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Episode 04.

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Vivian was so excited as Martin spoke at the other end of the phone. They exchanged warm greetings and chatted for a while.
“I went on a business trip… was an emergency trip.. i travelled for some important deals, I was so busy, meetings here and there…but you were always on my mind …” Martin revealed “Vivian, you didn’t call me not even once” he added. “I’m so sorry, I was busy as well but…. you were always in my thoughts as well” she replied. Martin smiled and said
“Really? I’m glad to hear that because ever since I met you, you have always been on my mind, I can’t wait to see you again”

Vivian was so excited to know that Martin was also thinking about her, the whole time but she tried her best to comport herself on the phone.
“Vivian, you’re not saying anything, are you still there?” Martin asked again after he figured she was mute.

” Martin, I appreciate your help the other day and I’m sorry that I didn’t call you not even once” Vivian finally said.
“It’s okay Vivian, I want to see you again, that’s if you don’t mind, there’s something I want to discuss with you” Martin said calmly.
“I hope there’s no problem, please tell me” Vivian uttered
“I think that discussion will be more interesting if it’s done over a cup of coffee or During lunch….Please, Let’s meet up and talk, or what do you think?” Martin added.

But Vivian didn’t say a word, she was Just excited within.
“Did he just ask me out on a date?” Vivian thought
“Vivian, I really want to see you… Please let’s meet up at noon” Martin continued

Vivian and Martin finally agreed to meet up that same day at a very popular restaurant before they said their ‘goodbyes’ and ended the call.

At noon, Vivian headed towards the restaurant to meet up with Martin excitedly. In no time, she arrived and walked straight into the restaurant, She was pleased to see Martin waiting for her. After exchanging a friendly hug, they sat down, talked for a while, they ordered for a meal and the meal was served, they ate together like one happy couple.

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After having the meal, Vivian’s heart raced as Martin officially asked her out and she gave in without hesitation.
“Martin, i like you too but please let’s take things slow, so we could know each other better” Vivian entered
And Martin agreed, just like Vivian, he had also experienced many heart breaks and disappointments from his past relationships and he was hoping that his new relationship with Vivian will be different. They promised to be transparent with each other and to tell one another the truth at all time.

After that day, Vivian and Martin went on many dates, their relationship was so beautiful, They were so into each other.
Some months later, Vivian introduced him to her family and of course, Martin met her son, Eric. In no time Martin became so fond of the little boy. Vivian was so excited to finally find someone one who was attached to her son.

With Martin by Vivian’s side, she felt fulfilled and she was ready to go for her dreams. Time went bye so quickly as Vivian graduated from the medical school, she pursued her medical career and her mother gradually became so proud of her.
The woman was so excited to see her daughter happy with herself.

“I can see how much your life had improved ever since Martin came in to your life, he is an angel, his kind is rare. I can’t Still believe he stayed after you told him you have a son” Vivian’s mother had said. Vivian smiled and her mother continued
“I have noticed how close he is with Eric, my grand son… they love each other…. Well it’s a good thing that Martin loves my grand son, and I pray your relationship with him leads to marriage… Come to think of it… my daughter have you been intimate with him? You know… have you slept with him?” Vivian’s mother asked .
“Mom….. No.. he wants to… But…. Mom why did you ask?” Vivian responded half shyly.

“Nothing oh…. I just want to know” Vivian’s mother continued.
“Mom…. You just want to know? Mom?” Vivian added half shyly.
“Martin is a good young man but nevertheless you should wait after marriage, I believe it’s because you did the right thing this time that’s why he is still here, men don’t appreciate loosed women” Vivian’s mother added.

“Mom, I don’t think so, I have a son already and any man could easily tell that I was loosed because I had sex before I got pregnant and had Eric, I’m not proud of the kind of life I lived, but I guess God is giving me a second chance ” Vivian entered in tears
“You are right my child, don’t cry, it’s okay my daughter, you are not a loose woman just because you had Eric, it was circumstances that led you into the hands of chief Okoh, the good part of this story is that you have a lovely son and you have a man who loves you now. Please don’t live in the past, move forward and fulfill your destiny” Vivian’s mother concluded.


To Be Continued…. . . .

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