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Episode 16.

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The ringing tune of his phone made them to break the romantic hug
He sighed and picked the call …

” hi Dad..
Am on my way..”
He said as he watch Nma adjust the collar of her shirt..
Their eyes met and he couldn’t help the blush that crept to his cheeks..
Wondering how on earth he ends up falling head over heels in love with this beautiful angel…

” are you there son ?”
Came the husky voice of his father at the other end…

” yes Dad..
What were you saying? “..

” go home and rest..
We are having a guest in the evening..
Its actually a dinner ..
Be ready on time please”..
He said flipping the files on his desks nosily…

” of course Dad..
Am already on my way …
You know, I would like you to meet someone when you’re less busy..
Maybe before I travel out of the country…”
He said as his gaze never left Nma , squeezing her palms softly …
She was so shy …
Is he really gonna take her to his father?..
He has guts..
And this is the kind of guy she wants..

” alright son..
That would be for another day..
Take care”
He said and the line went dead..

” baby..
That was my Dad ”
He said shoving his phone back to his pocket..

“I know..”
She said playing with her fingers..

” seems you’re having an important guests today…
You should hurry and go home..
I don’t want your father to get angry..”
She added looking up to see him smiling endlessly …

” am touched to see how much you really care about me ..
Don’t worry ..
We still have enough time..
Should we go on a date?”
He winked at her as he leaned closer…
Her heartbeat raised ..

” when we are still on uniform ?..
People will see us and start gossiping”
She cackled nervously…

” really?”
He asked with a smirk..

” yes really..
We shouldn’t..”

” baby I don’t care what people say about us..
It doesn’t add any value to my life..
My love life is none of their business..
So don’t worry ..
And besides we don’t have much time left..
Baby am traveling next week Friday and today is Thursday…
Don’t you wanna be with me?..
Don’t you want to spend time with me?”
He asked softly and she melted .

She hugged him ..
Feeling their heart beats for each other..

” Daniel ..
God in heaven will bear me witness that I love you so much..
I really want to spend some time with the guy that I love …
We have to do the right thing..
Going on a date on school uniform isn’t that right..
We still have exams to write ..
Let’s leave it this weekend..
We will go on a date and full fun to our fill ”
She said still hugging him tightly…

He chuckled …

” alright my Queen..
I will do anything for you my love..”

He pulled away from the hug..

” we should start going now..”
She said

” wait..
When did you start using lip gloss?”
He smirked leaning closer again..
He gaze fell on her succulent lips as he watch her touch her lips..

” no way ..
I don’t use that.
Can yo..”

He gave her a short kiss ..
Shutting her up instantly earning a playful glare from her..

” sorry ma..
Don’t kill me with those eyes”
He added with smiles..

She couldn’t help but smile as well..

After dropping her off..
He went straight home and collapsed on his head..
Feeling so happy and tired at the same time..
His door opened and his Nanny walked in..

” chukwuemeka ”
She called as she sat on the edge of the bed..

” Nanny ..
Can you stop calling me that name?”
He grumbled…

” get up and shower ..
Your lunch is ready..”
She said pulling off his shoes..

” am not hungry..
Just leave me..
Am so tired right now”
He grumbled again…

” alright ..
When you’re done resting..
Your father sent the clothes you’re going to wear this evening…
Its in your closet ..
When you’re hungry ..
You let me know..
I will be in the kitchen ”
She said as she head for the door..

” Nanny ?”.
He called sitting up ..

” yes my dear”
She answered stopping abruptly..

” do you have any idea who the guest is?”
He asked..

” I don’t know but I overhead your Dad speaking with Christine’s father over the phone? ”
She said knowing fully well that she wasn’t allowed to disclose it to him..
But Daniel is like a son to her..
She had watch him grew into a man and she wasn’t in support of what his father is about to do …

She knew that he had fallen in love recently and bringing Christine into the picture will mess things up for him..

” Christine?”
His eyes widened..

” why would he bring her here?”
He asked obviously disappointed at himself…
He should be Happy that his childhood friend is visiting after almost 8years..
Why is he suddenly feeling so angry and restless?..
Christine , Skibo and him..
Had all grew up together..
Remembering “skibo”..
He sighed bitterly…

” its alright..
Don’t think too much..
You should be happy that your best friend is visiting..
Not the other way round ”
His Nanny admonished..

” Nanny..
I just don’t know but I feel like something is not right ..”

” its alright..
Am here for you..
Nothing will happen..
Sleep and get a good rest..
I will go now and prepare your favourite..”
She assured him and left the room..

Daniel sighed again..
Picking up his phone..
He dialed her number..
Smiles and countless Blush’s crept to his pretty face as the voice of the girl he loves the most echoed through the phone.

To Be Continued….. . . .

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