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Episode 26.

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“I think I have to go now ..
Its getting late already..
Send my regards to your mother”

Daniel said after they disengaged from the hug
If they continue at this rate, he might end up having her right inside his car which he’s not ready for..
At least not now..

” but you just came..
Stay a little more..”
She said pouting her lips..

” yeah I know that ..
I will still come back tomorrow..
I didn’t tell anybody where I was going.. ”

” am going back to school tomorrow..
I guess maybe you don’t want to spend time with me..
Its been a year Daniel..
Don’t you miss me at all ?”

” of course I did missed you..
If I didn’t, you wouldn’t have seen me here..
Just suspend your travel tomorrow..
I need to see your mother too..”

He said ..
Just then his phone beeped ..
It was his father calling..

” yes Dad..
Am on my way..”

He said and ended the call..
He sighed defeatedly ..

” its not my fault..
They want me back in the house..
Its almost 7″

” yeah..
I get it..
You can go ..
No one is stopping you”
She added with an eye roll..

Daniel couldn’t help his smiles..
He drew her closer to him..

” don’t be sad..
You know you have built a permanent tent in my heart..
Nobody will take your place okay ?”

” okay ”
She said ..

” good girl..
Where did you say that your mom went to? ”
He asked trying to ease the tension between them..

” meeting..
You know how these women and Sunday meetings..
But she will be back very soon”
She answered with a shrug..

” tell her I said ‘Hi’..
I have to go..
Good night ”
He released her waist and opened the car door..

” yeah ..
Good night ”
She said and he hopped inside the car but on a second thought, he stepped out again..

” did you forget something..? ”
She asked puzzled at his behavior..

” yeah..
I forgot to do this ”
He leaned closer and gave her a short kiss..

” good night my love..
Dream about me ”
He said and finally started the car..
Driving out in high speed..

” be careful and drive carefully ”
She yelled after him but he was already gone speeding through the high way..

She touched her lips..
It was moist and warm ..
Her smiles knew no bounds…

” yes!!!..”
She screamed twirling around in happiness..

” finally he came back to me..”
She sing-songed happily..

” who came back for you?”
Her mother tender voice rang out in her ears startling her..
She turned around beaming with smiles.

” oh mama..
You won’t believe who was here earlier this evening..”

” was it onyinye ?”
She queried handing Nma her handbag..

” no.
It was Daniel ”
She said and mama’s face dropped instantly..


” what’s he doing here after everything he has done to you?”
She asked angrily.

” mommy..
He’s sorry and I have forgiven him”

” well..
I have not forgiven him either..
He betrayed the trust I have for him..
I don’t want to ever see him again with you..”
She barked and Nma couldn’t help her tears.
” and why is this clothes on the floor..
The clothes you washed since morning..
Chidinma precious Odunze ..
Don’t get on my bad side this night..
Biko before I do something rash”

She said and picked the clothes, marching inside the house angrily like a wounded soldier..

” mommy please don’t do this to me..
I love him so much ”
She cried helplessly after her mother…

Daniel went home feeling so happy and fulfilled..
He has finally made peace with the love of his life.
What could be more sweeter than that?..

He hummed happily as he entered the mansion and met the entire family seated and having dinner including Christine and his father..

Yeah, they’re still friends..
Christine had convinced her father not to force her into loveless marriage with Daniel ..
Not that she doesn’t love him anymore, she just have to let go to keep her best friend happy..
That’s what friends does for each other..
She doesn’t want to ruin his life ..
And her father perfectly understood her..
He’s glad that his little girl has changed for good..

They all paused , staring at Daniel as if he had gone insane..

” evening all”
He greeted heading upstairs without sparing them a glance..

Sandra just shrugged and kept feeding her todler son..

” I think they have made up”
Christine whispered to Esther ..
She’s Daniel immediate younger sister while Annabel just got married..
He has the most beautiful sisters ever..

” who and who?”
Esther asked puzzled..

” Daniel and his girlfriend..
Girl you need to see this angel..
So beautiful.. More than a mermaid ”
Christine said chewing her meat..

” wow..
I can’t wait to see her and.. ”

” manners ladies.
You guys should stop talking while eating ”
Chief Okoye glowered obviously pissed off by their little gossips..

” sorry Dad..”
They both chorused..

” sorry for your selves..
And where the hell is Daniel? ”

“Am here Dad..
What do we have for Dinner?”
He asked taking his seat next to his father and opening an empty place before him..

” I will serve you”
Nanny Grace said , standing up from her seat..

” don’t worry ..
I will serve myself.. ”
He smiled to the amazement of all..
He’s so cheerful today..

‘Whoever that made him like this did a very wonderful job’

His father marveled…

After dinner…
He went straight to his room and locked the door..

He knew that his sisters and his nosy best friend wouldn’t let him rest ..

He’s just tired of them trying to play detective in his private life..

” so much more for having troublesome sisters”
He muttered and layed on his bed..

He let his mind wander to the beautiful moments he shared with Nma especially this evening..
He couldn’t help the blushes that crept to his cheeks..
Just then a heavy knock landed on his door bringing him out of his fantasy..

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” who’s that?”

he groaned..

” its us..
Sandra , Esther and Christine
Let us in”
Christine’s mischievous voice rang out from the other end..

” what do you want ?”
He asked not making an effort to get up from the bed..

” we need to talk Danny..
For old time sake ..
Don’t you miss your sisters ?”
It was Esther speaking this time..

” no ..
I don’t want trouble this night..
We shall all talk tomorrow cos I know that Christine must have said something..
I will bring her over tomorrow to satisfy your curiosity..
Good night all ”

He said and grabbed his pillow covering his ears..

“Chukwuemeka ”
Sandra yelled kicking the door ..
But it all fell on deaf ears..
They angrily went away..

” busy bodies.. ”
He muttered amused at their little effort to trouble ..

He picked his phone to call Nma but he sighed in frustration when he remembered that he doesn’t have her contact..

” it was so stupid of me not to have your contact..
I really wants to hear your voice ”
He sighed heavily and closed his eyes..
Bring his mind to focus on the only woman that made his heart jingles..

His goddess..
His lover..
His girlfriend and perhaps his wife to be..
The mere thought of her being his wife takes his breathe away..
He just couldn’t wait any longer.

To Be Continued….. . . . .

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