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Episode 05.

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Six months later, one cool Sunday evening, Martin finally proposed to Vivian and she gladly accepted. The two love birds went out to celebrate at a very classic bar, where different kind of drinks were sold.
Out of excitement, they ordered both alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks to celebrate their engagement, and at the end of that date, they both ended up drunk.

The next morning, Vivian was so shocked to wake up naked beside Martin. One stare, Vivian knew they were in Martin’s bed room. It was obvious that they had sex all through the night. Vivian who was so disappointed with herself, tried to remember what had happened last night.

She remembered that when they left the bar drunk as they were heading home, Martin almost lost control of the car due his drunken state. Out of fear, They decided to park the car at the bar and they ordered for a cab, that drove them down to Martin’s house, where she spent the night.

Few weeks later, Something happened, Vivian was so shocked when she found out that she was expecting Martin’s child.
When she told her mother about the pregnancy, the old woman was disappointed in her again.
“Not again, how could you allow this to happen? I thought you wanted to do things right, why didn’t you wait till your wedding night, what will happen if Martin decide to leave now? You are so foolish” Vivian’s mother said at once.

“Mom, Martin will not leave me not now or ever, he had proposed to me and he loves me so much…we are engaged..he is with me forever” Vivian entered even though she was so scared too.
“You are sounding like a child, I’m so disappointed in you” Vivian’s mother added and walked away in anger.

For weeks, Vivian was too scared to inform Martin about the pregnancy.
“What if he leaves? What if my mother was right, oh God please I know I have sinned again but please Lord do not forsake me. I don’t want to be a single parent of two children. Please let the love Martin feels for me be true like he claimed” Vivian thought.

Vivian who couldn’t hide the truth from Martin any longer, decided to open up.
One day, She was lost in her thought, when her phone rang.
Lo and behold the call was from Martin. Vivian picked up nervously.
“Hey my love, how are you?” Martin greeted warmly.
“Martin I’m not fine, I’m scared….. I’m terrified” Vivian entered in tears.
“My love, what happened? Please talk to me, it’s been a while, are you okay?” Martin added.

Vivian lost her voice as she couldn’t utter a word, she was just crying over the phone, Martin hanged up and that broke Vivian’s heart the more.
An hour later, Vivian was shocked to see Martin in her house, she ran into his arms and they hugged each other so tightly. When Martin saw that Vivian was calm and was in her right frame of mind.
He asked “My love, can you tell me why you were scared? For weeks you refused to take my calls… What have I done?”

Vivian was mute for a while and when she noticed that Martin couldn’t bear her silence, she finally revealed that she was pregnant with his child.
“What?” Martin exclaimed. It was obvious that he was shocked as it shown clearly in his face and in his voice.
“I know that you don’t love me, the love you claim you have for me is fake even the marriage proposal right?” Vivian threw in.

“My love what are you saying, I love you and I want to marry you, I’m just shocked because I didn’t see that coming, we only made love once…..we were both drunk remember and I never thought you will end up pregnant but I swear I love you and I want our child. We have to fix a date for our wedding but first I will have to introduce you to my family. Please don’t ever doubt my love, I love you” Martin entered calmly.

Vivian hugged him with tears falling from her eyes.
“I’m sorry please forgive me” she said. Martin kissed her so passionately and reassured her of his undying love.

To Be Continued…. . .. .

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