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Episode 28. (Last Episode)

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Later on , the two lovers traveled back to their various institutions to continue their studies each with the zeal to graduate with the flying colours…

Daniel on the other hand had given up his promiscuous life style…
Well, who wouldn’t do such???…
Nma is truely blessed with beauty..

**** 4years later ****

They both graduated from the university …
Both as a certified Economists..
That has always been Daniel’s dream and his girlfriend choose that path too because she wanted to be like him too..
What an irony

” Esther ..
Just help me and look after Jerry..
He has been crying too much since today..
That boy won’t kill me before my time… ”

Christine said..
Handing her two year old son to Esther..
Well she’s married already to her heartthrob … A White man actually..
They met after she went back to the state with her father..
Now things is finally falling into places..
Esther too is already a married woman with kids..
And today..
They’re organising a welcome/graduation party for Daniel and his girl..

” shush..
Mommy will be with you okay?..
Come with me ”
Esther hushed the crying jerry as she took her out of her mother’s sight..

” is everything ready? ”
Chief okoye’s tired voice echoed round the house..

” yes Dad..
We are almost through”

Nma said grinning widely as she walked closer to him.
Giving him a hug..
She’s becoming more beautiful …

” oh..
My daughter ..
You should be resting ..
Don’t stress your self..”

He cooed happily..

” Dad am okay..
Am not complaining either..
After all its our party too”

” yes my daughter..
Daniel called and he’s already at the airport..
I will go and pick him up ”

” alright Dad..
I can’t wait to see him after all these years.. ”
She said dreamily ..

” yes I know..
Just go home now..
Remember the plan..
He shouldn’t set his eyes on you till the party starts in the evening..”
He said and walked out of the mansion..

Nma giggled childishly..
Her sweetheart is finally back..
The smiles on her face at that moment was priceless..

She couldn’t wait to see him…
Oh she couldn’t wait !..

“What is she even saying ?”
Her mind scoffed..

” yeah.
You can mock me all you want..
I don’t care..”
She said with priceless smiles spreading all over her pretty face..

” hmmm..
I smell wedding rice and I can hear wedding bells ringing ..
Oh Nma..
You guys should get married already”
Christine’s voice jolted her back to reality..
She couldn’t help the blush that crept to her face at that moment..

” yes..
She’s right ”
Esther childed ..

” well it all depends on…”
Her phone rang and she swiped the receiver button..


” mommy..”

” get back at home now Chidinma..
Its been 2days since you left this house..
You’re not even married yet..
Don’t let me drag you back with cane ooo..
Last warning chidinma”
Mama yelled ending the call without giving her any chance to talk..

” I have to go..
See you guys at the party..”

She announced hurrying out of the house..
Mama will definitely kill her..

6hours later
(At the party)

Daniel stood with his father with a glass of wine on his hand..
He wore white texudo suits and glittering diamond necklace and earrings that sparkles …
He’s the really definition of prince charming waiting already for his Cinderella…
He occasionally glances at the door looking for any sign of chidinma but there was none..
He grew impatient at some point..
And he’s father wouldn’t get tired of talking bullshit with his business associates in the name of making acquaintance with them
He scoffed ..
Such a show-off

Just then his 3 sisters came and drag him away or better still rescues him from the boring talks..

” is she here already? ”
He asked anxiously.

” no but she will be here soon”

Just then he sighted her walking nervously towards them..
For some minutes, he thought he was really seeing a mermaid..
Hell no!!!..
The Lady before him is gorgeously beautiful..
Clad in white strapless dress that hung tightly on her body revealing her curves..
His jaws dropped as she stopped before him..

” hi Dan”
She greeted nervously but the next thing he did nearly made her heart beat go wild…
He pulled her to him and kissed her ..
She was so embarrassed ..
She has never kissed in public ..

As if that’s not enough , he broke the kiss and pulled her to the stage..

” attention please..”
He said and all eyes was focused on them..
She was so shy..

” ladies and gentlemen..
Thank you all for making it to this party tonight..
Am honoured..”

He paused earning an ovation from the audience..
He couldn’t help his smiles..
Unlike Nma , he loves attention..

” from the beginning..
It was rough..
I wanted to give up but you know the Okoye’s doesn’t give up easily..
I want to say a very Big thank you to my father , my sisters , my best friend and of course the beautiful lady beside me who’s already my girlfriend ”

Nma’s cheek heats up with blushes immediately..

” she has been there for me..
Yeah I know it has not been all rosy..
We had our fights , break ups and the rest of them..
There was a time I wanted to give up on you but thank God I didn’t cos it would have been the biggest mistake ever in my life..

Chidinma I want to say a very big thank you for coming into my life..
Thank you for not giving up on me..
And thank you for loving me unconditionally …


I have thought about it and I want to take this relationship to the next level”

He dipped his hand into his breast pocket and brought out a beautiful round tiny box..

We went down on his knees and opened the box revealing a beautiful diamond ring..
Her heart beat rose..
God !!!…
Is this a dream!..

” before our family and friends..
Chidinma precious odunze will you be my wife and the mother of my kids?”. .
He asked staring deeply into her eyes..
Her eyes welled up with tears..
Remembering all they had passed through..
She searched around and her eyes met with her mother’s..
She nodded at her giving her a go ahead order..

” my love..
Please say yes and I will make you the most happiest woman on earth”

Daniel said desperately..

” yes baby..
I will marry you”..

She said with tears streaming down her cheeks..
He slipped the ring on her fingers and stood on his feet..
Hugging her passionately amidst shouts and claps from everyone..
She had indeed made him a fulfilled man.

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