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Episode 17.

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He sat patiently with his father waiting patiently for the important “guest” to arrive..
Glancing at the gold wall clock that hung on the lavishly furnished sitting room..
He sighed heavily..
Its almost “seven” in the evening and they have not yet arrived..
Noticing the discomfort of his son ..
He cleared his throat ..

” don’t worry son..
They will soon be here..
Be patient son”
He said in his usual husky voice..

” Dad you know that I have exams to write tomorrow..
Sitting here and doing nothing is not in my agenda..
I don’t have time to waste unnessarily …”
He huffed loudly.

” manners Chukwuemeka..”
He yelled at him ..
Glaring dangerously..
Daniel just scoffed and threw his face away ..

” you will si..”
The door bell chimed interrupting him..
They glanced towards the door..

” don’t worry ..
I will get it sir”
Nanny Grace said and hurried towards the door..
She opened it to reveal a very beautiful and classy girl dressed in expensive clothes ..

” Nanny ”
She screamed throwing herself at her..

” oh gracious..
Christine daughter ..
Look at you..
You’re now a woman..
You could get married anytime soon”
She laughed dryly hugging her too..

A deep baritone voice cleared his throat distracting the happy reunion..

” sorry sir..
Come in .
They’re all waiting for you”
She smiled revealing her gap teeth..

” grace you never change.
Always looking young and beautiful..
How’s your husband and daughter? ”
He asked with smiles..

” ah..
You mean Jane ?”
Her smiles grew wider..
Jane is her only daughter amongst the five children she bore..

” she’s doing well..”

” send my regards to them..”

” Nanny..
Where’s everyone?..”
Christine squeaked excitedly.

” forgive my manners daughter..
Come in..
They’re all waiting for you ”
She led the way as they followed her to reveal the uneasy Daniel..
He sprang to his feet immediately he saw Christine as she ran towards him and threw her arms around him in a hug..
He hesitated but remembering it gonna hurt her and the friendship they shared , he hugged back..
Its just a friendly hug and oh God..
He really missed her so much..

” just look at them..
They look good together”
His Father’s husky voice made them to break the embrace…

He shyly looked away ..

” come here son..”
Senator Gilbert said..
That’s his name – Christine’s father..

Daniel went closer and hugged him..

” you’re now a big boy ..
When was the last time I saw you huh?”
He smiled ..

” that was 8years ago Dad..
Before we moved to Canada …”
Christine chimed and Daniel couldn’t help the chuckles that escapes his throat..
She’s still the same..

” sir ..
Dinner is ready ..”
Grace announced and whispered to Daniel..

” comport yourself son..”
And then added to the hearing of others..

” I made your favourite Danny..”

They all smiled and headed to the table with Christine linking her arms with Daniel..

Chidinma tossed her phone angrily on her bed..
This is the seventh she had called Daniel this evening and he’s not picking up..
Is he suddenly tired of her?..
Or is he angry because she refused to go a date with him?..

She thought..
No !..
That can’t be possible..
They had settled that already and Daniel is a straight forward being..
And besides they spoke moments ago..
Why is she suddenly acting squeaky?..
She couldn’t descipher why she’s suddenly jealous all of a sudden…

“Chidinma stop acting childish ”

She scolded herself grabbing her pillow…

” Nma?”..
Her mother called from the kitchen..

” yes mommy..”
She yelled..

” come out from that your prison you called room..
Dinner is ready”

Mama joked ..
She rolled her eyes with an amused expression..

” such a drama queen”
She Muttered and yelled ..

” am already there”.

And laughed too at her own attitude. Getting up from the bed..
She headed to their small but neat sitting room for her dinner..

After Dinner..
Christine followed Daniel all the way to his room..
He stopped about to open his door and observed that she’s still behind him still putting on that transparent night dress of hers..
What is she up to this time?..
He sighed.

” c’mon Danny..
Open the door..
We still have a lot to catch ..”
She smiled revealing her dimples..
She’s just too sweet to resist..
He turned the door knob and opened his door ..
She entered and followed suit..

” always feels like yesterday..
Your room never changed?..
Sit ..”
She said patting the bed and he sat beside her..

” so..
Best ..
Is there anyone yet?..
Or are you still jumping from one pussy to the other?”
She smirked and Daniel smacked her head playfully.

” you’re crazy Chris ”
He laughed..

” yeah ..
Am always..
Remembered Amelia.
The babe you fucked at prom in middle school?”

” Chris ..
Can you minimize the way you use ya dirty words?..
Here isn’t Canada or America..”
He rolled his eyes .

” yeah ..
Whatever.. ”

Just then his phone beeped and he picked it..
It’s a message from his heartthrob ..

✉ from Nma : love pick my really worried ✉

He smiled as blush crept to his cheeks..

✉ sorry babe ..
Am busy ..will call you later✉

He replied and tossed his phone aside..

He looked up to meet a sly smile tugged on her lips..

” what?..
Don’t look at me that way..”
He blushed ..

” you just blushed ..
Who’s is she?”..

” none of your business..
Now start going..”
He promoted avoiding the question..

” where will I go ?”
She smirked coming closer to him..

” to your room Madam..
Good night ”
He carried her and dropped her outside his room and locked his door..

” chukwuemeka ..
You’re such an asshole ..”
She cursed ..

” and you too Anene ”
He smirked ..
She will kill him tomorrow for reminding her how she hates her native name..

Angrily she stomped to her room..

” who’s the girl that has stolen you from me?..
I know that you don’t do shits called “love”..
Who’s the fucking bitch that caught your attention?”
She grited her teeth burning with rage..


Christine get hold of yourself..
You have to play along ..
Until you meet the fucking bitch”
She comforted herself and slumped on the bed .

” I will surely make you mine at all cost “.

To Be Continued….. . . . 

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