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Episode 24.

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The following morning after she’s through with her breakfast, she got ready to embark on the most important journey that determines her future..
Mama came to her room and saw her combing her long thick hair..
She has refused to plait the hair ..
” I don’t know the reason why you’re so stubborn..
Plait your hair…
You refused ..
What’s wrong with you young lady “
Mama queried..
She chuckled at the sense of her humor..
” mommy.
Am okay with it..
Stop pushing it abeg”
” I hear you miss graduation “
Mama added sacarstically and Nma bursts into an uncontrollable laughter..
” mama..
Its not graduation but graduate..
Stop disgracing me abeg”
” whatever..
Onyenkuzi “
She said ..
(Onyenkuzi is an Igbo word which means teacher “
” it’s okay mama..
I will be leaving now and guess I will be back on Saturday to see my beautiful mother “
She said and oh gracious..
The smiles on mama’s face was priceless at that moment..
” yes you’re right..
Today is Tuesday and I will expecting you very soon ..
Go and make me proud ..
But …”
Her voice broke ..
Mama sniffed , using the edge of her wrapper to wipe a tear that’s threatening to escape her eyes..
Nma noticed her change of mood and moved closer to her..
” mama..
Its okay..
I get it..
You will miss me and I swear I have already started missing you..
I will be fine okay?”
She assured
” okay my daughter..
Take care of your self for me “
She let out a warming smile , hugging her as if she would soon disappear forever..
It only by the grace of God that she’s able to resist sexual advances from her fellow male students..
She’s certainly a chick in the boys eyes..
Anytime they approached her, she would humbly turn them down in a way that they wouldn’t think of hurting her..
That’s one thing she had learned from her mother..
And besides the love she has for Daniel wouldn’t let her to be with anyone else..
At times, she keeps on wondering how he’s faring..
Does he still think about her?..
Is he missing her like she does?..
Certainly, nothing would ever make her to love another.
Daniel is her life ..
Daniel decided to return to Nigeria on Thursday the same week instead of Friday..
His immediate Elder sisters wedding is on Saturday and he wouldn’t want to miss of it..
Nanny Grace was so happy when he arrived..
Christine was more excited ..
Its been a year since he traveled and the whole family couldn’t hide their excitement..
” so Danny ..
What about your hearthrob ?”
Christine winked..
” who please?’
Sandra his eldest sister asked ..
She’s already married with kids..
” his girlfriend “
Christine laughed
” just shut up you nitwit “
He rebuked and they laughed..
At that Moment, his mind drifted to Nma..
He surely misses her and maybe he will pay her a friendly visit..
On Sunday evening, after the wedding he payed her a surprised visit..
She was packing out the washed clothes when she sighted a flashy car drove into her compound..
Who could it be?
She wondered as she stared anxiously at the car..
The car opened and to her surprise , she saw Daniel walked majestically out of the car..
Oh my God!!!..
Is this for real ?”
Her inner mind screamed.
It took all her will power for her not to ran into his arms..
He looks so breath taking..
She stood speechlessly watching him until he came closer..
The clothes she was holding dropped to the ground..
The first thing he did sent goose bumps to her body..
He threw his arms around her and embraced her tightly..
Whispering the words..

” I missed you so much my angel”.

To Be Continued….. . . .

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