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Episode 23.

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Days flew to weeks and weeks to months..
No news about Daniel was heard..
It seems he has forgotten everything about her ..
Nma had cried till her tears ran dry …
Missing him terribly and desperately wanting to be with him but anytime she tries his line , it goes straight to voicemail..

She sat on her bed in a deep thought..
Well today made it exactly one year since he left and sadly enough..
She will be saying bye-bye to her dear room.
Remembering their moments together in that room, she sighed..

” still thinking about him?”
She heard her mother’s voice waking her up from ocean of thoughts..

” what can I do mama?..
I still miss him ma..
I love him so much”

Her voice shook ..

” its okay my daughter..
Now that you have gotten admission..
It will give you time and space to forget him and focuse on your future… ”
Mama said as she placed her palms on her cheeks wiping tears..

She sobbed louder as mama wiped her cheeks, no matter how much she tries , she can’t seems to forget him..

After he left , she spent the rest of the year wallowing in pain ..
Refusing to adhere to the advice of mama to go out and create meaning in her life..

Life is nothing without Daniel..
She isolated herself from everyone except Onyinye ..
Onyinye too herself had gotten married which gave her no option than to listen to her mother..

She picked jamb form and as fate would have it , she got admission to read Economics..
Though her dream course was medicine but she changed it because Daniel wanted to read Economics..

What kept her going this far was the love she has for him..

” mummy I don’t think I will ever forget him..”
She cried the more..

” its okay .
If you both are destined to be together, nobody can separate you both..
Now clean your tears and eat.
You have a long journey tomorrow..
Always be a good girl”
Mama said with smiles.

” thanks so much mummy..
You’re the best..
I love you so much ”
She let out a warmly smile which had been rare these days..

“I love you too daughter..
Let’s I forget..
Onyinye said I should greet you..
She’s expecting a child very soon..
I saw her mother at the market today ..
And she broke the good news to me..”
Mama laughed..

” wow..
All thanks to God..
I wish her safe delivery ”
She said..

” yes my daughter..
That’s what we all prays for..
But.. ”

” but what mama?”
She queried eyeing her mother suspiciously…

” it remains you”
Mama added with mischievous smiles..

” mama..”

” stop mama-ring …me biko..
I always speak the truth ”

” oya Mrs speaker..
Continue.. ”
Nma said and mama couldn’t help her laughter..
Looking at her daughter, she felt so fulfilled as a mother..

He roughly pushed her on the bed taking her in a rough sensual kiss..
Kissing her as if his life depends on it..
He reached for her bra and unclasped it..
Squeezing it softly , his phone rang interrupting the hot romance..

” yes dad ”
He pants ..

” how are you son?”
The husky voice of his father came at other end..
He controlled himself from hissing..
Is this the only reason why he interrupted his moments with one of his flings ?..

” am good dad..
Any news?”
He queried..

” son ..
Your sister is getting married this weekend ..
Aren’t you concerned about it?”
He fired.

” dad please..
Don’t make this hard for both of us..
I will come back on Friday..
Just take care of your old self .
Have a nice day..”
He said and hung up..

” your dad?”
She asked with a seductive smile.

” stay out this bitch”
He said and spanked her butt..

” back to business..”
He smirked and continued the romance.

To Be Continued….. . . . 

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