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Episode 20.

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It has started raining heavily by the time he reached home ..
He stepped out of the car and ran inside the mansion almost getting drenched by the rain…
He pressed the door bell repeatedly, his teeth clattering in cold..
The door opened revealing his Nanny..
She felt so relief when she saw him and remembering the incident earlier ..
She sighed …
She must warn him to be careful of that wolf in sheep clothing he called a best friend…
Christine is not who she claims to be..
What made her to change so badly ..
Wonders shall never cease to end ..
” Good evening Nanny ”
He greeted her jolting her to reality…
” Evening son..
You’re late .
How was your Exam?”
She asked stepping aside ..
He walked in and she followed suit..
” it was good..
Is my Dad back already? ”

He asked heading upstairs to his room in order to change his almost wet uniform..
” yes..
They’re already having dinner”
She said making him to stop looking at his wrist watch ..
He gasped silently..
7:30 pm … He’s really late
He hurried towards the dining and met all seated calmly ..
” Evening all..
I will join you guys later”
He announced and hurried upstairs…
Christine scoffed loudly..
” dad ..
Did you see that ?..
He has been ignoring me since today ”
She pouted ..
” don’t worry daughter..
He’s only tired and I assure you that nobody will take him away from you..”
Chief Okoye said and she smiled triumphantly
” he’s mine alone ”
She squealed excitedly digging through her food..
After Dinner, he decided to go straight to bed but was called back by his father..
” seat down son..
We need to talk”
He said dropping his news paper and removing his spectacle..

He wanted to object but remembering that he needs to talk to him about something too..
He quietly sat beside Christine whose eyes was glued to her phone or she was pretending to do so..
How was the exam that you have written so far ?”.
He asked
” it was good Dad..
Trust your son ”
He said proudly earning a big smile from his father..
” I trust my boy ..
It runs in our lineage ..
The Okoye’s are always known for greatness ..
Keep it up my boy..
Am proud of you ”
He beamed with smiles
” thanks Dad”..
” keep it up too Daniel..
I will surprise you once the result is out ”
Barrister Gilbert added with smiles..
” thanks Dad”..
” am proud of you too Danny ”
Christine said giving him a side hug..
Huh !..
Daniel shifted immediately..
What’s wrong with her these days?..
Always clingy..
She noticed it immediately and masked her anger with fake smiles..
” thanks everyone ”
He smiled again ..
Then silence followed..
Chief okoye cleared his throat breaking the awkward silence..
God !..
He’s so nervous…
How’s he going to let the cat out of the bag?..
How will Daniel take this news?..
God !..
” Daniel my boy..
You know that I love you and want the best for you right ?”..
He began..
” yes Dad..
I always bear it in mind..
What’s all this?..
Why are you talking as if am going to be killed or what?”
” no son..
That’s not it..”
He paused looking at his friend Gilbert who gave him “a go ahead look “…
” son do you love your father and wants him to live long and see his grand children? ”
He asked peering into his face to read his expression..
” yes Dad..
You know that I love you so much and I can do anything for you..
Why are you talking like this father?”
He answered in a worried tone..
” my boy if you love your father ..
Please marry Gilbert’s daughter..
Marry Christine before you travel to London and make me the happiest man alive ”
He said desperately waiting for his reaction..
” what?..
Marry who?”
He yelled standing on his feat to be sure of what he just heard..
” please son..
Do this for me..
For us..
For the okoye’s family and for the company..
She will help you build an empire..
You guys has been friends since ages and it won’t be hard loving her too..
Please son do thi…”
” Enough Dad..
You have controlled my life a lot..
I grew up obeying every of your commands..
Marriage is for life..
You can’t force me to hell because of your greed..”
He yelled burning with rage..
” but I love you Danny ..
Please marry me and you won’t regret it ”
Christine said patting his shoulders seductively..

It hurts her so much that her plans has failed woefully And she had waited so much for Daniel to return home emotionally broke, but it all failed…
He forcefully threw her hands away..
” stay out of it”
He warned..
” I don’t care what or how you feel about this whole arrangement but you must marry Christine and that’s final”
His father barked changing his tone to angry one..
” Dad I don’t love her..
I love someone else and its her I will get married to if I must marry before I travel..
I don’t have much to so..
I will bring her here on Sunday..
Goodnight everyone ”
He added and headed straight to his room admist shouts from his father..
” calm down chief..
He will come back to his senses..”
Gilbert said giving him a glass of water..
The boy is a hard nut to crack..

He didn’t blame the young man, nobody in his right senses will take Christine as a wife..
She has gone wild..
He thought he was raising her well by allowing her to do what pleases her ..
Now the girl had grown to be a pest on the skin of him and his wife..
His wife warned him but he was blinded by the love he had for his only child..
He will do anything possible to get her married to Daniel at all cost..
The Okoye’s is the best for her..
Daniel cried himself to sleep..
Don’t blame him , he’s such a jelly inside ..
He lazily got up and entered the bathroom..
After bathing and brushing his teeth, he went downstairs to have his breakfast..
It was already 11am in the morning..
” good morning Nanny ”
He greeted
” morning son..
How was your night ..?”
She asked dishing out his meal ..
” not bad..
Where’s everyone..?”.
” your Dad and that of Christine went to a business meeting ”
” And Christine? ”
He asked again
” she went out ”
” alright thanks..”
He said and concentrated on the meal..

His phone beeped and he checked it to see a text message from unknown number..
He opened the text and his jaw dropped..
your girlfriend is a whore.
Always sleeping with anything on trouser ..
If you doubt me check these pictures
The messages read ..
He clicked on the attachment and couldn’t believe his eyes.
“No …no
Nma can’t do this to me”
It was a picture of her naked on the bed with a man..
He tried calling the number but it went straight to voice mail..
Seconds later , another message beeped in ..
still doubting me?..
Go now to her house ..
You will meet the shock of your life
He read it over and over again ..
His hands trembling..
Without another word, he took his car keys and hurried out the house.

To Be Continued….. . . .

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