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Episode 14.

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Slowly, she broke the amazing hug
Breathing heavily and staring into his caramen eyes ..
Her heartbeat raised and she gathered her courage …

” I love you too..”
She breathed out loud enough to his hearing.

Wow !!!..
She finally confessed ..
His joy knew no limits that he hugged her tightly refusing to let go..
After everything, she’s finally his..
He laughed happily repeating the words “yes”…

” you’re squeezing life out of me…”
She said hitting his head in a playful manner..
” I don’t feel like letting go..
Baby , thank you so much for loving me..
Am the happiest guy alive ”
He cackled with laughter and pulled away from the romantic embrace..
He cupped her cheeks and starred into her oceanic blue eyes..

” baby ..
Am going over there to build our empire …
I will be back to take you as my queen..
And always remember that I won’t ever be with another except you..
I love you so much chidinma ”

He said and her heart melted like butter…
Love is such a silly element…

” I love you too Daniel and I will wait for you ”

She added
He smiled and leaned closer staring at her succulent pink lips..
She got the message and bit her lower lip and that had a great effect on Daniel..

” babe ..
Don’t do that again..”

I wish its not a dream o

He dropped her off after another session of good night kiss
Its already late in the evening as she walked gently into her house ..
Mama was in the kitchen making dinner singing one of her favourite song , pounding heavily on the morter…

” mama”
She called as she dragged herself to the kitchen..

” good evening ma..”
She greeted ..

” ehhe …my daughter..
You came back late today ..
She asked dropping the pestle and peering into her face..

” nothing mama ..
Just hanging out with friends”
She cooed ..

” OK if you say so..
Change your clothes and help me out”

” alright ma..”
Nma said..
She turned to go but mama called her back..

” chidinma ..
Did you get into a fight? ”
Mama queried

” me ?..
In what way mama?”

She asked in a confused state..

” what happened to your lips?..
Why’s it so red and swollen?..
Who punched you ?..
Tell me, so that I will kill that person with my bare hands ”
Mama queried.

Oh !!!..
Her lips..
Its a bit painful and swollen ..
She remembered the kiss, she and Daniel shared and blushed ..
So romantic

” why are you smiling? ”
Mama thundered..

” mummy ..
Its not like that ..”
She blushed again..

Calling her “mummy” mellows her anger ..
And her daughter always knows her weak point ..

” then its what?..
Eh ..chidinma ”

” mama calm down ..
Its not something to worry about ”
She smiled and then in a whisper, she said..

” I think am in love mummy..
And I had my first kiss today”
She blushed so hard covering her face with her palm..
Her innocence alone made her mother to smile
Instead of been angry , she pulled her to herself and hugged her..
She’s proud of the daughter she raised .

Most of her age mates already has boyfriends without the knowledge of their parents/guidian ..
And here , her little girl had just told her about her first kiss..

” my daughter..
Am not against you being in a relationship now..
What am against is premarital sex..
If you know that it would separate you from God or your studies better quit to avoid regret…”

She lectured..

” no mama…
Its a long distance relationship .
He will be traveling to London next week..
And don’t worry , nothing happened between us except the kiss..”

She blushed again when she mentioned it

” just keep your relationship holy..
That’s the only advice I have for my little girl that’s in love for the first time”
Mama teased and she couldn’t stop blushing

Daniel layed on his head , hugging his pillow and blushing really hard..
He replayed the romantic kiss , they had over and over again in his mind ..
He couldn’t stop smiling..
“Finally she’s mine”
He muttered and picked his phone..
Dialed her number and placed it on his ear…
Hugging his pillow as his heart nearly beat out of his chest ..

She picked on first ring …

” hello Daniel”
He heard her angelic voice at the other end and couldn’t stop smiling…
He cleared his throat properly..

” really ?..
Is that how you address your boyfriend? ”
He scoffed but ends up grinning instead..
Hearing the word ” boyfriend “..
Her cheeks turned pink and she couldn’t stop herself from blushing

” yes..
Your name is Daniel..
What else do you want to be called?..”
She asked smiling widely ..

” can’t you call me ..
Baby , sweetheart, my love or anything special and romantic?..
Must it be Daniel?”
He said and she could feel him rolling his eyes…

“Yes ..
That’s your name and no one is changing that for you”
She laughed softly

” you’re such a boring girlfriend ”
He cooed and she laughed more..

” am glad , I made you laugh..
Am just so happy and fulfilled hearing your angelic voice tonight…
Read well tonight for the exam tomorrow okay?”

” okay ”
She answered..

” I will be hanging up now…
Good night love..
Don’t think too much about me..
I love you”
He said but she laughed instead ..

” what’s funny?”
He asked..

” nothing.
Read well and don’t forget to commit everything to God..
Good night my love ..
I love you so much ”
She added and blew him a kiss and hung up..
Fireworks builds up in him immediately..
“Oh God !!!…
Am going crazy”

He muttered as his heart raced.

To Be Continued…. . . .

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