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Episode 13.

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” I don’t think am ready to settle down ..
Am just 17…
I would only think of that when am through with my Education…
He should go to hell for all I care..
You needed to see how I gave him the insult of his life yesterday… ”

Onyinye bragged …
They had sat down on an empty class after their exam waiting patiently for Daniel who had gone out to meet the principal..
They’re already on their 5th day of their exam and soon …
It’s a bye-bye to high school..

Oh !!..
I forgot to tell you guys that their form teacher was expelled two days ago..
Of course he denied ever attempting rape on Nma but her two friends stood bravely and testified against him..
Mama was too shocked to speak a word..
Poor woman !..
She had really seen a lot in her life..

Daniel and Nma had gotten really close and its too obvious that they has feelings for each..
Even the blind could notice it..

Onyinye too was been disturbed by suitors every now and then..
She had made it clear that’s she’s not ready to settle down till she through with her education…
Yet they still flock her house like bees scavenging for honey…
Yesterday , she lost her temper and gave Maazi okafor’s son that came back from city the insult of his life…

” haba..
You shouldn’t have done that..”
Nma admonished

” yes , sister Nma..
Virgin most pure..
Holiest of all..
Immaculate conception..
I have heard you your majesty ”

She mocked in laughter..

” I think you need an appointment with a psychiatrist..
This is getting out of hand .”

Nma said obviously amused
Such a funny fellow..

” of course ..
Two of us will visit it together… ”

” who’s visiting who?”
Daniel interrupted with his ever charming smile..
He’s getting “prettier” everyday..
Nma’s heart couldn’t stop pounding..
Oh God!!…
What has he done to her?..
She will soon have a cardiac arrest if care is not taken..

” no one ..
Where have you been?”

Onyii faked a frown

” Bestie , I have told you before..
Frowning doesn’t suit ya personality..
It makes you ugly..”
He laughed..

“And he didn’t acknowledge my presence ”
Nma scoffed silently..

” really?”
Onyii scoffed

” yes really..
Can you …”
His phone rang interrupting him ..
” excuse me please”..
They watch as he took the phone call..
His countenance suddenly changed from happy to moody..

” what could be the problem? ”
Nma thought..
She just hopes its not something related to death..

” we should start going..
My Dad just called ”
He finally said after he hung up..

” Daniel are you alright? ”
Nma asked staring into his lovely eyes…

” am always fine..
Let’s start going ..
Its late already.. ”

He announced looking at his expensive wrist watch..

The drive seems to take longer time than before..
The silence that enveloped the car as they sped the high way is unimaginable..
Even onyinye the chatterbox is surprisingly quiet which made the whole situation too awkward..

The car stopped to a halt and Onyii hopped out of the car waving “bye” to them as the car sped off again..

Daniel is engrossed in his own thoughts not caring to spare the angel sitting beside him a glance..

“Are you crazy Daniel..
You have to tell her now or never..
The choice is yours to make”

His subconscious mind screamed at him..
Unable to take it anymore..
He pulled the car to a halt..

” why are we stopping here?”
Nma asked in a worried tone..

“There’s something you have to know…
My Dad said that my visa has arrived and my departure date is next week Friday”
He said sadly..
She just muttered an “oh”..
“That’s the reason why he’s so moody..
Isn’t it what he always wanted?..
Why the sad face then ?”

She thought..

” don’t you have anything to say..?”
He asked not comfortable with her silence..

” nothing much to say..
Just be a good boy once you go over there and make us proud..”
She faked a smile..
She’s obviously hurting inside..

” I will miss you so much”
She thought…

” you’re so stupid..
Just tell him that.
It won’t remove anything from your name..
You scumbag”
Her mind yelled but she ignored it totally…

” nothing else?”
Daniel asked , disappointment written all over his cute face…

” yes..”
She swallowed hard fighting back her tears but to her utmost surprise, he leaned closer and hugged her sobbing really hard like a baby

” I will miss you so much Nma..
I don’t know if I would be able to stay without you but I will try for your sake..”
He cried , his tears soaking her shirts and she couldn’t hold it anymore ..
She let’s lose her emotions and her tears flowed freely like a river

” I will miss you too..”

She pulled away from hug .

Cupping his cheeks and staring into his lovely eyes..
She said..

” I will wait for you..
Promise me that you will make us proud “..

” I promise with all my heart ..
I will make it over there and come back and marry you”..
He smiled and her cheeks flushed red..
She just blushed

” why?..
Why do you want to marry me?..
Why choosing only me?”
She asked not taking her eyes off his..
” Because Am in love with you”
He dropped the bomb..
Her beat increased.

Sweet feelings arose from the pit of her stomach and spread to her body…

Before she could say “jack”..
He crashed himself on her in a tight hug
Hugging her with his whole body and soul..
Daring the consequences..
His heart soaring high ..
Damn it she just pulled away from the hug making him to feel so guilty..

” am sorry I didn’t mean to..”
His apology was stopped half way and the girl he loves so much resumes the breath taking hug again

To Be Continued…. . . .

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