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Episode 12.

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That day , they wrote 3 papers without any break plus a very strict invigilator who claimed to be holier than Christ…
It was very tough for them especially those that didn’t prepare very well for the exams.
However Nma and her friends really wrote the exams with so much ease cos they had earlier prepared very well for the Almighty WAEC .
After the invigilator collected the last script, all the SS3 students filtered outside sharing their sweet but yet painful experience about the exams taken so far..
Nma stood outside waiting and stretching her neck occasionally, looking for onyinye..
Where could she be ?..
She wondered..
Just then, she sighted Daniel coming towards her direction and her heart nearly skip a bit..
She stood there watching him walk majestically towards her..
Then he flashed her one of his “coolest smiles” and she melted instantly..
For the first time in her life , she understands what it means to desire a man.
” hey …
I have been looking for you.
How was the exams? “
He asked with smiles..
And her heart did a tango
Can he just stop giving her such killer smiles …?..
And oh …
That dimple of his , is surely driving her crazy ..
” hey ..
Are you alright? “
” am fine”
She snapped
” hey ..
Easy no offence..
I asked a questions but it seems you’re far away from here..”
He said..
” sorry for that..
My exams was okay ..
Yours? “
” fine…”
He replied with little or no enthusiasm …
” just fine?..”
She asked to be sure of what she heard but he laughed instead…
And those laughs..
Oh God !!!..
So romantic
” yeah..
It was very good..
Don’t mind me..”
He added watching her keenly..
” good boy “
She said and they laughed again thereafter follows an awkward silent..
She hated it and she knew that such awkwardness demands something in return.
She just have to do something else she’s gonna die of nervousness and as if reading her mind , he cleared his throat softly…
” can we talk ?..
Like now..
Somewhere quiet cos I need a little privacy from pry eyes ..”
He said softly staring into her lovely eyes ..
She just nodded and just as they were about to start going ..
Onyinye came with the news that their form master wants to see her..
” maybe some other time.. “
She said almost regretting her words..
She really wants to be alone with Daniel and now their form master have spoiled everything for her…
Such a kill-joy ..
Daniel was disappointed that he couldn’t confess his feelings to the girl he genuinely loves…
He sighed repeatedly as he watch her disappear from his sight…
” don’t worry …
You still have another chance next time.. “
Onyinye said in a playful manner…
He just smiled.
” who did you say was asking for her?”
He asked..
” our form master “
She replied
” why would he request for her presence?..
Is she a class prefect or the school head girl?..
Looks so suspicious…
I think that useless man is up to something..
Don’t you think so?..”
He asked in a worried tone..
” you might be right Danny…
Let’s go to his office and see what he’s up to this time around…”
Onyii suggested..
” thanks Onyii…
Lead the way please “
With that , they hurried to his office…
” sir ..
Am sorry I can’t do what you’re asking of me..
Am a Christian and its against my faith..”
Chidinma said ..
She’s really disappointed and disgusted at the same time..How can he ask her for sex in his office?…
That’s really madness..
She doesn’t know the reason why men won’t let her rest…
” please baby…
Just a quickie and I won’t disturb you again…
I haven’t been myself since the first time I set my eyes on you..
Please Nne , I promise to do anything you want..
Just give me this thing “
He begged getting down on his knees that’s when she knew that she’s in for a big trouble..
How’s she gonna escape this ?…
Please God save me
She prayed silently..
” am sorry sir..
But I won’t commit a grave sin with you…
My body is a temple of holy spirit…”
She said calmly…
” just shut up ..
You have seen who has body that’s temple of demon abi?..
Just no make I vex o..
Open this thing make we do am sharp sharp…
I get better things to do..”
He said in a strict voice..
” am sorry sir but I won’t displease myself to please you..
Have a nice day !”
She stood to go but a blinding slap she received that moment sent her sprawling on the floor..
” you think am here to joke abi?..
Its either we do it in peace or in pieces..
Useless girl “
He descended on her but a heavy blow he received on his forehead nearly paralized him..
Nma looked to see Daniel lifting her up from the floor..
The slap she received had bursted her lips and its bleeding seriously..
” Nma are you okay?”
He asked dusting her cardigan..
She just nooded , feeling so relieved..
” you must be sacked from this school..
Rapists like you..”
It was onyinye speaking this time..
” leave him to me Onyii..
I will deal with him myself.”
Daniel said and proceeded to hit him again but Nma stopped him..
” just allow karma to pay him back in his own coin..
Let’s leave here..
Am not feeling too well”
She said..
” count your self lucky .
Useless he goat..”
Onyinye cursed kicking his legs and he groaned in pain..
Once they are outside his office..
Nma went closer to Daniel and hugged him tightly , whispering..
” thanks for saving me …
You’re a Darling and I owe you a lot”
That alone raised his heartbeat sending sweet sensational feelings down his spine…
He reciprocated , caressing her back inhaling the sweet smell of her hair..
Lost in the world of love and romance..
Wishing for them to stay like that forever but onyinye interrupted the two lovers with a cough…
” don’t I deserve a hug too?”
She pouted and made a puppy eye..
” of course you do my love..
You guys are the best..
What can I ever do without you guys?”
She said as she hugged onyinye ..
Closing her eyes..

A tear finally dropped down her pretty cheeks..


To Be Continued….. . . .

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