a nearby hospital, Chief Okoh was lost in a deep thought. He couldn’t wrap his head around the fact that his son wants to marry his baby mama and worst she is pregnant with Martin’s child.

“I hope my secret will not be exposed, my wife and son should not find out that Vivian was once my lover and that we have a son together” The old man thought.
That thought alone blew and threw the old man off balance.

In few hours, Vivian regained consciousness but still she was in a state of shock and confusion. As soon as Martin heard that his Fiancee was awake, he ran to her.

“my love, I’m so happy to see you awake, how are you feeling now? ” Martin happily asked as he hugged her. “My love, you look scared and worried, what’s up? Please talk to me” he continued and Vivian tried to comport herself “I’m fine, its… just that … I feel very weak and dizzy” she replied.

Martin’s mother was so relieved when the doctor announced that Vivian and her unborn child were safe.
“But I would suggest, she gets enough rest, and avoid stress” the doctor had told Martin’s mother.
The next day, Vivian was discharged from the hospital.

Few days after, Martin who was unaware of what was going on, continued with his wedding plans, the thought of settling down with Vivian gladdens his heart but soon he noticed that ever since Vivian fainted in his parent’s house that she was always cold and quiet around him.

One-day when Martin visited Vivian, he questioned her.
“My love, you are no longer excited about our upcoming wedding, whenever I mention our wedding plans, you always withdraw yourself from the plans or most times you will be so quiet, tell me what’s going on?” Martin had asked.
“It’s nothing, I guess it’s the pregnancy” Vivian entered calmly, she felt so miserable for lying to Martin
“how can I bring myself to reveal that Martin and Eric my son are step brothers…. Oh my God, what will I do?” Vivian had thought.

Martin who wasn’t satisfied with Vivian’s response, tried to get more words from her but at that same time, his phone rang. Immediately he noticed that the caller was his mother, he quickly took the call.
“My son, I want you to come over right now’ Martin’s mother said at the other end of the phone.

Martin didn’t continue his discussion with Vivian, instead he hugged her and bid her goodbye.
“My love, I have to go now, I will call you later, I’m off to my parent’s house, something came up”Martin said calmly before heading to his car.

To Be Continued…. . . .

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