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10 Best Whiteboard Video Makers for Creators



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Did you know that a whiteboard has been around since 2009? Although it seems like it has been around for years, this piece of equipment has been around for only eleven years. Before 2009, there was nothing as effective as a whiteboard for video animation. In 2009, whiteboards became quite popular on YouTube, which was the beginning of a revolution for the video animation industry. Nowadays, the industry has taken things up a notch and has produced hundreds of unique and different software kinds that are best used for commercial purposes. If you are wondering what are some of the best whiteboard video makers out there and currently on the market, keep on reading! Here, we will review some of the best ones.

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1.‍ Mango Animate

Mango Animate has developed and launched an easy-to-use but powerful whiteboard video maker which is simple yet efficient! You will need no technical skills or coding background in order to use it. Aside from their pre-built templates, you will also enjoy lively animation effects as well as access to thousands of pre-made characters and SVG images. You can even record your own custom voiceover audio easily and directly through Mango WM. Make sure to engage with your audience by applying their 3D characters, and sharing your creations in 6 different formats!

2. Videoscribe

Videoscribe is quite easy to use and it is a versatile free whiteboard software. Most people love it because of its friendly user interface, and it is quite easy to use by beginners as well as experts. By using it and creating your animations you will enjoy its timeline which divides everything into a block system. There is also its practical drag and drop feature, which is quite easy to use. Use its library and browse through different elements when making your presentation.

3. Adobe Animate CC

Adobe Animate CC is quite popular and an often go-to in the animation industry by different kinds of people. Most people love it since it is very professional and it creates high-quality videos thanks to its amazing resolution and incredible software. You won’t need any additional software in order to start and use Adobe Animate CC. Just make sure to have patience since Adobe CC will take some trials and errors to master.

4. Explaindio

With Explaindio, you can create different cartoons and enjoy loads of unique animations. It has amazing software that allows you to customize and create your own videos per your preference, with just a couple of clicks! You can also explore their GIFs and create images that you can easily convert into a whiteboard video. It is a bit difficult to use if you are a beginner, and it is not a free software, so heads up before you make your mind or your purchase.

5. Powtoon

This is not the most-known solution, but it is another free software! Powtoon is another online tool that runs on flash. You will like it because of its elements that are super easy to use while being practical and straightforward. There is one downside to Powtoon, and that is that you have to reuse its features over and over again, which means that you can’t create as unique or different animations in the long run. This may work for some simpler projects, as well as first-time users.

6.‍ TTS Sketch Maker

If you need the text-to-speech function and you want a highly-functional software, you will like this one. You will enjoy its voiceover feature since it is different than anything else. People like it because it is programmed to read the script at any given point, with a human voice. There is also an easy navigation feature which means that you won’t make loads of errors.

7.‍ VideoMakerFX

VideoMakerFX is one of the most known and is the best animation software that everyone has used at least once in their life. Loads of people love it due to its premade templates that are super handy to use. There is also an amazing copyright-free audio file feature. Once done with your creation, you can easily preview your video before rendering it, which is practical if you wish to rearrange some things at the last minute.

8. Doodly

Doodly has a practical whiteboard animation software that you can use to create different animations. It is a semi-complicated software that has different animations and elements in its library. People prefer it because it has its practical drag and drop feature, therefore you won’t struggle a lot with some edits or adjustments. The name ”Doodly” is quite smart since this software allows you to create some elements on your own, thanks to their doodling technology.

9. Animaker

This is something that will suit beginners since Animaker is an online tool that is easily accessible. All it requires is flash in order to perform. You will like it because of its practical built-in library where’ you can browse through and use loads of different files or media in order to create an amazing video. You will also enjoy uploading everything from your local hard drive. If you are in a rush and you need something quick and easy, Animaker is definitely it.

10. Moovly

Last, but not least, you can go with Moovly. It is a web-based explainer animation that will allow you to understand and create everything in a matter of minutes. Yet again, you will like its drag and drop feature. There are loads of different video templates that will help you create an animated video quickly + just know that it is not a complicated software, but it is not the most common go-to either.

Which one is our favorite?

So, ready to make your purchase? Our ultimate winner has to be the Mango Animate Whiteboard Animation Maker. It is fast, easy to use, reliable, as well as filled with different and unique features! You can use it after making a one-time payment, or you can test it out for free! You will enjoy its pre-built templates, as well as amazing and lively animation effects.

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