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Episode 19.

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He chased her to the kitchen amidst her laughters and giggles..

” are you gonna cook or not ?”
He asked raising the pillow about to hit her …

” of course I will ..
Please don’t hurt me sir ”
She raised her hands in surrender and Daniel couldn’t help his laughter…

” you’re really crazy ”
He laughed , holding his rumbling stomach ..

” hmm…
You’re really hungry o..
I think I have some tea..
I will make that for you now ”
She said rummaging through the cupboard..
The kitchen is very small and neat compared to the one in his mansion..
Though, they’re not wealthy but they’re just okay …

” its okay my love..
I will wait just go on and coo..”
His stomach rumbled again and he smiled covering his embarrassed face..
“Holy molly, ..
Will you shut up you devil”

He cursed silently..

” you see, you’re not okay..
Have a seat ..
I will get a cup of tea”
She said pushing him down to a seat before them ..
He sat and before long , she brought him a cup of cold tea..
So refreshing
That’s what he just needed in this hot weather ..

” thank you”
He murmured ..

” so what will Mrs Okoye cook for her dear husband? “.
He smirked as he watch her light the stove ..

” something that Mr Okoye will love so much ..”
She rolled her eyes ..

” and what will that be?”
He smirked standing on his feet..

” just shut up and sit down now..
Drink your tea ”
She ordered..

” yes ma”
He answered , laughing silently but a glare from her made him to shuts up instantly , concentrating on his tea

30 minutes later

She was done cooking, she made a simple meal – spaghetti ..
The aroma from the meal filled the kitchen…
She dished out the meal , handing him a plate and to her utmost surprise, he finished it requesting for more..

Huh !..
What’s so special about the food?.
It’s nothing compared to the one in his mansion but oh gracious..
The girl is blessed in all dimensions..

” so delicious ”
He mumbled..

” that’s your second plate and after that no more ”
She warned playfully

” I know ma but am just.. ”
A heavy knock sounded on the door interrupting them..

” I think it is my mother..
Don’t worry she won’t be mad at you”
She assured rushing towards the door..
On opening it , she saw mama looking so worn out and tired..

” mama good afternoon..
You’re early today?..
I hope all is well?”

She asked carrying her basket inside..

” early kwa?..
I think you should check the time..
Its almost 5pm ..
Anyways who owns the car outside? ”
She asked looking around the small living room and Daniel on hearing her voice came out..

” good evening mum”
He greeted with smiles and mama was pleased..

“. You’re so beautiful child..
How are you”
She beamed revealing her dimples…
And Daniel couldnt help it ..
This is where Nma got her beauty from..
Even in her late forties , mama is still a beauty goddess..

” am fine ma..”
He answered

” mummy meet My boyfriend Daniel Okoye and Danny meet my sweet mom”
Nma cooed..

” ewooo ..
Nwa m ( meaning my child)
Are you the son of chief Okoye?”
Mama asked crutching her chest in dismay..

” yes ma”

” no wonder..
Your mother is very generous woman when she’s Alive..
May her soul rest in peace..
Please have a seat son”

She motioned for him to sit down and he did..

” so tell me..
How have you been my child? ”


” I have sent the picture ”
The raspy voice echoed at the other end..

” thanks Tobby .
Am always counting on you..
You will get your pay this evening..
How long have they been dating? ”
Christine asked biting her lower lip..

” for over a month now ..”
He answered..

” thank you ”
She said and hanged up..
She downloaded the picture and her jaw dropped..
What the hell?..
Is she really human?..
She so fucking beautiful and gorgeous..
She had been so curious to know the girl that has stolen Daniel’s heart and so she paid somebody to spy on her..

At first she had expected to see an average girl or so but hell no..
This girl is more than beautiful and she’s in for a big competition..
She’s looks so angelic in her uniform..

She sighed angrily staring at the picture as her heart burns with rage and bitterness..

” what do I fucking do to get you out of my way bitch?”
She yelled angrily ..

Then an ideal rang like a notification bell on her head..
And she cackled with an evil glee..

When Daniel named her “queen of mischief”..
Trust him, he wasn’t mistaken..
She’s full of evil and mischief..

” I think I know what to do..
Killing you dear beauty won’t give me any pleasure..
I will watch you suffer..
You will live miserably and you will never have my Daniel ”
She laughed even more scaring Nanny Grace who had come to check on her..

” when did she became this evil..
God forbid bad thing..
I must notify Daniel “.
She thought as she quietly left the door she was about to open…

” I think we should get them married as soon as possible ”
Chief Okoye said as they walked out the board meeting..

” I agree with you..
Both of them can go to college together in London and I must commend chief you raised your son well”
Barrister Gilbert said..

” thanks my dear friend but I think we have a little problem..”
Chief Okoye frowned..

” what’s the problem? ”

” Daniel might not accept the proposal..
He’s not a child anymore..
My boy is 18 and forcing him into marriage will break him down..”
He said in a worried tone..

“I don’t think its a problem..
It only becomes a problem when it comes to a stranger..
The duo had been friends for many years now and it would be easier..
Don’t worry Chief everything will be fine ”
He said patting his shoulder..

” we should get going and I won’t travel back till they’re successfully married ”

” you’re a good friend.. ”
Chief Okoye beamed with smiles..

” and am glad that our children will cement this relationship for ever..
We should start going..
Traffic these days is not good and the weather is not encouraging ”
He added as they hurried out of the company..


” mum..
I will be on my way now”
He announced happily

” of course you should start going..
It was nice having you around..
When you go to obodo oyibo ,..
Always be a good boy..
I will always put you in my prayers..
God bless you my son”
She prayed

” Amen mum..
thanks ma..”
He smiled hugging her as well..

” I will just see him off ”
Nma cooed

” alright daughter but please be back quickly its getting late and the weather is very bad..”

” alright mummy.. ”
She said as she and Daniel walked outside to where his car is , holding hands..

” your mom is very nice.. ”
He said squeezing her soft hands..

” thanks ”
She mumbled staring into his lovely eyes..
Her heartbeat raised..

He let go of her hand and held her waist drawing her closer..

” I love you”
He said not breaking the eye contact..

” I love you too”

The loudly rumbling of thunder breaks them apart..

” see you on Monday ”

” no more date this weekend ?”
She pouted

” baby..
I don’t think it will be possible..
I will find some other day and fix it and besides we already had one at your house today..”
He said

” alright..
You should get going..
It will rain soon”
Then, she stand on her toes and kissed him again..
Breaking the kiss, she ran inside leaving smiling at her timidity.

To Be Continued….. . . . .

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