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Episode 03.

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By just looking at Martin, Vivian could suddenly tell that he was special and different from every other guy she had met in the past. Even though she had just met Martin and they had spent just 3 hours waiting for the Mechanic to fix the car, Vivian felt something for him, and her feelings weren’t fake or forced because she felt that Martin was genuine and a real deal.

Vivian didn’t need a seer to tell her that Martin was an angel in human form. His voice and words were calm and peaceful and it was obvious that he was a rich kid that was well brought up. There was just something special about his eyes and the way he smiled; and when he asked for Vivian’s name and phone number, she gave out her name and phone number without hesitating.

interestingly, Martin was quite interested to know more about Vivian and probably to see her again. Which is why he requested for her name and phone number. “Where do you live?” Martin curiously enquired and Vivian was shocked with the fact that she gave out her exact location to a total stranger.

The conversation they were having seemed to be giving Martin a great joy, that he didn’t want it to end but finally they parted ways as Martin promised to call her.
All through the drive home, Vivian thought of the calm and peaceful words that proceeded out of Martin’s mouth. Vivian was surprised deep down in her heart because no man has ever touched her heart like that before.
“No man has ever given me such good vibes, he treated me with so much respect, I feel like I have known him for a long time!” Vivian thought

In no time, Vivian arrived home and as she walked into the kitchen to get something to eat, her phone rang. It was an unknown number and Vivian reluctantly picked up.
“Hello Vivian, are you home now?” A voice said at the other end of the phone.

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Vivian doesn’t need a soothsayer to tell her that the caller was Martin.
“Hey Martin, yes I’m home now” Vivian replied half shyly.
Vivian was so happy that Martin called her as the phone call actually made an impact and gave her the impression that Martin liked her too.
For the first time in her life, Vivian felt special and wanted, they talked for a while, Vivian gladly thanked him once again for been far too kind. And finally they ended the call but with no schedule to meet or see each other again.

But after the phone call, Vivian was so elated as she saved Martin’s phone number instantly. It was obvious that she had fallen for him. But when Vivian remembered how many times she had experience heartbreak, the thought brought tears to her eyes because no man has ever been serious with her.

Vivian suddenly became emotional and she decided not to make the same mistakes she had made in her previous relationships.
“I always fell for useless guys so easily, but why do I feel that Martin is different….. And why I’m I thinking about him when he hadn’t said anything to me, for Christ’s sake, we met each other today and why I’m I going crazy?” Vivian thought.

Vivian tried getting Martin out of her mind but the more she tried not to, the more she just couldn’t stop thinking of Martin and all the different way he made her feel in just one day of their meeting. As she wallowed in thoughts, one thing was clear and it was the fact that Martin was different from all the men she had ever been with. Every thought of Martin brought smiles to her face and she wished those happy feelings lasted forever.

Two weeks had passed and Martin didn’t call Vivian again. Vivian felt so dejected. “Maybe the feeling was not mutual, well I appreciate his kindness, I can’t forget how he waited for a whole 3 hours, he waited till my car was fixed and he also paid for the service. Oh what a nice guy” Vivian thought.

One morning, Vivian woke up in the wrong side of the bed, she was so angry, frustrated and confused.
Just as She was lost in thoughts, she was brought back to reality when her phone rang. One look at her screen and her heart suddenly jumped for joy.
She picked up the call and the voice she heard brought smiles to her face.
“Hey Martin” She greeted.


To Be Continued…. . . .

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