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Episode 18.

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“Danny wait ”
Christine called after as she sighted him from where they’re having their breakfast hurrying away ..
He stopped and walked over to the dining adjusting his tie..
He look so charming that even the “she- devil ” couldn’t help but drool ..

” morning everyone ”
He greeted..
” Nanny ..
Get the car keys am already late ”
He yelled ..

” how was your night son?..
Please join us..
Have a seat ”
His Dad cooed.

” no Dad..
Am late already.
This is 9:30 and my exam is starting by 10..
I can’t believe you’re offering me breakfast ”
He interjected

” c’mon Danny..
Grab a bite ”
Christine persuaded..
He sigh , impatiently waiting for his Nanny to get his car keys.
He slept late yesterday and he couldn’t believe that none of them could wake him up this morning when his stupid alarm clock failed him..
The stupid clock had decided to disgrace himself not him..

” here son..
Good luck and make us proud”
Nanny said handing him over the keys..

” thanks Nanny..
I can’t believe that you didn’t wake me up today..
And am late already ”
He pouted

” son am sorry..
We all woke up late cos it actually rained earlier this morning.
Now hurry up..
You’re already late”
She prompted patting his shoulders..

See you later ..
And Dad ?”

” yes son”
He answered taking a heavy bite from his jamed bread..

” I won’t be home early today..
Please don’t ask questions, I will explain everything later..”
He said and hurried out of the house..

Christine just huffed loudly and dropped her bread..

” what’s wrong? ..
Don’t you like the meal?”
Her Dad queried..

” am alright Dad..
I will be in my room now..”
She replied groodily and left for her room..

What was that about?..
Did Daniel just snubbed her now?..
She scoffed ..

” really ?..
It has gotten to this extent?..
He has never turned my request down ?..
What’s wrong with him?..
I will teac…”
Her phone rang loudly making her to nearly jump out of her skin..

She took her phone from the bed and seeing the caller , she hissed loudly..

” Greg?..
What do you want?”..
She spat

” seriously babe..
Are you ditching me now ?”
He asked at the other end obviously annoyed with her manner of response..

” babe ?.
Since when?..
Don’t give your self hopes when you’re already crashing on the Floor..
Greg , we just fucked and that ended right there ..
Stop bugging my life..
You asshole ”
She cursed breathing heavily and her eyes turning red..

” but babe..”
She hung up instantly and smashed the phone on the wall angrily..

” whoever you’re that’s trying to step on my toes..
I will make you pay”
She hissed loudly in anger..

By the time he arrived at school, they have already started ..
He quietly went in and sat down..

” Hey you ..
Stand up..
Why are you coming now?”
The invigilator shouted pointing at him..
He quietly stood up.

” sir..
There’s heavy traffic on my way here..
Am really sorry..
It won’t happen again ”
He lied, obviously you don’t expect him to rat out his reason behind his lateness..

” alright..
Sit down and don’t disturb others..
Your time is going ”
He said as he walked to the extreme end of the hall with his watchful eyes ready to lay hands on anyone that would be a victim to examination malpractice…

Daniel exhaled deeply and began to answer his questions..

After the exam , he spotted Nma arguing with Onyinye over some silly things and dragged her to the back of the class…
Pinning her to the wall…
They stood awkwardly staring at each other..

” why aren’t you talking? ”
He scoffed watching her pretty face turned red in anger..
She gently push him backwards..
His jaw dropped in surprise..

” I should be asking you that ?..
Who’s Christine? ”
She asked trying to act mean but failed miserably..
Daniel smirked ..
She’s jealous ..
But come to think of it ?..
How did she find out about her ?..
Christine must be up to some mischief again..

“Answer me young man”
She demanded ..
He smirked again and moved closer , caging her with his arms..

” is that the reason why you ain’t picking my calls?..
How cute ..”

” don’t change the topic cos I won’t let it slide..
I called you earlier this morning but she picked up and told me to stay away from her fiancé..
What sort of nonsense is it that
You never told you that you’re engaged ?”

” baby she told you that trash and you believed her ?..
C’mon love..
I won’t stoop so low to live a double life..
She’s my childhood friend that just came back yesterday from Canada..
Don’t worry ..
I will bring her to school on Monday..
She’s always full of mischief.
Always pranking people..
Don’t worry, you gonna like her once you meet her ”
He assured with smiles ..
She heaved a sigh of relief..

” are you still mad at me?”
He asked peering into her eyes..

” no ..”
She breathed ..

” then prove it?”
He smirked winking at her..
Her heart did a tango and she swallowed hard..

” how ?”
Her voice came out in whisper..

” hug me baby ”

” are you crazy ..
We are in school premises ..
What if someone sees us?”

” I don’t care..
That’s their headache not mine..
Do you have any idea what you’re doing to me?..
Chidinma am going nuts because of you..”
He mumbled as his heart raced a thousand times..

” I know and I ..”
He kissed her cheek not caring what the world might think of them..
The ecstacy he felt was out of this world .

” hmmm..
You guys should go get a room..
Am still a virgin please ”
The annoying voice of Olisa interrupted the hot romance..
She couldn’t stop blushing..

” let’s go somewhere else..
I wanna spend time with you..”

He added as they walked towards his car..
By now many students has left leaving the school almost empty for lovers and some teachers that usually hang around with their dates…
Onyinye has gone too..

” let’s go to my house ..
I want you to meet my mom..
Though she’s not around now but you have to stay till evening ”

She said as she buckled her seatbelt..

” alright my love ..”

They exchanged a beautiful smile as the car sped through the high way…

Christine sat seductively on his bed eating an apple and waiting patiently for his return..

” I got to use what my mama gave me to get what I want”
She smiled taking a bite from her apple..

” by now the lovers must be bantering words..
I can’t wait to receive his broken heart in my arms and have him all to myself..
Daniel is mine and no one is taking him away from me ..
Oh Christine!!..
You’re a genius ”

She cackled with an evil glee remembering what she did earlier today..


The sound of the morning rain woke her up…closing the windows, she went over to his room to check up on him..
She twisted the door knob and the door creaked open..
She raised her brows in surprise..

” I thought he locked the door ?”
She asked as she let herself in..
Daniel had opened the door around. Midnight to get himself a glass of water ..
Too bad , he’s too tired to think about locking door at that moment..

She found him sleeping peacefully on his bed with books scattered all over the beautiful room..
She stood admiring him for some time after covering him properly from cold..

She turned to go but the ringing tune of his phone stopped her on her track..

” who could be calling at this hour?”
She wondered ..
She picked the phone and gasped at the caller that appeared on the screen as ” my heartbeat”..

” this must be the bitch ”
She muttered angrily picking the call..

“Good morning my love”
Her angelic voice nearly made her to run mad with jealousy…

” yes..
This is Christine..
I believe that you’re the bitch distracting my fiancée..
Stay away from him if you want to live long..
Whore ”
She cursed and ended the call.

Gently she dropped the phone and sneaked out of the room..


She giggled again ..

” I can’t wait any longer ..
8years is like hell..
Sooner or later we gonna get married and live happily ever after”
She said and laughed loudly like a witch that’s newly infected with madness

” so this is my room”
Nma said nervously..

” its beautiful just like you”
He said holding her waist drawing her closer ..
They’re all alone in her house now..
Her heartbeat raised..

” are you hungry ?”
She asked avoiding his stares

” yes for your lips”..
He mumbled and claimed her lips .

Kissing her passionately as fireworks erupted in him..
Oh God!!..

He gently pushed her on the bed , straddling over her , his hands Wrapping around her waist possessively..
She threw her arms around him and opening her mouth fully to let him in as their tongues struggles for dominance..

His hands traveled round her body up and down and was about to lose shirt buttons when she came back to her senses jerking up from him but he pulled her back…
The dream she had before she met him came rushing back to her mind..

” what’s wrong baby?”
He asked softly , his minty breathe fanning her face..

“We shouldn’t be doing this..”
She said looking away not trusting herself to meet his gaze..

” don’t you love me enough?”
He asked

“. Baby I love you so much..
But am not ready for this..
Sex shouldn’t be part of a healthy relationship till marriage”
She bit her cheeks in embarrassment.

Daniel smirked leaning more closer..

” are you still a vir..”

” yes ”
She answered quickly before he could complete his statement…

” wow..
That’s great..
I won’t bother you about sex again..
I will wait for you till our wedding night ..
Don’t be scared cos I won’t ever hurt you in any way okay ?”

” okay love ”
She smiled in relief..

” now get up let’s find something to eat ..
Am really famished ”
He yawned earning a cute laughter from her..
He just grabbed a pillow next to him and chased her out of the room.

To Be Continued…. . . . .

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