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Episode 06.

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Few weeks after, Martin was ready to introduce Vivian to his parents.
The greatest thing any man could ever do for any woman he claim he love is to introduce her to his family. That single move really brought pure gladness to Vivian’s heart.

At the same time, it was emotional for her because no man had ever been that committed to her, It was indeed a thing of joy for Vivian! All through the ride to Martin’s parent’s house, Vivian was speechless.
“my love, you aren’t saying anything” Martin questioned, “Oh so sorry my love, I was just caught up in the moment” she responded, “so what would it be, are you sure your parents would like me ? What if they dont?” Vivian added nervously.

Martin chuckled and kissed her.
“Relax my love, my parents are so loving and kind, they will love you, infact who won’t love an angel like you?” Martin said softly and Vivian blushed because of how special Martin was making her feel.

“Ok, I’ll trust you” Vivian said, “lets go meet my would be inlaws, Honestly, I’m kind of happy Because I love you so much and I can’t wait to be called your wife” She added.
Vivian’s sweet words made Martin very happy. He professed his undying love too and told her that it would only take few hours to get to his parents house.

Vivian couldn’t control the big smile on her face. She rolled her eyes in excitement and her heart jumped for joy. Martin will kiss her every time he saw her smiling.
Vivian was overwhelmed with the thought of meeting Martin’s parents. “Lord, please I want them to like me” she had prayed within.

For a moment, it was just obvious that Vivian and Martin loved themselves so much, Vivian knew that Martin was the best thing that has happened to her in a while as he gave her a certain kind of peace and happiness, that no money in the world will ever bring.

No doubts, Martin was a cool catch because he was very successful. There was no area of Martin’s life that he was failing in, he was a successful young man.
Martin and Vivian complemented each other very well.


The love birds stole glance at each other, Martin will rub Vivian’s stomach intervally. “We will call him King Andre” Martin finally uttered
“and who told you that he would be a boy? ….I want a girl” Vivian entered jokingly and they smiled.

Few hours later, When they arrived to their destination, the first person Vivian’s eyes set on was Martin’s mother, she had been expecting them all morning.
“Mom, I miss you so much” Martin greeted as he quickly got down from the car to give his mom a warm hug
“Welcome son” Martin’s mother greeted and then she turned to Vivian,
“is she our Vivian?” The woman entered and Martin nodded in smiles.

Martin’s mother welcomed Vivian with a warm hug. “I have heard so much about you… you are welcome my daughter, let’s go in” the woman added and held Vivian’s left hand as they walked inside. It’s was obvious that Martin’s parent were wealthy because everything in their home spoke of wealth.

Martin’s mother was a good woman and so hospitable, she made sure Vivian felt comfortable and entertained.
“Vivian My darling, Where are you from?” Martin’s mother had asked and she replied calmly. Martin sat in pure excitement. It was obvious that his mother liked Vivian.
They all chatted for while, untill Martin’s mother revealed why Martin’s father was not there.
“Martin, your father left for Abuja this morning, for a important work” Martin’s mother revealed
“Yes, Dad told me but we were already on our way” Martin entered.

When Martin revealed to his mother that Vivian was three months pregnant, the woman was so excited.
“Really? That’s good to know, so I’m going to be a grand mother soon?”Martin’s mother entered.
“Mom, our wedding will happen in February that’s one month from today, before the pregnancy begins to show, I have met Vivian’s mom and siblings and I want you and Dad to accompany me, to meet her paternal uncle, so we can finalize the wedding plans” Martin said calmly and his mother agreed with him as it’s was more obvious that she had accepted Vivian into her family.

The woman encouraged her son to speed up the whole process.
” I am so happy and I know your father will be happy too when he hears the good news… We are going to be grand parents, Vivian you are welcome to my family, you are my daughter now.” The woman entered in smiles.
Vivian was so elated to know that Martin’s mother liked her immediately.


Finally, Vivian and Martin were set to go, Before they left, they promised to visit again.
“Mom, We will come Around by next week Friday, so dad will meet Vivian,” Martin concluded and his mother nodded in agreement.

To Be Continued….  . . .

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